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Found 12 results

  1. Something interesting about Ash Wednesday and Easter this year.... I wonder how much fundie loving there's gonna be on Valentine's Day due to it also being Valentine's Day?
  2. formergothardite

    Easter Challenge For Non-Christians

    I saw this posted several times yesterday and thought I would share. http://www.radical.net/blog/post/easters-challenge-to-the-non-christian Because it is a holiday celebrated in our society and people enjoy it? Why shouldn't non-Christians care about it? Okay. Yeah, but that is just kind of rude and honestly, even if the Bible says to pity Christians I don't follow the Bible so I"m not going to pity someone just because they don't share my beliefs. If you find comfort in your faith, then I'm happy for you and you don't get any pity from me. This could pretty much be said about any religion. If Islam is the one true religion then that has huge implications for every single person on the planet. Is Platt wanting us to think about that too, or is he our right dismissing all other beliefs besides his and only wants people to think deeply about his particular beliefs? Since there is no evidence that Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead, then it really is just a preference. Well you can't prove it. The whole thing has to be taken on faith, which is pretty much the point of then entire belief system. Nope. There is no burden of proof on me that I need to prove why I don't believe in Jesus or Greek gods or any religion. This guy is just telling himself and his followers this to make themselves feel better. This can be said for every single other religion. Something happened a long time ago to start several religions, the movements have spread and people have died for the beliefs. There is absolutely no burden of proof on non-believers to disprove any of these origin stories. I did dive in, discovered that I think the answer is no. This is a faith, not fact matter and I just can't have faith in it. It is totally fine if others do, I'm not going to go door to door telling people Jesus died and stayed dead. David Platt isn't nearly as much of a deep thinker as he thinks he is.
  3. Im waiitng for all the Easter posts. Fundies woudl be surprised about its origins. They are celebrating a day named for a German goddess, and nothing to do with Christ.
  4. crazydaffodil

    When Easter Eggs Hatch

    I always wondered what happened to the chickens when those colored eggs hatched. Now I know! Just sayin...
  5. OnceUponATime

    two a penny, hot cross buns

    Umm so apparently I made 6kg( 13 pounds) of Easter bread. I say Easter bread because I got bored of shaping boring buns and decided bunnies are Easter too, and are a sign of integration. Originally I had planned to make two small bunnies. But you know how it goes Mr and Mrs Easter bunny get together and have 7 children or something like that. And the rest of the dough made 38 hot cross buns. The Easter Rabbit family: (photo alert) Buns! After two hours of baking(I'm meaning oven time) I ended up with: Bread A – 2kg 1 boobalicious bunny 12 buns Bread B – 1.2kg 14 buns, even ration apple:currant/zest Bread C – 2.8kg 12 buns 7 lil bunnies 1 large bunny And now I'm going to go to bed. At least it's crappy weather out, so I won't be missing much. I shouldn't drink coffee when I'm tired
  6. It is nearly Easter which means that it is time to share Easter recipes. Yay! Easter lamb? Easter egg muffins? Hot cross buns? Share them all here. Here are my two currently favorite hot cross bun recipes. I've put the US temperatures on them, if in doubt go for the Celsius. I've also linked to the original recipes because I slightly alter mine; Usually by adding more spice and extra fruit. The red-brown ingredients in the text are ingredients that I don't have listed at the sides - that way they shouldn't surprise you so much. For the crosses: I grab a clean plastic bag, throw in about half a cup of white flour, add a spoonful of icing sugar and shake it so it is well mixed. Then I add about half a cup of water (possibly less - I want a runny paste consistency) and mix it (in the bag). When I'm ready to put on crosses i cut off a tiny tiny bit of the corner and use it like a piping bag. Most people don't add sugar, I like it because I usually use less in the buns and don't like hard crappy crosses that taste of nothing. You can also just use icing after they are cool to make crosses. That does mean you have to wait; that require self-control For the glaze: I use 1Tbsp castor sugar with 2Tbsp boiling water and a dash of lemon juice. There are many recipes out there. You don't *need* a glaze, if you don't glaze do wash the buns before baking Hot Cross buns v. 1 (wholemeal or white) - makes 30 This is adapted from Jo Seagar's recipe 4tsp dried active yeast (15g or 1/2 oz) 1 1/2C warm water, at bath temperature 2 tsp sugar (optional) Combine above ingredients and leave until frothy (10-15 mins) 7C white high grade flour or 3.5C white flour and 3.5C wholemeal flour 1 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 C castor sugar 3/4 C raisins 1/2 C currants (you can omit this and add extra raisins) 1/2 C mixed peel (you can replace this with a mixture of fresh lemon and orange zest, I use about 2 lemons and one orange) 2Tbsp cinnamon 3Tbsp mixed spice (this is 1T more than the original recipe calls for because I don't find it spicy enough) Combine all dry (blue) ingredients together. Make a well in the middle and and add the yeast mixture, 2C milk, 75g melted butter and 1 beaten egg. Mix well and then knead for 10+ minutes. Divide into 30 evenly sized pieces and make into bun form. Put on baking trays, cover and leave to rise until buns have doubled in size (1 hour in a warm room). Preheat your oven to 220oC or 425oF Apply crosses if desired Bake your buns for 20 minutes (or until they look done). Apply glazing when hot. Let cool if you have self-control. Our opinion last year We gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 with no added notes. I halved this except for the spices(2/3) and the egg. I like spicy buns! I made them wholemeal for something a bit less traditional and seemingly more healthy. If you want to make it with a bread machine/mixer add the dried fruit and mixed peel at the very end of mixing it. Otherwise your get fruitmush instead of raisins. It rises better/faster if you use warm milk. You can replace the milk with milk powder (add to dry ingredients) and water which makes warming it easier. Hot cross buns with infused milk - makes 16 From The Guardian with a bit of added spice 200ml milk (7 fl oz.) 4 cardamom pods, bruised 1 cinnamon stick 2 cloves 1/2 tsp grated nutmeg Put all above ingredients in a saucepan, heat very slowly until boiling. Turn off and let sit for at least an hour. Warm up to happy-yeast temperature and strain the milk to remove spices. Add 20g fresh yeast(or equivalent dry) to the milk and a small pinch of sugar. 450g strong white flour (16oz) 100g butter (just under 4oz) 50g golden caster sugar (you can use white sugar too or a mixture of white and brown) (2oz) 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp ground ginger 1 tsp cinnamon (optional - yeah I love spices) Cut the butter into the flour and then add the sugar, salt and spices. Make a well well in the middle and add the milky yeast mixture, and 2 beaten eggs. Mix together well and knead for about 10 minutes (or use your friendly mixer). Put back into your bowl and leave to rise until at least doubled (this also can be left to rise overnight in the fridge). Knead and then flatten out. Scatter evenly 200g currants/raisins/sultanas and 50g mixed peel. Knead again to mix in the fruit. Divide into 16 pieces and shape. Put on baking trays, score a cross and leave to rise until double in size. Preheat your oven to 200oC or 400oF Apply crosses Bake for 25 minutes or until done Glaze straight out of the oven. Let cool if you have self-control. Our opinion from last year We gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 with an added note of best dough every. Damn that milk smells awesome. it has less flavor than i always imagine it should, which is why I add extra spices.
  7. OnceUponATime

    Hot cross buns, hot cross buns

    So, the day has finally arrived. I get to make my hot-cross buns. I'm a tad disorganized this year. Yesterday I made up my shopping list and worked out what I needed. Apparently I'm meant to use: upwards of 2kg flour 200g butter 5 eggs 600g dried fruit 250g mixed peel plus a whole heap of other stuff like hot tea, stout, sugar and yeast. I didn't have flour - not a big deal. Well it is and it isn't. I wanted bread specific flour, but without shitloads of additives. Should have thought about it earlier and visited an eco shop, additive flour it is. Mixed peel - oh this is always a problem. Last year I found somewhere that had it (gardening store. I kid you not). My local supermarket had crystallized orange peel, and crystallized lemon peel this year. But they are big strips and I didn't feel like having to buy so much and then have to chop it all finely. So I went off on my trusty bike to the garden shop this morning. Guess what they had run out of? Yup. So I got myself some crystallized Macedonian fruit instead. At least the one in the garden store contained orange peel, unlike in the supermarket where it was papaya. I guess this year I'll be using my trusty zester again for mixed peel because I don't have enough otherwise. Just as well we have oranges and lemons in the house raisins - yay my local supermarket finally has dark raisins. Happy happy happy me. I got myself a few bags so I don't run out (because packaging them in kg amounts or something can't happen here... *sigh*) Stout - I'm meant to use Mackeson, locally I can't get that. I got Guinness instead, but apparently the wrong one. Next year I'll have to go to the proper beer shop and see if I can get some Mackeson (unless stout hot cross buns get banned from this house forever). And now I need to get to washing my dishes, scrubbing my floors and organizing everything (because I still haven't quite got my timing worked out). The best thing about today is we have leftovers from yesterday so no making dinner tonight! Last night I kindly informed my better half that I wasn't going to sleep tonight. his response " but, but, but...". me: "this is how I show you how much I love you, by staying up all night to ensure you can have freshly baked hot cross buns before you leave for work. I'll even make you coffee" <- I'm not sure he sees it like this, but it is meant to be taken that way I sure hope extended family will be happy to take some off my hands on Friday/Saturday. It will give me the chance to get some lamb and peas from the freezer for my lamb and pea pie planned for Easter Sunday. mmm pie. And let the craziness begin
  8. OnceUponATime

    It is starting to look a lot like Easter

    I'm getting just a little excited. It's nearly Easter!!!!!! No seriously, we are less than two weeks away from Hot Cross Bun Making Day. How can you not be excited? Just to be perfectly honestly I didn't realize how close Easter was until a few days ago. Now I have less than two weeks to get my baking supplies sorted. My favorite part of Easter is baking. Screw the chocolate milk made from hollow eggs, I want hot-cross buns. I introduced my bf to them a few years ago. He once said that me making the perfect Hot cross bun = a ring on my finger. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect recipe - I'm just taking a guess here but I don't expect to reach 5/5 stars until I'm about 70. I do sometimes take planning hot cross buns to the extreme: #1 find recipes. I always use one that did well the year before. I'm allowed one less-traditional recipe (but must use crosses). And the third one is usually one that I think sounds interesting. This year I have four I want to do. I want to play with my milk infused recipe a bit. I wish to redo my wholemeal ones. I would love an apple recipe (less-traditional) and I have a stout recipe that I would like to try (also non-traditional). I'm thinking my milk infused recipe will fuse with an apple one and that way I have three. The biggest problem - none of those are completely traditional. Don't forget to print them off #2 making sure I have enough supplies. I have run out of mixed spice. I need to make some because I don't think I can buy it here without traveling hours to a shop, which may not even have any. I need to buy enough flour. Hopefully non-additive bread flour, I don't need it pre-salted and fatted. Really! And running out is bad. Because the deadline for hot cross buns is about 5.30am. Supermarket opens at 8am. Yeah... lets not do that. Oh I long for the days of 24/7 supermarkets. Or at least ones open at 6am... I don't think I have enough raisins (and I always need extra, they tend to disappear). I don't have enough citrus (but that can wait). I probably don't have enough butter (because lets face it, having no butter left to smear on the hot fresh out of the oven buns is a crime.) Ah I need to make that list and go shopping. #3 don't forget the keep-me-awake things like carrot sticks and apples. Oh and coffee. I better not run out of that if I'm staying up all night baking so my bf can have early hot cross buns. And making three different recipes does really require an all nighter. I know from experience that falling asleep means you don't realize that your dough hasn't risen because it isn't warm enough. Fixing that when you were planning to wake up and put them in the oven screws up timing. #4 making a timetable. This to me is very important. I have an oven that lets me bake about 12 hot cross buns at once. 3 recipes usually have me making 60+... yeah that's a long time baking. at least most of it is on the cheaper power rate. I need to have the rising times nicely worked out so I prep one lot of buns to do their last rise when the others start going in the oven. Efficiency is fun to have on paper. It never works out like that in practice IMO. #5 cleaning the kitchen. I really do need all my bench space when making buns. All dishes need to be done, the benches need to be well cleaned (hello kneading surface). #6 making a playlist. Oh yeah, I need kneading music/debates. Otherwise I under-knead my dough. This is bad. If all goes well no heat pads are needed for the whole night. One may dream right? I must prep those too. #7 deciding on a very light meal for dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Because lets face it, when eating kilos of buns in a few days, you don't want something heavy and unhealthy-feeling to eat in the evening. #8 deciding our "Lent" every-second-day-is-vegetarian rule can sort of stay. While I dislike winter vegetarianism, I do like trying out alternative meals to the norm: leek risotto, pumpkin stew, vegetarian chili, lentil lasagna, salsify, leek and parsnip gratin just to name a few. I just find most recipes don't stick to the seasonal veggies I need to use up (leek, pumpkin, salsify, parsnip, dried beans). Summer-style vegetarian recipes are awesome because usually I have everything in my garden in excessive amounts. I like getting challenged to make new foods and find new fun recipes but only if I get the occasional break. Light vegetarian meals for Easter weekend = #9 finding my camera so the photos will be somewhat ok. I hope none will need to go into the "shit I fucked up" thread, but realistically speaking I make three recipes because there is usually always one I screw up or make look ugly Oh yeah, I'm planning on making a bread rabbit this year. It better work well. My last attempt was pitiful (I made a woven basket too iirc). Don't tell the bf because he thinks that isn't traditional. I will call it the integration bun. I'm just not sure if I want to go for: or Either way it will be made with hot cross bun dough, because we really don't need to eat any more bread than that Ah Easter, don't creep up on me so fast. I need time to really decide on my recipes
  9. roddma

    Duggars and Easter

    I guess Easter is one of their big days( and will be bigger if Baby Dilly comes).I can already imagine the Tweets and FB posts .I dont knock Easter, but the origins would surprise many Christians
  10. Justme

    Mary M blogged.

    She's still a kid, so I want to be nice to her. Her Grammar teacher, on the other hand, did a very poor job. I see the Maxwells eat ham. There is a picture of a pretty large ham for their Easter dinner. Also, Chris washed all the dishes after dinner. Wow! Poor little Joshie, he's not even one and they put him in a tie.
  11. GeoBQn

    A Very Duggar Easter

    The latest Parentables article is about how the Duggars celebrate Easter. Ok, not all about the candy and eggs, no egg hunts or candy . . . So no candy or eggs, but they do bake cookies and decorate them. So they don't do candy or "Easter baskets," but they still provide individual bags of treats. Because baskets and bags are COMPLETELY different. I'm Jewish and have absolutely no connection with Easter, but an Easter "bag" filled with beef jerky, canned potato chips, and pickles sounds . . . off. Like getting raisins and a toothbrush while trick-or-treating on Halloween. So the bottom line is, substituting egg hunts and Easter baskets of candy with decorating cookies and bags of treats = having an Easter that is totally unique to your family. Got it. parentables.howstuffworks.com/family-matters/how-duggars-celebrate-easter.html
  12. BoomerLynn

    Church's graphic Easter invite

    http://www.wmbfnews.com/story/17343100/ ... ice-invite A church in South Carolina mass mailed out a bunch of postcards depicting a dead bunny (looks like it has been hit by a car) with a bunch of eggs scattered around it with the message " Bunnies stay dead, Jesus didn't " as aninvitation to their Easter services. From the pastor Definitely not a church I would ever want to attend......
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