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  1. I've been working from home since last March. It's been an interesting experience to say the least, but I've actually come to enjoy it. Not only saving $ on gas & food, but being able to wear whatever the hell I want & burning scented candles have been nice bonuses. (Plus not having to drive in shite weather was nice, too.) To be honest, though, I have missed seeing my coworker friends, but my immediate circle & I have been in communication via text/phone calls, or via an im thing for work purposes, so it's not like we've been completely cut off. I've also been into the office a total of three times since this craziness started, but mainly for technical issues (plus to pick up a box of crap from my desk that I didn't bring home). Just got an email tonight from HR, & it basically stated that towards the end of this month, people are being asked to come back to the office (but on a volunteer basis). Needless to say, this has given me a great deal of agita. I know it's only a matter of time that it'll be mandatory, & I really don't want to go back. If you've been working from home, have you been "asked" to go back? If you had a choice to continue to work from home, would you stay home (or would you choose to go back)?
  2. clueliss

    No Place Like Home

    So at the very end of May (after Memorial Day) I was drafted by Boss 3 (Boss 1 is my immediate supervisor, Boss 2 is his boss, Boss 3 is over him) to go to a recent acquisition because disaster on the books related to inventory and costing. In addition to Boss 3 another costing expert and 2 controllers (both of who have been working with this location) were there. I haven't traveled for work since November 2012. The Mom situation kept me tied to home (more or less) for a couple of years. I do know that my name was mentioned from time to time with situations but Boss 2 told them no (and I am very grateful for that) because he knew the situation and that my stress level was off the chart. But things are more settled now and he left it up to me. I said yes, because it has been that long since I've been off special projects like this. I've got notes about amusing traveling with boss 3 anecdotes to share. But I'm pooped. And I have a suitcase of dirty laundry. And the feline headship is most upset with me for leaving her for five days. (I got scolded for dashing to the grocery store for a few things this morning). I'm glad to be home. In my own bed. With my own food. With my own shampoo and conditioner (yeah that's a mistake that won't be repeated) with my own car (Boss 3 had the rental car so at times I felt a bit trapped). With my own TV (I cut cable and do most of my viewing via apps on my Roku, I was reminded this week why I cut cable. 80 channels - nothing on). With the ability to change my mind on what I want to wear and not be trapped by what I put in my suitcase. Now to get over the shock of Leaving Connecticut where is was in the 70's all week and adjusting to upper 90's here in Mid-Mo.
  3. Hopefully this is OK to post. A while back, some people talked about looking for work from home jobs that weren't MLM or sales, and didn't require paying in order to make money. I found one and I love it, so I'm sharing it in case others can benefit. The company is VIPKID, and they hire Americans and Canadians to teach English to kids in China via video. You don't need a teaching certificate, but you do need a bachelor's degree. Some teaching experience is helpful, but it could be volunteer, doesn't have to be traditional K-12 classroom. The lessons are provided in the VIPKID platform. They pay by direct deposit once a month, and the range is $18-$22 an hour. Since the classes are on Beijing time, I can teach and then go substitute teach for the rest of the day. I know someone else who teaches at VIPKID and then homeschools her kids the rest of the day. Anyway, it's been an awesome thing for me and I was able to pay off the new titanium screws I had to have surgically implanted in my broken foot. If any of you want to apply and have questions, I'm glad to help. They're hiring a ton of people right now to keep up with a huge student pool. My class spots are fully booked each week, so the demand is definitely there. If you apply in March and get through the hiring process, you get a $25 bonus when you teach your first class. Full disclosure: I get the bonus, too, if you click the link above to apply, but beyond that there is nothing in it for me and you are not beholden to me or forever linked to me in any way. It is not a team-related job or a multi-level deal. All teachers are independent contractors.
  4. Hi guys, I'm kind of at my wit's end. I'm studying one class at a time and the end is nowhere in sight. I'm physically disabled and have mental health issues that prevent me from working but I don't want to sit here doing nothing with my life. I've always loved to write, and I've always done well academically with all facets of writing so I was thinking maybe I could hone my skills online and maybe see if I can eventually make it into a job on a small scale. It wouldn't have to pay, I'd just like to write somewhere and build up a portfolio with non-paying samples of published work so I can one day and apply for paying jobs. I just have absolutely no idea how to go about it. I love creative writing but haven't done it in years. I'm probably better suited to writing articles than short stories (I would need to work on my creative writing with peers reviewing my work, whereas I get feedback all the time from my university about my papers). Writing is such a competitive and over-saturated field online but I'm not looking to become a blogger or work for big sites. I'm not even looking for a job that pays. Any ideas on how I can go about this? I know I need sample work, but I have no idea what constitutes a sample.
  5. So I work basically self-employed. I drive a man around to his appointments and such and I help him get in and out of his wheelchair. As such, I don't really give half a flying dickfuck about how I look as long as the dude doesn't start complaining. He's pretty chill, doesn't give a fuck if I wear weird combinations of leggings, shorts, and graphic tees. Has never complained about my multicolor hair or my weird ass eyebrows. But every once in a while I get a stupid fucking twatknuckle cockface jizzbucket extraordinaire like I had today. Oh my fucking SHITFUCK. I was driving the guy to an adult daycare type thing this morning and there were some new faces in the waiting room as I pushed his chair on through the clinic it's at to the back area where it's held. I only noticed because I could feel myself being stared at, which is nothing new when there's people waiting for appts and whatever, but this felt… different. Sure enough, I get my boss dropped off and checked in and I'm heading back to my car, and I hear this one blue-haired bitch (the ancient variety of blue-hair, not the young n hip variety) say "Well at least she can do SOMETHING useful and help her granddad out. CLEARLY she's never going to have a real job looking like that." And I glance over and this rickety old bitch is pointing at me and stage-whispering this to her daughter, possibly her sister, I couldn't quite tell they both looked like death warmed over twice. Now, I glare at her and continue toward the door, before stopping as her stupid cunt sister/daughter decides to add: "Just think how embarrassing her grandfather must think it is to be brought places by someone dressed like THAT though." I stop, take a deeeep breath, and I stalk over to their little table in the waiting room. "Can I help you?" I ask. They shake their heads, looking thoroughly weirded by this point. "Are you sure? Because I could hear you talking about me from all the damn way over there, and guess what? That's *not* my grandfather. THAT is my BOSS. I'm paid to drive him places." I look the daughter/sister in the eye. "I'm willing to bet this old bag is demanding that you drive her out of the kindness of her heart. I make fat stacks pushing a wheelchair and having pleasant conversation with someone older than me. Tell me, what's your SS check looking like? $50/month? I just made $50 walking through this goddamn waiting room." Speechless cunts just stared at me as I turned and headed for the door. The receptionists were trying not to laugh. This isn't the first time they've heard me go off on some random bitch who's decided that I MUST be some deadbeat loser mcfuck just because I look different. Do these people ever, EVER stop to think how goddamn expensive it is to dress like this and dye my hair as often as I do? Like fucking shit man.
  6. clueliss

    Sorry, I Have Plans

    It is my busy season at work. Said busy season is not over until late January (when the auditors have vacated the premises) or early to Mid-February (when the bosses have gotten back from round 2 of budget load). It happens to coincide with 'the holidays.' Also with winter and therefore shorter (darker) days. All of which feeds my stress level. And the stress feeds the depression at times. I'm an introvert. And frankly, I feed people draining. I may like you, I just want to like you from a distance. I don't want to go to lunch (especially a group lunch) or dinner (especially if it is work related and after work hours). After a long day at work and fighting my way home on a 35-minute drive (that took 2 hours last Friday thanks to ice) I really just want to watch TV, cuddle with the cat and catch up on the interwebs. And when I squeeze in half a day of vacation to use it up I really don't want to spend that time with people I work with. So this morning I open my email at work and have an email saying lunch on Thursday. (long winded email babbling about a party back on Dec 10 that he couldn't host because work on his house and then wanting to do it in January but the work won't be done ) Great. Thanks. I have half a day of vacation then. We're off on holiday on Friday. And I don't want to eat lunch with you people. I need to be away from you people. And my mind is going through the logistics of lunch in the city (30 minutes away), time for lunch and then what - a 30-minute drive back to work? Only for half the folks to drive back to the city at the end of the day. Sure. No, I see this coming. He's going to let them off early. He stopped doing this ages ago. But my guess is he feels guilty. Due to centralization they cut heads in our department this year. I refuse to be guilted or obligated. I am not having lunch with these people. Free food is not worth the stress of not having My Time. I need My Time. So my response is that I would be unable to make it because I was taking half a day of vacation that day and had plans. My plans might involve bra shopping (I've lost weight the one I'm wearing doesn't fit right, I hate the mall and this is one of those shopping tasks that need to be done in person). It might involve going home and cleaning. It might involve reading or binge watching something or a nap. But it is my time and my plans. I've also told my supervisor that if he lets people off early then technically my supervisor owes me time. Granted this time of year that is likely not to happen but I may have enjoyed being demanding for a moment. And I've decided that I am worth a lot of things that I've denied myself. Including my own plans and My Time.
  7. clueliss

    Mental vs Actual Conversation

    I just had one of those conversations where on my mental end it is far more amusing than what actually happened. I do this. I self-censor a lot. I go into my boss's office to tell him - yes I'm going to Food Pusher's birthday lunch (her name as I reference it online for purposes such as whining/blogging etc). Yell when it is time to go (I am currently located on the opposite side of our office from him, something that should change in the near future). He starts to talk to me then realizes that he has cake in his mouth that he is chewing and starts. Me mentally: yes, chew first talk later because I would hate for workplace violence to occur because my inner Elise (one of my grandmothers) to come out over horrible table manners. He chokes his bite of cake down and then tells me that he has changed his vacation time planned for Christmas weekend. (I had asked him more or less to get his act together and schedule his remaining vacay time so I could figure out when I am taking my remaining 1.5 days). He was going to take off the 27th. But now 'they' (wife) have decided to travel that weekend (to visit her family elsewhere). But he doesn't mean that weekend because he is taking the 28th and 29th. (we have the 30th off as an alleged holiday - we'll see how that week actually turns out). Me actually: okay Me mentally: Great, great because you learned absolutely NOTHING from your deciding to take off Oct 31 and giving yourself too much work to do on workday 1 of October close (on Nov 1) because you were gone at the end of the month. And this is year end and how much work are you going to have because auditors and year end processes and and and. He keeps shoving cake in his mouth. Me mentally: the cake looks dry (I am coming up with excuses/reasons to stay away from the stupid cake - we'll get to the cake in a bit). Me actually: You know that means that you'll only be there one day that week (we have the 26th as a holiday too). Him: I know (yes, shoveling cake still) Me actually: Okay but I'm throwing you under the bus to anyone who needs you that week. (with a reminder about auditors). Him: okay. Me Mentally: And you will be in a tizzy on the first workday because you are gone these 2 days and I won't say it out loud but I will SO be thinking - I knew it. he shovels the last large bit of his cake in his mouth, chews maybe 3 times and swallows. Him: That was good. Me mentally: I would hope so since you ate that piece in maybe 4 bites as if on a Steve Maxwell fast and you're just eating for the first time since. I got up and left at that point. As for the cake - it was for Food Pusher's birthday. Food Pusher had gastric surgery a year ago. She's done well with weight loss. But Food Pusher works in another department now because of outsourcing. Only she still keeps her food on our floor (because apparently, they are heathens downstairs with a nasty microwave and fridge but I think it is an excuse to visit people up here as well). So someone (who has a last day at the end of the month due to the same outsourcing) brought cake in. Only I seem to recall that she can't really eat cake because of dietary restrictions from the gastric surgery (sugar and such) so the cake isn't for her as much as everyone else. Me, I don't want the cake (nor did I want the 3 day old Krusty Kremes someone brought in). (I call her Food Pusher because she is one of the two - the other being the person who brought the cake today) who keep organizing the stupid food days in this department. And the food she brings is often unhealthy even after her gastric surgery - it is okay for everyone else to eat it just not her).
  8. So on Monday a coworker (the one who moved to a corporate project assignment but is still located in Hooterville) asked me to go to a working lunch. Yes, the mental drawbridge went up even though I accepted because she is heading the transfer of power knowledge transfer of accounts payable being outsourced (to India, a lovely country but on the opposite side of the world presenting logistical issues). And last month end (really quarter end - which meant I had more to do) which was their first month end handling things went very badly (it went only slightly better this time - we'll get to that in a bit). So in the midst of chit chat, telling me what would happened with the accounts payable accrual file this month (translation - attempting to keep me from losing my crap again and wanting her head on a pike) she tells me that she mentioned me to her boss. You know, a corporate rare air type. I'm never sure how I feel about attention or mentions like this. it's good they know your name but it can work both ways if they are looking for a scape goat. Coworker tells me that she said I was a 'workhorse.' I smiled and nodded. (This is not a good thing people, if I smile and nod you I have put up a mental shield and am humoring you to keep peace). Many things went through my head about workhorse. But thanks to google I found a few images to aide here: I'm going to guess that you get my drift. I suspect she meant it as a compliment but to me it means that I just plod along doing the job and not necessarily open to change and not efficiently or working smart. Not really the image I would like put out there about me. As mentioned above the accrual process went poorly - again. To the point that I lost it, walked into one of my boss's office (the other was there) and declared "I can't do this." and "I am this close to walking out the door, getting in my car and not coming back." We made it through it but not without me feeling undervalued, overwhelmed, taken for granted and that it was time for me to consider looking elsewhere. It is not just this issue. It is a series of things. Almost all of it out of control of my 2 immediate bosses. HQ is going in a weird direction where it is perfectly acceptable for controllers and cost accountants to spin their wheels during month end doing things that AP clerks (who were good at their jobs) used to do. Because headcount reduction and save money. An environment where hey, let's move things to a central group (and off my desk) while leaving me with 5 months or so too much discretionary time (not enough work to do - something I fault my immediate supervisor for and as much as I like him, he really doesn't get that I need more to do even after i have told him multiple times). And in 2015 I watched them outsource all of our IT. This year is was parables and part of receivables. What s next? In talking to the controller (my immediate supervisor's boss and the guy who hired me), I have learned that almost everyone of our controllers but one (who can't afford to leave) is disgruntled and wants to bolt. Misery apparently loves company so I don't feel alone. But I am considering options. My niche of the accounting world gets active recruiting wise after Jan 1. So I do have time to think and update the resume/linked in profile and renew contacts with recruiters I've worked with in the past. I don't want to look for a job. But after being downsized 3 times in my past, I'd rather leave before being shoved out the door. Besides, I have nothing to lose and can consider jobs back where I sued to live.
  9. HerNameIsBuffy

    Job interview...stop judging me

    So I have a job interview tomorrow morning for a job I don't even want. Well, I want it in the sense I'd like to continue receiving pay checks, but I'd really prefer to be interviewing for almost anything else. Birthday clown. The person from village hall who measures the height of grass blades and issues citations for lack of timely lawn care. Crash test dummy. But while desperately hoping for a better option (perhaps a professional leach tester to find the best bloodletters) I'm going. Why? Because I'm qualified on paper for all the required stufff...although I am missing the "preferred" and apparently much coveted science of m e a t degree. Did you know that's a thing? Yeah. You can get a degree in meat. Who knew? Anyway I figure it's got to be bad luck to decline an interview even if I'm sure they'll laugh my m e a t degree less ass out the door ...besides its practice, right? Speaking of practice...I've been preparing online tonight so my answers will be awesome no matter what they throw at me.. Sp to recap: I looked at some job interview memes, didn't do laundry or make sure I have anything appropriate to wear, and I looked up the lyrics to Ma Belle Amie by Tea Set (great song) and gave that several listens on YouTube. You can't say I didn't prepare.
  10. HerNameIsBuffy

    True story...sad or funny? You decide...

    Some overheard at work in meme form between coworker (we'll call him Luke*), me, and The Powers That Be (we'll call them Satan.) *Names changed to protect the innocent Luke to me: What I said: What I thought: Coworker to Satan: Satan to coworker: Coworker tells me he's made yet another plea for them to make me stay... I explain that contrary to popular belief no matter what they felt I wouldn't be required to stay. There is no legal indenture applying to me... He chooses to ignore my delightful joke about indentured servitude... I then try to get him to focus on training and going over some practical stuff that he needs to know While thinking... But helpfully pointing out in an uncharacteristically maternal manner... and explaining that if he doesn't know what to do just ask a series of basic troubleshooting questions... and if no joy then escalate... I even threw in some advice about dealing with end users... and a little coaching about how I approach embracing new challenges... Only four more days ...until I get this crap via text and personal email rather than in person at work.
  11. A probably soon to be former Indiana DOT manager is in some hot water now. chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-indiana-government-worker-email-charles-blow-20160922-htmlstory.html Uh, yeah. If you're going to send a nasty political email don't do it from your work account. Especially if the address ends in .gov.
  12. HerNameIsBuffy

    I wish I could do stuff like this...

    I know I can't - I'm a grown up and burning bridges in my industry would be suicide yada yada...but I saw this and so wish I was the kind of person who could do this... Four days left before my new adventure begins! Yay! So I probably shouldn't print this out huge on the plotter and cover my door on my last day.... But maybe this one - 8x10 on the server cabinet? Seriously - I may do the last one there because the network guys will find it funny and I'm gonna miss them...
  13. HerNameIsBuffy

    Someone please slap me...

    And remind me that I am nothing if not pragmatic. Idk who this optimist is who is currently inhabiting my body, but if someone knows how to drive her out so I can get my cynical little soul back I'd appreciate it. (this isn't about the interview. The job sounded even worse than in the ad, which was pretty bad already and I'm always a good interview when I give zero fucks.) So later that day, after my pleasant but useless helping a lovely woman hone her interview techniques and a drive into work awash in the relief of having dodged a horrific future* I got a call from a contact about a job. He wasn't sure I'd be interested but tossed it out there that someone called him desperately looking for someone to do this thing with some software. (He's not a recruiter - this is just an industry back channel conversation thing.) Well, this thing that they need someone to do? It's my wheelhouse. It's the center of my wheelhouse. It's where I live. You know how everyone has that one thing where you knock it out of the park like a boss? That if you had to chose one segment of your job to prove ultimate competence and show how you are at the very top of your game you'd pick that thing? That if the multiverse theory is correct and there are an infinite number of us existing in parrallel spheres they all kick ass at this one thing? if it were an Olympic event you'd be Michael Phelps of that thing? This is my that thing. I do NOT get my hopes up. I hope for the best but prepare for the worse. Better to be surprised than disappointed. I'm a bit of a cynic like Trump is a bit of a douche. Understatement of the year. Even if I wasn't actively looking I'd leave a job where I was happy for an opportunity like this. Even if it were a pay cut and a longer commute. (But it is so neither of those things.) So he's going to put us in touch. This was late Friday afternoon and even though I know it's ridiculous to expect any kind of response before Monday at the earliest I'm afraid to check email due to the crushing disappointment that I know is awaiting me there in the absensce of an email from owner of awesome opportunity place. This is so ooc for me, I can't even explain it. And yes, more than anyone I know there is no dream job and it will have annoyances and idiots and all kind of imperfect but as long as the checks clear and no one is punching me in the face want all of that. The face punching is even negotiable. My fear is that they've found someone since he spoke to my contact about this a few weeks ago. If I can just talk to the guy I'm sure I'd have a shot. I'm not arrogant - plenty of things where I'm adequate and competent but no ones rock star ...plenty of room for improvement in some areas but when it comes to this thing ....I'm sure there are people better than I but it would be a very small subset. And its a niche software so SMEs aren't littering the landscape and my reputation with the vendor is not insignificant. They have a huge need to get this thing done and I have a tremendous need to do this thing...it really would be win-win. I'd make more money while saving them money by trying to do this thing without an SME. I'm going to drive past the place today...for luck. When this amounts to nothing, which is likely, I will not be in a good place. Need to get my perspective back fast.
  14. HerNameIsBuffy

    like therapy without leaving my house...

    Here's a something not everyone knows... So... Why? That's very deep. Why else? i mean... .. so ... I know I sound hard to like and maybe I am but... . look...people im passive aggressively snarking at .... Also... and I know my making a run for the exit right now is complicating things but.. .
  15. HerNameIsBuffy

    Guess what I'm up to?!

    A little exposition for those of you unfamiliar with the joys of conducting or being the subject of an internal audit... Internal auditors ...we're the good guys. Like your mom, we just want what's best for you. Properly conducted audits benefit everyone in the organization... Unfortunately not everyone being audited sees it that way...some are angry.... Some try to charm us... Some try to challenge us with their defiance... some try to fool us... But few realize that we're on their side... Even though QC creates policies... as well as enforcing it... It can be a thankless job asking the tough questions... And takes more than a little integrity and fortitude to hold strong even when the people who outrank you are...less than fully compliant... And being impartial can be socially awkward...there are no friends in auditing. If I didn't give birth to you, marry you, or share DNA with you you're just an auditee when I'm holding a clipboard... I remain calm and professional when things are amiss... But I'm still human inside... Good internal auditors are born and not made. Sure, everyone needs training in specific procedures but you recruit for your audit team for that which you cannot teach. Ridiculously high level of attention to detail, ability to communicate clearly, the inherent mindset that you're helping by pointing out issues/errors/opportunities for improvement, while maintaining a good working relationship with the people you're auditing so you can help them correct and avoid adversarial bottlenecks. Were it in my power I'd throw millions of dollars and a teleportation device to @OnceUponATime to join my audit team. I see so much of myself in her while in troubleshooting mode that it would be next best thing to cloning me. Better actually because a clone of me would be more of ....me...and I'd want to kill me within minutes for being so annoying. Weird question for those of you who understand the human psyche...why is it fairly effortless for me to maintain genuinely good rapport with people to whom I've delivered extremely fair but devastating critiques of their performance resulting in serious ramifications...but the mingling during the company holiday party or cookout leaves me so lost and nervous that I always find a legit reason to have to get back to my desk before I become so uncomfortable I burst into flames. I'm introverted by nature, but have zero anxiety talking about work - public speaking to large groups whether giving good news or bad, presentations or directives...no problem whatsoever. Those minutes before a meeting or during a working lunch where people talk about movies, sports, weather...it's like I'm a different person and I have to prepare small talk topics and then spend time later second guessing everything I said after the fact to assure myself I came off like a normal person. It's a weird Jekyl/Hyde Bruce Banner/Hulk thing except instead of good/evil it's self confident/President of the Dorks of America. Is there a name for this? (I have had other weirdness that I thought was just me that I later found out had names - like misophonia and sensory integration issues...so I'm on a quest to name all my quirks. Like pets. Wow - I am a dork.)
  16. Now that I have made Boss 1 and Boss 2 laugh at my stories of eating with Boss 3 (they have both had the experience of traveling with this man) it is time to share it with you. We all know that Boss 3 has an attachment to certain chain restaurants. it borders on legendary. We have not had a Chik-Fil-A here that long and the staff already knows him. One coworker has vowed never to eat at Chik-fil-a without him. We flew to Connecticut on Monday. Tuesday breakfast at the hotel was an egg casserole. It had hashbrowns mixed in. It wasn't bad. He didn't eat it, called it Quiche and had cereal. He apparently missed the French Toast sticks and sausage. He wanted just scrambled eggs and bacon. He compares everything to Holiday Inn/Express. Wednesday Morning the hotel had scrambled eggs but they had cheese in them. I believe he might have been afraid of a wayward vegetable along the lines of an onion or pepper mixed in. He didn't eat there that morning. No. he went down the road and claimed to be negotiating with the manager for a group hotel rate (this goes against our travel policy) but wanted to check the breakfast out. Translation - he scammed a free breakfast from Holiday Inn where we were not staying. Thursday Morning - out hotel actually had scrambled eggs (plain) and bacon. This was the only morning he was happy with breakfast. Actually, it would be the only time he was happy with the hotel because, in his eyes, I'm guessing, it is all about breakfast. Friday Morning they had scrambled eggs layered between layers of pastry and cheese on top. I took one look at it and said to myself. "he's not going to like breakfast this morning.' he didn't. We had to stop by Dunkin Donuts so he could get a chocolate milk and donuts. (And part of me really wants to say that he'd have been happier if the adult hotel breakfast at our hotel would have had bottles of Choco milk). Saturday Morning breakfast was some odd (even by my standards) egg patty. 'Eggs whites' with 'Egg yolk' pressed into a shape to resembled a fried egg (which was not fried). I grabbed one and a sausage patty and shoved them between bagel halves. Again, I knew he'd not be thrilled with breakfast. Nope. he went to Holiday Inn - again - but it was 'picked over' so he again went to Dunkin Donuts.
  17. clueliss

    Oh Look, A T-Shirt

    I got beckoned to the boss's office yesterday afternoon. Mind you I was in the middle of month end related activities. The reason? Here's a T-shirt. Fine. Really? I had to stop my work to come pick up a T-shirt. With a nifty company logo and something about safety on the front chest area. Fine. Nice. I'm not wild about printed t-shirts at this point in my adulthood. And I'll be honest - I tend to toss most corporate printed crap given to me after I leave a company. There are some exceptions. The really nice jacket with the Brand Name embroidered on the chest (good quality, and embroidery not crappy screen print), Also a collection of coffee mugs from the same employer. The very nice ink pens and padfolio I received at the last job (good quality). But most of the t-shirts etc get tossed/donated. From the current employer I have a recently given to me water bottle (really I didn't need another water bottle - can we stop giving me water bottles and commuter cups?), I have a coffee mug that I've never put anything in because the paint quality (you can see brush strokes) is such that it squicks me out a bit to think about drinking from it. 2 Long sleeved t-shirts. (Freudian slip - I initially typed that as t-shit). Let's talk about the concept of long sleeved t-shirts. I can wear these only part of the year. Because you know July in Mid-Mo is such the time for a long sleeved t-shirt. 2 -t-shirts from reach X number of steps in X week challenges. Yipee. Oh, wait, another water bottle I forgot about. (told you I don't need any more). A Mizzou/company yellow shirt (and as a Jayhawk luvin KU Alumni it goes against principle to wear Mizzou gold) T with Team CompanyName on the front and my last name on the back (because yes I want people to identify me while I'm out and about) that I have worn exactly once to a 'team' lunch event for which I skipped the team activity. And now this one. Know what I am not wearing today? Even though it is casual Friday? Yup - the T-shirt issued yesterday. Why? I don't like looking like everyone else. I don't like matchy matchy twinsies. And I thought - new shirt, everyone will wear it. I've not ventured far from my desk and have seen 2 already. (Twinsies note - my sister and I are 2 years apart and Mom had a habit of sometimes buying the same dresses etc for us. This habit later changed to buying us the same shirt or sweater but in different colors. If we happened to wear the same shirt (in different colors) as teens - one of us changed. Neither had the desire to look like the other). In other news I get the honor and privilege of being recruited for a super sekrit don't talk about it (there are issues) project next week. meaning I have to travel. with the platform controller. Oh joy.
  18. clueliss

    Backup? What Backup?

    I'm asking myself that question right now? What backup? Specifically regarding the person who should be covering urgent costing requests when I am out. Such as on vacation. Or, as in this specific instance, when I leave early to go to the doctor (and in this case the psychiatrist treating me for depression and trust me, you want me medicated at work). Every month I check to make sure we don't have active parts floating about without a cost. It is an issue. If it weren't I wouldn't have checked every month for the last six years. I'll confess, I might be checking to make sure that I haven't done something stupid. Today the culprit is not me. And it isn't someone outside of accounting doing something stupid. Nope, it's my boss. My boss who covered me (hah!) on April 15 when I left early to go to the doctor. And I find an active part without a cost. A part that has a shipment this month against it. And both of my bosses are at a conference this week. So it's not like I can walk over to his office and ask him what to do. I had to send an email and I have to wait to find out what they want me to do. Sure, I set the status so they can't do any more damage. But the damage is done. By damage, I'm not just talking about the stuff on the ledger. Or the potential to have to recost a part (and I've got news for him if a form is required - he gets to handle it). Nope, I'm talking about my not being able to trust him to properly cover me when I am out on vacation or leave to go to the doctor. And really, I have enough issues without wondering what is going on and if everything is done correctly when I am gone. I should not have to review 100% of things he costs (or in this case didn't cost) when I am gone. And then it hits me... How did this ship without an error since there is no cost? Which means I need to do some more checking while I wait on an email response.
  19. clueliss

    He's Back! (Mr. Crankypants)

    Yeah - my favorite work related person in the whole wide world (read that dripping in sarcasm, please) is back. I'm less than amused. this would be the guy I thought we got rid of in January when I made what I thought was our final royalty payment. Which, thanks to two different pantents in two different countries we still owe royalties to for the rest of the year. Not even going to go into the potential of licensing fees for this guy because he copyrighted something that would be a giant PITA to change the name on for every piece of literature anywhere. So now I get the pleasure of calculating royalties for first quarter and April. I'm not amused but I'm also oddly not as angry as I could be. Just annoyed. And frankly, with this guy? It figures.
  20. clueliss

    I'm A Freak

    yes - both work and music. I may have inherited a tendency from my mother for 'a song for everything.' Although in my it manifests as the mental jukebox. This morning I'm doing audit work (seriously - yay - I'm a freak). This is stuff that landed on my desk yesterday because oops it got messed up at year end and it needs to be done quarterly and to get us off the bad child list we need to comply. Someone asked me what I was doing because eleventy trips to/from the printer. I told said person what I was doing. Response was 'ewww.' I may have skipped - as much as my gimpy foot allows - back to my desk. Because now that I figured out what they want I'm in an odd freaky happy zone. (like I said, freak). Music? yes - there's a song for that.
  21. clueliss

    No Clues Today

    Not a single clue in sight. Nope, not here. I'm having one of those mornings. I had hoped that maybe the stupid that chased me around on Firday would have ran off and gotten lost, but no. I believe it lurked here all weekend waiting for my return.
  22. clueliss

    And the Asnwer is NO

    It's month end. I should be month ending. I'm currently fuming in a fire-breathing dragon with steam coming out the ears manner. Because my busy day was disrupted by a request to do something that yesterday i declared was not an issue in my realm. But someone decided I had a code that allowed me to allegedly fix something. Only I've never used this code before. And I check with my bosses who don't know what this screen does either. And since we have a mandate to not recost things coming from on high I'm all NOPE. Not putting my name on something that may or may not work that I've never used before that could violate company policy. Because I rather like getting a paycheck. I'm funny that way. And now I'm here ranting because I might spew. And I'm back to liking that paycheck. And since I have boss backup - NO, I'm not doing this. All that and a ride-a-long (someone that someone higher up decided needed to see, this month, month end processing at the beginning of the day) to start the day off to boot. (because watching me wait for stuff to process is just SO enlightening).
  23. clueliss

    Yes, You Answered His Question

    Awwwwww. Look at you newbie AP Supervisor answering that question. The one i was copied on. Becuase there were actually two 'reversals' in his account. Sure, you answered why yours was there. But, well, I'm older than you, have more experience than you and frankly, I kick butt. So I went back. Looked at why my entry was there (accrual in one month - data from your people, reversal in the next month). And what transpired with your write off and why it was written off. Sure, you provided that one tidbit of information. Stuff on two platforms/legal entities and all. But the two negatives for the SAME THING got my attention. And what did I find? That we received this in January on the PO. Then your people put it on the February Accrual I booked (So for those who faint at the thought of math - the expense is in twice when looked at as a whole) and then in March both expenses have now been backed out. But that business on my accrual should never have been there. At all. So, yes, I copied my bosses on this. Mainly because of the doubled expense issue. Which I now need to discuss with - someone - because I now trust the accrual process even less than I did before.
  24. clueliss

    Yes, It Would Be Easier

    I'm currently in a head desk battle with the fine folks over in customer service that do wonderful thinks like generate debit and credit memos. The issue at the center of this particular battle is why/how did you hit the account you did? Really, it shouldn't be here. And had this hit the revenue account like the rest of the wayward debit and credit memos these folks put through, I would have put it on my list of things to move on the first workday and moved on. But it hit a weird account. And I'm curious as to exactly how someone processed a 'regular' credit memo (of a credit and rebill variety) to this account. It doesn't make sense to my addled brain. And yes, I *could* move this (or let the GL accountant move it, as he probably wishes he had done in the first place before I started said battle). But in the explanation for this mess was something along the lines of 'but the part isn't set up or not set up correctly." I'm like, yeah, okay so let's set this up then because I don't want to revisit this issue in the future. But Customer Service person says 'can you just move it?" HAH! Fighting words. Yes, I can. No, I won't. Unless we get to the end of the month and we have to. But this cropped up earlier enough I have time to act like my feline headship with a mouse. So it's 'play time.' And yes, I am rather twisted.
  25. clueliss

    Wait? We're Doing What Now?

    So I went to pull invoices a bit ago for something I track on a regular basis. Now, the AP clerks know I self-serve and dig my own crap out of their files. (I also put it back where I got it). And I kind of knew that they've been scanning invoices and such. However, no one has bothered to educate me as to exactly what is going on. At all. Until today. And I had to ask at that. Yes, I get 'not more filing.' And sure, 'paperless' sounds nice. Until the auditors start asking for stuff. And gee, kids, does my boss or his boss (the BU controller) or the other controllers but really, they won't care because they don't feel audit pain like we do (location location location). And while I can sort of get most of the information I need (right now), my mind has jumped to certain types of audit requests (as in the external auditors) I end up taking care of. And my mind is stuck on, 'um, how the hell are we going to handle that now?' Short answer, they're going to get a big ole stack of requests from me asking them to pull stuff now that we've gone paperless. Longer answer, I need to have a chat with the bosses and make them aware of what is going on so they can ask questions about how we are supposed to find things now. Communication around here is in a downward trend lately. Lately? Okay it's been going that way for a while. Sure I have great communications with my immediate unit (all three of us). But the other side of the fence communication with the platform stuff that is located right here quite frankly stinks. So this is just another example of messed up crap or things changing that aren't effectively being communicated. (and A lost Liss is a cranky Liss)
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