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Everything and the Kitchen Sink

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Thanksgiving Prep Day 2



Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans....:pb_lol: Here it is a week after Thanksgiving and I still haven't finished blogging about it.

While doing my preps for Thanksgiving, I heard a story on the radio about Kim Kardashian wanting Kanye West to buy her a very expensive diamond choker as a push present. I chuckled to myself and found myself feeling extremely grateful that I was not born into her family. I would either be the black sheep that no one talks about, or they'd hold numerous interventions trying to show me the error of my ways. I have no desire to spend my time worrying over clothes that cost more than my car, finding a plastic surgeon to "fix" my face, or fighting the paparazzi wherever I go. :hand: 

Back to food...

My favorite potato for mashing, baking, and roasting is Klondike Rose. Recently, we have been having trouble finding any at the stores we usually shop at, so Mr. Cartmann99 selected another potato with yellow flesh that advertised itself as having a buttery taste. He asked that I do a taste test and if I wasn't happy with it, to let him know and he would pop by another grocery store chain to see if they had some.


The potatoes he selected were fine, but they were not as good as the Klondike Rose potatoes. After discussing it, we decided that we should grow some potatoes in our garden. After some furious Googling, I located a gentleman in Washington state who grows some red skinned yellow fleshed potatoes with a taste profile similar to the Klondike Rose. Once his online seed store opens back up, we intend to place an order so that we can try to grow our own. :pb_smile: 

Along with the pies from the previous day, Mr Cartmann99 asked for something a little lighter to have with his tea. He is an avid hot tea drinker. He starts his day with English Breakfast, has Earl Grey in the early afternoon, and finishes out his day with an assortment of herb teas. His favorite shortbread cookie is a coffee flavored shortbread cookie. I also make a vanilla-orange and a chocolate-peppermint version of these.


Technically, this batch is mocha because I used the food processor to make some hot cocoa mix and didn't wash the work bowl in between. Scandalous! :twisted:



 I also made some cranberry-orange sauce. I love cranberry sauce. I sometimes put whipped cream on top and eat it for dessert. 


The cranberries had a nice bath.



This isn't the best picture. I've got a better shot I'll put up later of the cranberry sauce on Mr Cartmann99's plate.


Speaking of whipped cream...



Day two is over and we have cookies, cranberry-orange sauce, and whipped cream! :dance:

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I love shortbread snd it's my husband's favorite, but I can never get the texture right.  Any tips?

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I love shortbread snd it's my husband's favorite, but I can never get the texture right.  Any tips?

 What exactly do you feel is wrong with the texture of your cookies? I'm definitely not an expert on the subject of shortbread, but I'll try to help you if I can. :pb_smile:

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  • Posts

    • WhaddaIKnow


      Eden talks so very monotone, and almost whines the last word she says. I wonder why her aunts/grandmother do not work with her on that. I feel bad for her. 

    • JMarie


      On 5/28/2020 at 4:21 PM, zeebaneighba said:

      I always managed to stick mine to the roof of my mouth.  Dry as dust, they are!

      They also stick to retainers (post braces)

    • Giraffe

      Posted (edited)

      29 minutes ago, mhainlen said:

       And sadder that it annoyed them rather than making them more empathetic to what he had endured as a baby.  

      EXACTLY! This is the kind of thing that makes them so unsympathetic now!!

      That video she posted where she was mocking him for being in a bad mood was sickening and gut wrenching and yet she posted it as though it was funny. NO! It shows what a shit human she is to treat her kid like that AND THEN PUBLICLY POST IT!!! 

      And NOW she’s asking for sympathy and privacy. Fat chance!

      Sorry to start typing like Jrod. I’m pissed about this situation and I hope they’ve got funds set aside for their other kids - the permanent ones - to get therapy. Having been one of the “permanent kids” myself in a different situation, their remaining kids will* be traumatized by this.


      * yes, this is my opinion but I’m keeping the word “will” and not replacing it with “maybe.”

      Edited by Giraffe
      Removing an extra word
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    • On 5/24/2020 at 7:05 PM, mhainlen said:

      Don’t focus on what people think about what you are eating....except everyone at Remnant is totally judging when and how much and what you are eating.  

      I just still don’t understand how Gwen and I have read the same bible and she came out of it with the idea that God is obsessed with everyone being skinny.  

      And ONLY obsessed with weight. That's it.

      We've asked our friends "if one bite past full is horrible sin, then why is one purchase past needs not horrible greed? Or why is one look past necessary not vanity?" We were told that we were being legalistic 🙄 Of course, being legalistic about FOOD is Godly because Gwen says so, but being legalistic about stuff and posessions is unBiblical because God gave Gwen her mansions and beach houses.

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    • jillsdopplerofdoom

      Posted (edited)

      On ‎5‎/‎28‎/‎2020 at 10:47 PM, Not that josh's mom said:

      What is Jeremy's grandmother's name?  I can see them using it or some variation of it. 

      Paternal Grandma is Ann. Maternal Grandma is Mary Elizabeth.

      Edited by jillsdopplerofdoom

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