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  2. GreyhoundFan

    United States Senate

    Well, Lindsey has been far up Dumpy's backside for some time, so he should know whereof he speaks.
  3. Insightful

    Gwen Shamblin 7 - I am the Potato Chip of Life

    So Mr. Insightful and I were just sitting around thinking about how fantastic it would be if some FJers sent a craptastic amount of pizzas up to RF on Wednesday night...early...so the smells would just waft through the "church", no one could focus on Her Highness (literally) but would be salivating over the smorgasbord sitting on the back tables! What Brentwood peep should I send my donation to???
  4. *does a search* https://creation.com/media-center/youtube/facebook-livestream-with-gary-bates-scott-gillis-keaton-halley-joseph-darnell-jan-11-2018 ooh! (he shows up 42 minutes in)
  5. Ozlsn

    The War On Abortion And Women's Rights

    What happened when Romania banned abortion. Alabama currently has around 6000 children in foster care. 551 were adopted from foster care in 2012; 398 aged out in that year. In 2017 26.6% of Alabama's children were living under the poverty line - for the under 5 age group that was 29.8% of them. So Terri Collins, as you gird up your armor and charge off on your white horse to tilt at Roe vs Wade, what are you doing to assist the over a quarter of children in your state who are living in poverty? What are you doing to assist the living, breathing children in foster care who are waiting on adoption? What are you doing to provide support to the families who are struggling to keep their family together and fed? When are you passing the Medicaid expansion, subsidizing contraception, providing state paid parental leave, investing in social housing, etc, etc. Show us you're pro-actual born life. Dare ya.
  6. QuiverFullofBooks

    The worst of JillRod, or her 229 damnations

    Ask for a spa WEEK. You deserve it! Let’s all go and rent the place out. We’ll call it a retreat, so we can be godly like Jill.
  7. justmy2cents

    Carlin & Evan 5 - Carlin Is Still Engaged?

    She posted a Duggar wedding invite after Jinger's wedding (can't remember which Duggar) but didn't go. Probably the last invite she got from them.
  8. Briefly

    Birthing for Jesus: Upcoming Babies 13

    @Aine that was really interesting! I had never heard of that and now I've learned something. @NachosFlandersStyle I do know quite a few people that have Tex in their name somewhere, and there are lots of Austin, Houston, etc. Texas related names.
  9. This is what I wanted to say. The photos from Silverdollar City are the best photos of Derick since their courting days IMO. He looks relaxed and happy and like he’s enjoying family life. The kids and Jill look happy too. It feels like something that has been bothering them for a long time has gone away. Maybe they are actually starting to find their way. Fingers crossed it leads away from Duggar beliefs and internet bullying of teenagers and towards something a bit more fundie light and happy.
  10. I agree. His parents did nothing until he molested Joy. By that point he'd already molested Jessa, Jill, Jinger and the non-related girl. He got more and more bolder as he went along. Starting with touching while Jill and Jessa were asleep (or pretended to be asleep), then I think the same thing to the non-related girl, he molested Jinger in the laundry room, and finally Joy while she sat on his lap and in front of people. He needed to be stopped and he wasn't until Joy. He clearly wasn't going to stop on his own. But his stupid parents did nothing until Joy. How do you absolutely nothing after the first time I don't know. That's your son who just molested someone. And that's your daughter who was just molested. How do you nothing each time afterwards that?
  11. HereticHick

    Carlin & Evan 5 - Carlin Is Still Engaged?

    What are the odds on the couple arriving or departing in a horse drawn carriage? Or at least a convertible, for maximum photo ops.
  12. It was amazing. I managed to get zero accumulated snow, although it snowed a bit the night I drove back to Durango from Pagosa Springs. And the night I left Durango. I wish I could share pictures and feel ok about it, but alas I have come to know why people stay anonymous 🤣🤣. But feel free to PM me if you want details (or my public social media handle if you want to see pictures and read about my feels.) i will say this, I had a spiritual transformational encounter with crazy ass basejumpers in the hot springs in Pagosa Springs, so it might forever have a special place in my heart. And Bryce was pretty amazing. I had good advice from my son who had done a similar trip with his aunt a few years ago. He saiid I would find Zion immense and not in a way I liked and that people would say I could have a good Bryce experience in just two to three hours. but that I would want more time there. And I did. I was not into Zion, although I appreciate why people would be. edited to add: I really really love sending post cards though so 85 is a totally reasonable number. And since I was traveling alone and challenging myself to do things I struggle with like eat in restaurants alone it was the perfect thing to do with meals.
  13. What always stands out to me, is that he continued even after confessing, getting caught. This wasn't a boy who was a bit too curious about girls as his sisters said. His parents did nothing until the third? time. And those are the only ones we know about.
  14. Today
  15. I'm sure she also believes that if it's "legitimate rape" you can't get pregnamt.
  16. Lgirlrocks

    TAM 2: So Much WTFery

    Let’s pray to all of the gods this does pass so bigots like you can’t tell me how to live my life. Jesus, the sun of god you are supposed to live your life like, never discriminated against anyone. He treated everyone with respect. Except for the men selling goods, and making a profit, in the temple.
  17. delphinium65

    Lori Alexander 66: An Assortment of Cheap Whines

    I...I got nothing. Lori's ignorance speaks for itself.
  18. Thanks for the recap, @littlemommy! Gosh, I am so so angry at Jill right now. That rape victim-blaming comment of hers was the worst! Argggh, that woman! Talk about going low! I am speechless and seething.
  19. Re if she'd call a daughter Casey* or Cassie - as this is Courtney we're talking about, why not both? (Looking at the way she spells, I would bet it would be Caysey)
  20. I thought there was a dog phot in it, lol. I need to hunt down one of those frames.
  21. By the way - back in the 80's a Pastor and his mistress (from the Emporia KS area) conspired to murder her husband and his wife. I believe they made a tv movie about it. He succeeded in killing his wife. The link below is the result of a google search - Sandy Bird was the Pastor's wife https://www.latimes.com/local/la-tm-kansas18may02-story.html
  22. And, it has buttons so unless that opening is sewed up from top to bottom, there could be gapage. So immodest!
  23. I’ve had it for at least 15 years, pretty sure from a catalog that no longer exists ( i was a catalog queen before Amazon was a thing; I’ve hated malls for a long time). I eventually went for irony and put the dog’s picture in it .
  24. As this article notes, "A megachurch pastor allegedly asked his personal bodyguard to murder his former son-in-law during a motorcycle trip to the Creation Museum. . . .is [pretty much] a winning Fundamentalist Christian Bingo card "
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