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one a penny




I’m a bit pissed because the last GOP debate was cancelled. I had it planned as my kneading entertainment. Now I have nothing, I’ll probably have to watch PP or something. That’s going to get me decently kneaded dough!

When you start baking sometimes you read the recipe and see ‘soak overnight’ or ‘the night before…’. Well sometimes I decide that means ‘in the middle of the day’.

I’m baking three recipes:

A – Stout hot cross buns

B – Milk infused hot cross buns

C – Easy quick hot cross buns


At midday I decided that it should be counted as “the night before”. Because well, when you’re planning on having your buns in the oven by 3:35am, then you know, 12ish hours before needing to use something sounds adequate.

I set up the start of recipe A: my beer yeast sponge and tea soaked fruit/peel (never thought I’d ever be typing those two things).


I decided to get my dry ingredients sorted out while hanging out on FJ and listening to The Lorax, Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham, and While the World Watched. Always better to do that while bright eyed and bushy tailed instead of waiting until I’m too tired to count above 3. So dry ingredients for recipes B and C got sorted out. I discovered that I need a larger bowl. Oops.


^I need to still add liquid and fruit to that... At least my other bowl should be empty when I get to that stage.


Oh and I lit the fire early so my proving room [aka living room] will be nice and warm. I hope I can keep it at a nice temperature.


And I sorted out my schedule for this evening.

8pm – infuse milk. Forget about it, and then remember just before it burns. Yes!

Midnight: (I'm in need of coffee)

Dough A – mix, knead, rest, knead, rest, knead, rest, knead, leave to rise

Dough B – mix, knead, leave to rise


Rest for 55 minutes – yes!

Dough A – knead, form, let rise


Rest for 45 minutes – yay!

Dough B – knead, add fruit, knead, form, leave to rise


FJ goes dark



Make crosses dough

Dough C – prove yeast, mix, knead, form and leave to rise

Dough A – Pipe on crosses, start baking


Taste hot cross bun A

Make glaze

Dough A – glazing and baking and glazing

Dough B – pipe and bake and glaze

Dough C – pipe

Make coffee

Taste hot cross bun B


Dough B – bake and glaze

Dough C – bake and glaze

Taste hot cross bun C


Clean up a bit

Make sure I have photos to add to the forum of shit I fucked up.


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    • Cults-r-us


      On 12/31/2022 at 12:53 PM, EyesOpen said:

      I think he’s barking up the wrong tree. This is a small town and many people offer to help with all sorts of things but most people suggested therapy and respite care through insurance and he didn’t get anything but likes and one suggestion of someone’s car dealership contact for the 15 person passenger van request. he also posted about looking for odd jobs… can’t figure out if he works a full time job or what 🤷🏻‍♀️

      Where I life the county mental health provide some respite services for a child with an autism diagnosis. He should start at the department of aging to register his child.

    • thoughtful


      February is about to begin, and I have one wish. I want Gary to post complaining about how people care more about the "Supper Bowel" than they do about God and hell.

      You have twelve days, Gary. Pretty please?

    • purple_summer


      4 hours ago, livinginthelight said:

      I think she's keeping wall up because she sees us as possibly wanting to take away her faith. Which she is very protective of. So she's a bit cautious about us.

      When I was first really starting my recovery/deprogramming there were a lot of people who wanted me to abandon faith altogether. Friends, a therapist, internet strangers. It didn’t matter that it ultimately wasn’t a solution for a number of reasons, it felt like an easy answer for people. There are plenty of reasons why people don’t believe, or choose to stop believing. I have my reasons for maintaining my faith. I don’t feel the need to advertise or “recruit” but there are some nonbelievers that use the same tactics they shame religious people for. 

      I’ve gotten pretty used to ignoring certain topics/posters/discussions around here. But there are definitely moments that are really uncomfortable. Part of why I post so irregularly. 

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      26 minutes ago, QuiverFullofBooks said:

      I read the book. TL, DR: Gothard is a creep and a false prophet. The one anecdote that I found surprising was that the older Duggar girls once were hanging around at the mall and they tried on a blond wig and said “You’re ready for headquarters!” meaning that Gothard would find it hot 🤢

      The fact that literally everyone knew Gothard’s type and did fuck all about it is so typical but still so disturbing. 

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    • QuiverFullofBooks


      I read the book. TL, DR: Gothard is a creep and a false prophet. The one anecdote that I found surprising was that the older Duggar girls once were hanging around at the mall and they tried on a blond wig and said “You’re ready for headquarters!” meaning that Gothard would find it hot 🤢

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