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Day 3 of Thanksgiving Prep



Okay, we're up to day three of Thanksgiving prep. Let's make some cornbread for the dressing.


I was losing the light and couldn't get a good shot of the batter, so here it is in the oven:


You'll have to wait till the next post to see it transformed into cornbread dressing. :wink-kitty:

Okay, next up is some French bread rolls:


Please note that my container for wheat gluten is an old yogurt container. Fancy! :dance: Since we are working with wheat, here's a shot of the wheatberries before they took a spin in my grain mill:


That's hard red wheatberries on the left and soft white wheatberries on the right. After a few minutes in the grain mill ( please wear ear protection!), You get this:


Hard red flour is again on the left and soft white flour Is on the right. Because these flours are whole grain, it's best to only grind what you need for a recipe, or store the flour in the freezer. My shoulders balk at too much kneading, so I'm going to use the dough cycle on my bread machine to make the dough and do the first rise and punch down.


Ugly dough, huh? After shaping, rising, and baking, you get this:


True confession time: I forgot to grease or line the baking sheet with parchment :doh:, so these stuck to the pan. I carefully arranged them so you couldn't see the raggedy bottoms. :pb_lol:

Day three is over, what will tomorrow bring? :think:


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Grind your own wheat?!  :worship:   When you do things from scratch you mean it!

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Grind your own wheat?!  :worship:   When you do things from scratch you mean it!

It's really easy if you have a good grain mill. :pb_smile: I selected a grain mill that can also do some of the more "exotic" flours like rice, chickpeas, etc..., so that I can try out some recipes without paying the crazy prices the grocery store charges for those flours. Since I'm on sabbatical from my home improvement projects, I have time to do some experimenting. 

Hey, I'm in awe of your computer skills. That blog post you did about the serious computer issues you were dealing with at work and how you didn't kill anybody while fixing it was awesome. I didn't understand most of the technical details, but I do have experience with people not understanding that job X requires Y amount of time, and interrupting me to complain about it, just increases the amount of time it takes me to finish it.

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    • AmazonGrace


      What are you guys staring at? Haven't you read that verse in the Psalms that says KJB is the correct translation? 


      Ok folks the KJB is settled whether we believe it are not. GOD Said it that settles it.
      Bro Gary Hawkins


    • Syriana


      38 minutes ago, allthegoodnamesrgone said:

      I wonder if she isn't trying to emulate Michelle and asking Michelle how to be a more Godly wife, so she she can "heal Joshly of his sins". 🤮


      If Anna is doing this - and within the world of Duggar it's a perfectly reasonable idea - she needs to re-read the Bible.  Change is internal, you can't fix/correct/heal the sins of someone who doesn't want to change.


      Or perhaps JB & M have moved them closer to home so JB can keep Josh in line and Michelle can train Anna in being a proper wife to keep a Josh in check. I'm sure they may have thought Anna was the problem because they didn't want to believe that Josh was, but they have to know in some small part of their little minds that it is Josh and THEIR failings as parents that have cause this.  But who knows, Anna looked like she was in a cult on Tuesday's show, where as the other girls look more "normal".

      They'd have had to be engaging in some serious self-deception if that's the case (not impossible!), Josh was off the rails sexually before he married Anna and they know it.  Poor parenting won't have helped Josh develop a healthy mindset, but it's also true that there are people raised by good parents who go off the rails/fail to develop an appropriate moral conscience when it comes to sex - and if you've molested children and/or cheated on your partner like Josh has then your moral compass has strayed from true north!


    • usedbicycle


      1 hour ago, ViolaSebastian said:

      "Cooking on a camp stove has worked just fine!" says the person not cooking meals for a family of seven on a freaking camp stove.

      Enraging. Also "Lindsay's love language right now is spray foam" (to fix all the cold drafts in their old mountain cabin). Is he trying to be clever? His wife is 7 months pregnant and their youngest is still a baby, they have no working kitchen and live in a drafty home with no central heat. 

      Perhaps one way to be the BEST husband would be to get a job and rent a decent place for your family to live. From their recent Q&A, they have no income apart from Youtube and CD sales. 

    • tabitha2


      Well.  The Duggars have Josh and the Windsor’s have Andrew...One is a carnival ride pony and one is a thoroughbred but the Horse is the same color. 

      • I Agree 1
    • allthegoodnamesrgone

      Posted (edited)

      1 hour ago, Cleopatra7 said:

      There is a good bbc documentary you can see on YouTube called Russia’s Lost Princesses that is about Tsar Nicholas II’s four daughters and it makes the case that their parents’ terrible decisions, both in the family unit and as rulers, sealed their tragic fates. What stood out to me is that the girls lead a very Duggar-ish lifestyle in many ways: they all dressed alike, shared a singular identity, lived in a single dorm-like room, and had no contact with other people their age. Even their cousins the Windsors thought the Romanov daughters were weird and sheltered, which is saying something. The Tsar and Tsarina loved their children very much, but it was the wrong kind of love that led them and Russia off the rails. 

      I think Anna is in a somewhat similar situation. JB and Michelle no doubt love Anna, but it’s a controlling love that isn’t good for her (not that she realizes it). At the very least, Anna should have gotten her own room when she stayed at the TTH while her kids stayed in the dorms. She has no identity to them other than being Mrs Josh Duggar and can’t even sleep in a room of her own.

      Oh another family I'm fascinated with, I've seen this, and you are right, I never put the two families in the same space like this, but you are right. Both fathers need for control mixed with their fear of the outside world and losing their children to it.  Vastly different worlds but the same basic feelings underneath it all.


      1 hour ago, Pretzel said:

      I think we're projecting way too much into Anna staying with the girls in their room. Maybe at the time the guest room was occupied by someone or something else. My guess is, however, that she stayed there so the other girls could help her with the little kids during the day but especially at night. Anna was devastated and a mess. IIRC she mentioned being barely able to decide what to do next so she could only focus on 15 minutes at a time. That sounded Teri Maxwell level depressed. Maybe she was glad not having to be alone. We don't know so many things or reasons and explanations of the snippets we could see on TV, it's hard to draw conclusions from that. 

      I think you are right, Jana Jinger and Joy were all still home when they moved back home & Joshy went to sleep away Jebus camp. Anna got some help with her small ones at night, which sadly Jana, Jinger & Joy were used to, and Anna got some "adult" company with the sisters, she wasn't isolated with the kids in a different home. We have to remember, these folks are used to sleeping dorm style so sleeping alone isn't normal to them.

      Edited by allthegoodnamesrgone
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