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Day 3 of Thanksgiving Prep




Okay, we're up to day three of Thanksgiving prep. Let's make some cornbread for the dressing.


I was losing the light and couldn't get a good shot of the batter, so here it is in the oven:


You'll have to wait till the next post to see it transformed into cornbread dressing. :wink-kitty:

Okay, next up is some French bread rolls:


Please note that my container for wheat gluten is an old yogurt container. Fancy! :dance: Since we are working with wheat, here's a shot of the wheatberries before they took a spin in my grain mill:


That's hard red wheatberries on the left and soft white wheatberries on the right. After a few minutes in the grain mill ( please wear ear protection!), You get this:


Hard red flour is again on the left and soft white flour Is on the right. Because these flours are whole grain, it's best to only grind what you need for a recipe, or store the flour in the freezer. My shoulders balk at too much kneading, so I'm going to use the dough cycle on my bread machine to make the dough and do the first rise and punch down.


Ugly dough, huh? After shaping, rising, and baking, you get this:


True confession time: I forgot to grease or line the baking sheet with parchment :doh:, so these stuck to the pan. I carefully arranged them so you couldn't see the raggedy bottoms. :pb_lol:

Day three is over, what will tomorrow bring? :think:


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Grind your own wheat?!  :worship:   When you do things from scratch you mean it!

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Grind your own wheat?!  :worship:   When you do things from scratch you mean it!

It's really easy if you have a good grain mill. :pb_smile: I selected a grain mill that can also do some of the more "exotic" flours like rice, chickpeas, etc..., so that I can try out some recipes without paying the crazy prices the grocery store charges for those flours. Since I'm on sabbatical from my home improvement projects, I have time to do some experimenting. 

Hey, I'm in awe of your computer skills. That blog post you did about the serious computer issues you were dealing with at work and how you didn't kill anybody while fixing it was awesome. I didn't understand most of the technical details, but I do have experience with people not understanding that job X requires Y amount of time, and interrupting me to complain about it, just increases the amount of time it takes me to finish it.

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    • Howl

      Posted (edited)

      12 hours ago, NachosFlandersStyle said:

      Per her Facebook page, Lauren has remarried in Turkey.

      Hoping all is well where she is.  There was a 7.8 magnitude quake in Turkey/Syria yesterday followed later in the day by a 7.7 magnitude quake.  Istanbul, where Lauren lives, is on the other side of Turkey.  However, it's a reminder that the 1999 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Istanbul killed 17,000 people. 

      The Guardian:  Earthquake in Turkey and Syria kills hundreds with fears casualties will rise  7.8-magnitude tremor hit early on Monday, with second major quake mid-morning hampering rescue efforts

      The article describes the damage, but already there are reports of at least 1,500 dead which will rise into the many thousands.  The quake has hit a part of Syria that is filled huge numbers of displaced people from the civil war in Syria.  It extremely cold and snowy in some areas. Disaster on top of disaster. 

      Damn, she's a long way away from Tyler, TX. 

      Also, I'm not seeing the father of the groom in any of the family photos of Ezra's wedding or Lauren's. 

      8 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I’m happy to report that the laws outlawing underage marriage are progressing state by state. However it’s going way too slow. I personally wish all states would outlaw marriage under 18 yesterday.

      Yes, yes, yes to this. 


      Edited by Howl
    • Smee


      I haven’t looked at her sister’s account in ages, gosh the eldest daughters from each family look alike! 

    • Kiki03910


      16 hours ago, Idlewild said:

      @SassyPants I think Jeremy has dreams of being some sort of celebrity pastor- taking a high profile role in the McCarthy church and being available for talking heads on TV shows or anything else where they’ll pay him. I certainly don’t see him ministering to the needs of parishioners any time soon.

      Jeremy thinks the J in JOY stands for Jeremy.

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      2 hours ago, Concerned said:

      She completely disappeared from his Facebook page as well. All the Remnant comments on his Facebook posts are sickening - it's as if she never existed. Everything is made to look "happy, happy." He's lifted up as if he's some angel. 

      What social media platform was this picture taken from?

      He posted it on Instagram. 

      2 hours ago, Concerned said:

      How many kids does Michael have? How old are they?


      4 like Elizabeth. 3 girls and then one boy is the youngest. The 3 girls have g names like Elizabeth’s. And then the youngest boy is Christian. 

    • Concerned


      How many kids does Michael have? How old are they?


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