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  2. feministxtian

    Lori Alexander 70: Blaspheming the Word of God

    I prefer VS undies but can't afford them anymore so I'm stuck with shitty Haynes. VS bras are meh. I find better ones at Kohl's. And yes I've been known to hand my sons the VS catalogs for their viewing pleasure. Cheaper than Playboy or Hustler.
  3. apandaaries

    Dillards 78: Taste the Rainbow

    My kid has a 7 digit first name, 2 5-digit middle names, and a 3-digit last name. Getting her passport recently took a minor argument, because that it her name and it all needs to be there. Similar issues on some other paperwork. I, too, have to login with my first and last name at work, and I’m glad it’s not hyphenated because it already eats up a bunch of time (shared computers, so no saved passwords 😞) . I still love my kid’s more complicated name, but I can see why people would have issues with these longer names.
  4. Perrierwithlemon

    Seewalds 42: Trying to Stay Relevant

    I'd imagine that she would. It seems very probable. It would also explain why she hasn't been very active on Instagram (her last post was like 5 weeks ago).
  5. albireo

    Baby Palooza 2019: Upcoming Babies 14

    From her mother's account: looks like he's Allison's. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1SFKtOBBrx/
  6. Here's a little warning about children and guns, from 1961. It made me tense as hell, despite knowing there wouldn't be gore in a TV show from this era, distracting racism and sexism, and some cheesy acting (Bill Mumy, Juanita Moore and a few others are good, though). Hitchcock's entire shtick was to be casual and droll about murder, as if it was all a joke, especially for his TV show. His ending monologue was always flip and sarcastic. So the audience at the time would have found his final thoughts here very unusual. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0508131/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast
  7. Melissa1977

    Seewalds 42: Trying to Stay Relevant

    Do you think Jessa is envy of some of her sisters? She was the bossy one, probably the brighter of the 5 older girls, very pretty etc. Now Jill's husband seems to be seriously involved in the law career and they have bought a nice house and Jinger is enjoying her fashionable life in LA. But Jessa lives in a tacky house and her husband is not professionally succeeding. I'm sure she's happy with the kids but I wonder if she would like an improvement.
  8. JMO

    "The Unsullied" Unmarried Fundies 7

    Is it wrong that I'm hoping for some pictures of Tabitha ? I still am curious about what is going on with her.
  9. formergothardite

    Trump 42: Racist In Chief

    Ruining his rallies would be a good way to get to him. He counts on those to pump himself up and feed his need for adoration. If there are empty stadiums or people who silently glare back it would send him into a spiral of insane(more than his normal insane) behavior. I think silence would get to him more than booing. A stadium with bunches of people staring in silence would really get under his skin.
  10. Unlike, say... Joel Osteen? To pull a name totally randomly out of a hat here. How about The Activist Mommy? But yeah seriously here. Most of us aren't CEOs, or particularly rich come to that - although probably better off than we would be not working. Most of us are happy if we have something we like about work - whether that's workmates, or intellectual, or a break from kids/housework, or just knowing that the bills are covered for this week. Also I hate to mention this to Beccy, but if Cam's income is so good why are they dumpster diving and not in stable housing? Frankly she's making a good case for education here - whether that's in trades or community college or state college, they all seem to end up better off than Cam and his family.
  11. Melissa1977

    Alyssa and John 4: SOTDRT Next Generation

    John works in the family business, so they must be in good terms. His parents babysit from time to time. As they have a lot of young grandkids, I suppose they have to share their time between the different families and cannot focus in John's offspring. At the beginning of the relationship, Alyssa was more involved (or at least more publicy involved) with Webster's clan and was very close to one of John's sisters. It's difficult to know if they are less bonded now or if the other Websters want to be more private or to put some distance with the Bates. Alyssa has a private IG account and maybe it's there where she posts pictures with John's family.
  12. Ozlsn

    Trump 42: Racist In Chief

    I take it the seats are free? They're either going to start making them first come to the door, first served or charging more. But yeah not bad as a strategy. If they do make them first come etc you could try and get people to show, go to the rally... and not react how they want. Stay silent. Boo. Turn their backs. Sit with arms crossed, glaring.
  13. Those kids must be in a constant state of cognitive dissonance, not to mention fear. I hope some manage to find a way to read more secretly and get their questions answered by someone other than their parents
  14. KitCatCadillac

    JRod 108: Selling the Grifted House

    OMG, are we neighbors? Like, literally in the same neighborhood? I need to come up with some cryptic question..
  15. Today
  16. Go Irene. Enjoying the reasoned argument. Unfortunately Beccy is so far in the hole that it's not going to get through to her - I agree with the thought further back in the thread that the only way things might change for her is if Cam is jailed and she is forced to seek help. Part of me is kind of glad he's mowing lawns and earning money, but more hopes he gets done for something and a long enough sentence that the kids at least can break free.
  17. Tried to edit my previous post, but the Internet Gods are not cooperating today. It is a repeat post from Beccy. I found my post about it, on pg. 3 of this thread, dated July 9 so it was from some time a bit before that. Maybe she's putting stuff on the blog that she'd had to post on Facebook before -- wasn't her blog shut down for a while?
  18. Perrierwithlemon

    Bates 27: I Want My Bates TV

    Rereading this made me realize it sounds like Dave Ramsey is an alum of my university. I meant to say that he went to University of Tennessee. 😂 I wondered that too, but I highly doubt it. I wonder how she styles the leggings -- under skirts, dresses, long shirts or sweaters, etc.? Maybe she wears them as pajamas? I also think that maybe Fabletics sent her some leggings whether she wanted them or not because that's what they seem to be known for. Until I saw Katie's Instagram story, I didn't even know they sold other things like bags!
  19. Ozlsn

    M is for Mama 4: S is for Shaving Shiloh

    When my son was born (both very premature and very growth restricted) I honestly had no idea what to expect. And then I saw him when they held him up and I thought "he's perfect. He'd probably fit in one of the obstetrican's hands, but I'm glad he's holding him in two." He looked like a tiny, dark brick red, absolutely no body fat baby with a giant head. As he's grown he's gone through stages of looking more like one of us - both his sets of grandparents think he looks like their side of family more, so he's doing some strange genetic mixing there!
  20. Koala

    Lori Alexander 70: Blaspheming the Word of God

    Oh, Lori... Don't you love it? She just up and commands a grown woman to stop shopping at Victoria's Secret! Lori, have you lost your damn mind? No one cares what you think. Get real. Darla tells her like it is: I also think it's funny, that Lori will post something from a sketchy as fuck source, and then declare that she didn't have time to investigate them, but she agrees with xyz, so it's fine to post. Immodest underwear models, though....let her see that, and she's calling for a boycott on the entire company.
  21. usmcmom

    Lori Alexander 70: Blaspheming the Word of God

    Unicorn poop. More specifically, two pounds of poop from debt free, VIRGIN unicorns without tattoos.
  22. UI really don’t think that’s photoshop. The one girl in the black looks like she’s wearing track shorts anyway, and if she were going to go to the trouble for modesty standards- why would she make it well above knee-length. It makes no sense. It looks like she just did a basic filter that makes everything a little more colorized/ softer in some parts/ sharper in others. I know there’s a name for it, but can’t recall it. definitely nothing looks weird in that Maxwell one.
  23. NakedKnees

    Ed Smart is gay and leaving the Mormon church

    I echo a lot of the above that divorce isn't necessarily bad. This particular divorce, like many, is probably difficult to weather but I'm getting the impression that all parties are on board with it being the right thing for them. Personal perspective/experience time: I honestly painted divorce with a wide brush until I met Mr. Knees, who was years separated at the time we met (eventually divorced, but we were living in a Catholic country where the legal process was easier said than done compared with much of the world). He truly thinks it was vital that their son be raised by happy parents, and that their divorce was crucial to that. The first two years were sad and difficult, but like so many things in the world, it got better. It may sound like an edifying thing you tell yourself, but I think it's true. For what it's worth, we both enjoy a good relationship with his ex-wife. This really isn't that uncommon, but I truly believe that no lives were ruined by this divorce, and to the contrary, three lives may have been ruined by them staying together. Obviously, it's not all fun and games that led here- they both had divorced parents and were determined to do divorce more ethically than their parents did. Back to Ed Smart- I'm surprised to learn about this, but as much as I enjoy listening to and following Elizabeth Smart, I don't know as much about her parents. I hope this all goes as well as it can for everyone. What remarkable life experiences this whole family has had.
  24. nickelodeon

    Dillards 78: Taste the Rainbow

    Liked this sentence (which sums up the “we get to be part of the Boys Club and are elevated above mere women” mentality): Also side eyeing the quotes about how “boymoms” are always cleaning up poop and toys...apparently under the impression that girl children are born litterbox trained and just sit around listening to NPR.
  25. mollysmom

    Rod house pictures

    @bird I'm glad you shared with us! I really do love it!
  26. Marmion

    Ed Smart is gay and leaving the Mormon church

    From what I have read marriage within the LDS Church holds a special high significance . http://mit.irr.org/mormon-marriage-beliefs-and-practices And while I do not know if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will ever come to the same position as that of the related Community of Christ ( formerly the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ) https://www.kcur.org/post/community-christ-oks-gay-marriage-and-clergy#stream/0 , https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/oct/01/women-lgbt-mormons-community-of-christ , but there are still steps that even now the Mormons can take to be more inclusive of gay and lesbian church members https://www.sltrib.com/religion/2019/08/17/wake-ed-smarts-coming/ .
  27. Dreadcrumbs

    Ed Smart is gay and leaving the Mormon church

    Exactly. I have more respect for Ed Smart than those gay Mormons that crow about their "mixed marriages".
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