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Silent Protest at Bob Jones University


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I don't know if this has been posted here or not, but there was a silent protest at Bob Jones University today regarding sexual abuse. This all stemmed (mostly) from the Chuck Phelps/Tina Anderson situation and the University's handling of the whole thing. The protest had been planned for about a month, and those who wished to be involved were asked to wear red. At first, they were planning to protest against Chuck Phelps being on the school board, but Phelps resigned sometime last week. After that, it sort of morphed into a protest against sexual abuse (specifically how sexual abuse cases are being handled in IFB churches). I live about 20 minutes from BJU, so I drove onto the campus earlier today (only because I was in the area doing Christmas shopping) just to see if there was anything to see. I saw a few people wearing red, but not much else. Apparently, one of the local news stations was on the campus. The video is sort of boring, although I do know several people that are in it.


Also, if you're interested in more info, check out this Facebook group.


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