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In a fairytale world

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Hot cross buns, hot cross buns

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So, the day has finally arrived. I get to make my hot-cross buns. I'm a tad disorganized this year. Yesterday I made up my shopping list and worked out what I needed.

Apparently I'm meant to use:

upwards of 2kg flour

200g butter

5 eggs

600g dried fruit

250g mixed peel 

plus a whole heap of other stuff like hot tea, stout, sugar and yeast.


I didn't have flour - not a big deal. Well it is and it isn't. I wanted bread specific flour, but without shitloads of additives. Should have thought about it earlier and visited an eco shop, additive flour it is.

Mixed peel - oh this is always a problem. Last year I found somewhere that had it (gardening store. I kid you not). My local supermarket had crystallized orange peel, and crystallized lemon peel this year.  But they are big strips and I didn't feel like having to buy so much and then have to chop it all finely. So I went off on my trusty bike to the garden shop this morning. Guess what they had run out of? Yup. So I got myself some crystallized Macedonian fruit instead. At least the one in the garden store contained orange peel, unlike in the supermarket where it was papaya. I guess this year I'll be using my trusty zester again for mixed peel because I don't have enough otherwise. Just as well we have oranges and lemons in the house

raisins - yay my local supermarket finally has dark raisins. Happy happy happy me. I got myself a few bags so I don't run out (because packaging them in kg amounts or something can't happen here... *sigh*)

Stout - I'm meant to use Mackeson, locally I can't get that. I got Guinness instead, but apparently the wrong one. Next year I'll have to go to the proper beer shop and see if I can get some Mackeson (unless stout hot cross buns get banned from this house forever). 

And now I need to get to washing my dishes, scrubbing my floors and organizing everything (because I still haven't quite got my timing worked out). The best thing about today is we have leftovers from yesterday so no making dinner tonight!

Last night I kindly informed my better half that I wasn't going to sleep tonight. his response ":shock: but, but, but...". me: "this is how I show you how much I love you, by staying up all night to ensure you can have freshly baked hot cross buns before you leave for work. I'll even make you coffee" :romance-inlove: <- I'm not sure he sees it like this, but it is meant to be taken that way ;) 


I sure hope extended family will be happy to take some off my hands on Friday/Saturday. It will give me the chance to get some lamb and peas from the freezer for my lamb and pea pie planned for Easter Sunday. mmm pie.

And let the craziness begin




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You're a much better person than I am.  I will just buy my hot cross buns when I go grocery shopping tomorrow.  I'm lazy.

I've always heard eating them on Good Friday will bring you luck.  Don't know if that's true, but no sense in taking any chances!

Enjoy your baking and have a blessed Easter!

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10 minutes ago, kpmom said:

I will just buy my hot cross buns when I go grocery shopping tomorrow.  I'm lazy.

Nah, you're just privileged. ;)

The bakers here don't know what they are (afaik). TBH if they did, one year I would probably not make hot cross buns and just buy a few so I could spend my time making marshmallow easter eggs instead. I do fear that baking them has become a tradition that I may not stop... I have at least three more recipes I want to try though so I'm not about to get bored any year soon.

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Doh, you just reminded me to feed my sourdough starter! I want to use it for hot cross buns. I never made them before.

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@OnceUponATime The only time our local grocery store stocks chopped mixed candied peel is just before Christmas, they consider it to be a "seasonal" item used only for holiday fruitcakes (idiots!). You might want to see if your store is the same.

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  • Posts

    • Ozlsn

      Posted (edited)

      4 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      My weens were delicious.

      Gary is celebrating his salvation anniversary with more conspiracy crap:


      I strongly suspect that Judy, Lisa and Don have no idea what DNA is, or how much of it is present in a viral infection vs your own DNA. Also no idea about transmission, aerosols... hm, maybe I could start a conspiracy about sneezing transmitting mutated human DNA that will cause you to become a clone or something? I'd be... interested to see if I can get it to spread (oops, pun). Also I think I listened to too much Oh no! Ross and Carrie last week, particularly part 5 of the conscious living series. 

      Geez these people make conspiracies so complicated, especially when most of the real life ones are... less so.


      Edited by Ozlsn
    • refugee

      Posted (edited)

      2 hours ago, Giraffe said:

      @refugee, John Ortberg’s son Daniel and Daniel’s wife Grace have been calling out John for covering up John’s son Johnny’s admitted pedophilia. John has been protecting Johnny from facing reality. 

      Daniel and his wife are both trans. John condemns them - two consenting adults - saying it’s sin, all the while protecting his son Johnny who’s admitted to being sexually attracted to children. 

      Is that helpful?

      Very much so, thanks. But heartbreaking. I simply cannot fathom parents who turn away from their kids or think it’s okay to dictate their offsprings’ choices and very thoughts, as if they’re not people in their own right but simply an extension of the parent.

      And the whole shielding thing... I can’t begin to respond to that. Just no words. Horror.

      Edited by refugee
      • Love 1
    • PumaLover


      13 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      I only remembered seeing the ads, and the running gag of Gregory Harrison never having a shirt on. I found the whole thing online, and watched some of it last night. I never watched Dallas or Dynasty, but have a vague sense of the style.

      I think they tried so hard to recreate that style - lots of slow pans and slow reactions and long expositions, that it just ended up being too slow to be funny. There are some humorous moments in it, though, and Bob Mackie had a field day, with costumes that were both funny (but not as out-there as the ones he did for The Carol Burnett Show) and truly glamorous.


      Dude, this is where we're from!!… although I lived in Mississippi when this series came out. I've heard a lot about it, though. I'll have to watch to see if the comparisons are legit but a lot of people hate on Fresno. It's where I got my first job, it's where all my friends are and it's where the ice rink is. There's a lot of crime and horrible drivers but as much as I talk shit on it, it's not a bad place and they're trying to do a lot better. Bitwise took over a large building downtown and are doing a lot of good for the community (I actually did an awesome temp job for them for the last few months). There's a new-ish realty company called Fres-yes, trying to improve the Valley's image. 

      I live about 45 minutes east of there now, in the mountains. Supposedly it was about 107º there today. No thanks.

      I'm not caught up on the Gary shit yet. I was just excited to see my city. 

      Also, all the raisins are grown in Southern Fresno County, in Kingsburg and Selma. I have a soft spot for Kingsburg, which is a beautiful, small Swedish town. My husband and I renovated a beautiful historic house there, on the main street. We did our best to restore it back to the time period. I'm kind of doxing myself because if you cared enough you can look it up to see, but I'm not worried about it. 

      Anyway, back to Bro Gary, we're having a BBQ for my mom's birthday tomorrow, and I'm taking a vegan ween so I'll have something to eat, haha.

    • Red Hair, Black Dress


      Of course -- eating disorder.

      I also think Braggie might have body dismorphia in that she sees herself as much larger than she is.  Thus her focus on being sooo huge with this pregnancy. Plus her obsession with losing weight quickly after giving birth and her obsessive mania with exercising. 

      She hates everything about pregnancy, birth, and mothering, yet she does it over and over. It's as if she's punishing herself by continuously doing the thing she hates the most. Why?  I've no idea and neither does Braggie. Because getting mental health help is not Jesus-y to her. And she will never, ever, admit she needs professional help.

      Braggie is so open about hating pregnancy, birth, mothering, not being maternal, and not liking children.  Does her mother read her blog/ insta?  Does Shaun?  Don't they comprehend what is so, so obvious? Why oh why are they enabling her to keep having children she doesn't want?  Braggie has off loaded parenting to her mother and her 3 oldest children because she doesn't want to be a parent. Can't Shaun and her mother see how unfair and destructive this is to the children? Those children don't have childhoods because their time is spent being Sibling Parents - which is soooo not their job. 

      The internet is forever and one day in the not too distant future those children will read what she wrote about them.  They'll read every time she pointed out some non-existent flaw. And they will know from Braggie's own words that their mother hated every moment of bringing them into the world and that she really never ever wanted to be a mother to anyone at all.

      I hope all of Braggie's children break away from her and can have normal lives -- with professional help if they want it.


















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    • indianabones


      1 hour ago, PlentyOfJesusFishInTheSea said:

      Wait, Wayfair has high prices because they traffic or low? I'd guess low (as in they don't make money off the furniture but rather the trafficking) but exorbitant means unreasonably high...

      So yes, it is like pizzagate in that it's BS. At last, I agree with Kristen's followers!


      Oh no, her followers actually BELIEVE that Pizzagate happened and that it's being covered up by the "librul media".

      The prices are high. These people think that if you pay $13,000 for an armoire you're actually ordering a trafficked person.

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