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In a fairytale world

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one a penny

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I’m a bit pissed because the last GOP debate was cancelled. I had it planned as my kneading entertainment. Now I have nothing, I’ll probably have to watch PP or something. That’s going to get me decently kneaded dough!

When you start baking sometimes you read the recipe and see ‘soak overnight’ or ‘the night before…’. Well sometimes I decide that means ‘in the middle of the day’.

I’m baking three recipes:

A – Stout hot cross buns

B – Milk infused hot cross buns

C – Easy quick hot cross buns


At midday I decided that it should be counted as “the night before”. Because well, when you’re planning on having your buns in the oven by 3:35am, then you know, 12ish hours before needing to use something sounds adequate.

I set up the start of recipe A: my beer yeast sponge and tea soaked fruit/peel (never thought I’d ever be typing those two things).


I decided to get my dry ingredients sorted out while hanging out on FJ and listening to The Lorax, Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham, and While the World Watched. Always better to do that while bright eyed and bushy tailed instead of waiting until I’m too tired to count above 3. So dry ingredients for recipes B and C got sorted out. I discovered that I need a larger bowl. Oops.


^I need to still add liquid and fruit to that... At least my other bowl should be empty when I get to that stage.


Oh and I lit the fire early so my proving room [aka living room] will be nice and warm. I hope I can keep it at a nice temperature.


And I sorted out my schedule for this evening.

8pm – infuse milk. Forget about it, and then remember just before it burns. Yes!

Midnight: (I'm in need of coffee)

Dough A – mix, knead, rest, knead, rest, knead, rest, knead, leave to rise

Dough B – mix, knead, leave to rise


Rest for 55 minutes – yes!

Dough A – knead, form, let rise


Rest for 45 minutes – yay!

Dough B – knead, add fruit, knead, form, leave to rise


FJ goes dark



Make crosses dough

Dough C – prove yeast, mix, knead, form and leave to rise

Dough A – Pipe on crosses, start baking


Taste hot cross bun A

Make glaze

Dough A – glazing and baking and glazing

Dough B – pipe and bake and glaze

Dough C – pipe

Make coffee

Taste hot cross bun B


Dough B – bake and glaze

Dough C – bake and glaze

Taste hot cross bun C


Clean up a bit

Make sure I have photos to add to the forum of shit I fucked up.


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  • Posts

    • AmazonGrace

      Posted (edited)


      I suppose this was meant as encouragement to Be As Godly As Gwen but honestly to me this sounds more like encouragement to jump off a cliff and kill yourself.

      This is a great day to let go of it all! There is no greater calling than to be in his Kingdom! You could be in Heaven today if you let go of the world! Climb to a high place, take a Leap of Faith and embrace the God of Life and Death once and for all! Just let go of the world, it never deserved you anyway!




      There is a devo today, repeated from thread 7. If you love God you can't be a sports fan. If you paint your face to support your team it shows you have idols (but if you paint your face every day to look like Gwen it's totally ok, obviously) 


      She closes off with a complaint about people getting fatter that doesn't seem related to what she said before. But I suppose the main reason she hates sports is that people eat while watching them. 

      Edited by AmazonGrace
    • IsmeWeatherwax


      @Glasgowghirl I'm so sorry for your loss xx 

    • Ozlsn

      Posted (edited)

      4 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      My weens were delicious.

      Gary is celebrating his salvation anniversary with more conspiracy crap:


      I strongly suspect that Judy, Lisa and Don have no idea what DNA is, or how much of it is present in a viral infection vs your own DNA. Also no idea about transmission, aerosols... hm, maybe I could start a conspiracy about sneezing transmitting mutated human DNA that will cause you to become a clone or something? I'd be... interested to see if I can get it to spread (oops, pun). Also I think I listened to too much Oh no! Ross and Carrie last week, particularly part 5 of the conscious living series. 

      Geez these people make conspiracies so complicated, especially when most of the real life ones are... less so.


      Edited by Ozlsn
    • refugee

      Posted (edited)

      2 hours ago, Giraffe said:

      @refugee, John Ortberg’s son Daniel and Daniel’s wife Grace have been calling out John for covering up John’s son Johnny’s admitted pedophilia. John has been protecting Johnny from facing reality. 

      Daniel and his wife are both trans. John condemns them - two consenting adults - saying it’s sin, all the while protecting his son Johnny who’s admitted to being sexually attracted to children. 

      Is that helpful?

      Very much so, thanks. But heartbreaking. I simply cannot fathom parents who turn away from their kids or think it’s okay to dictate their offsprings’ choices and very thoughts, as if they’re not people in their own right but simply an extension of the parent.

      And the whole shielding thing... I can’t begin to respond to that. Just no words. Horror.

      Edited by refugee
      • Love 1
    • PumaLover


      13 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      I only remembered seeing the ads, and the running gag of Gregory Harrison never having a shirt on. I found the whole thing online, and watched some of it last night. I never watched Dallas or Dynasty, but have a vague sense of the style.

      I think they tried so hard to recreate that style - lots of slow pans and slow reactions and long expositions, that it just ended up being too slow to be funny. There are some humorous moments in it, though, and Bob Mackie had a field day, with costumes that were both funny (but not as out-there as the ones he did for The Carol Burnett Show) and truly glamorous.


      Dude, this is where we're from!!… although I lived in Mississippi when this series came out. I've heard a lot about it, though. I'll have to watch to see if the comparisons are legit but a lot of people hate on Fresno. It's where I got my first job, it's where all my friends are and it's where the ice rink is. There's a lot of crime and horrible drivers but as much as I talk shit on it, it's not a bad place and they're trying to do a lot better. Bitwise took over a large building downtown and are doing a lot of good for the community (I actually did an awesome temp job for them for the last few months). There's a new-ish realty company called Fres-yes, trying to improve the Valley's image. 

      I live about 45 minutes east of there now, in the mountains. Supposedly it was about 107º there today. No thanks.

      I'm not caught up on the Gary shit yet. I was just excited to see my city. 

      Also, all the raisins are grown in Southern Fresno County, in Kingsburg and Selma. I have a soft spot for Kingsburg, which is a beautiful, small Swedish town. My husband and I renovated a beautiful historic house there, on the main street. We did our best to restore it back to the time period. I'm kind of doxing myself because if you cared enough you can look it up to see, but I'm not worried about it. 

      Anyway, back to Bro Gary, we're having a BBQ for my mom's birthday tomorrow, and I'm taking a vegan ween so I'll have something to eat, haha.

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