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Everything and the Kitchen Sink

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Thanksgiving Prep Day 1



One of the things I've learned, is the importance of starting my Thanksgiving preparations early. My preparation actually begins on the Sunday night before Thanksgiving when I pull the turkey and any other needed items out of the freezer, but the real work starts on the following Monday. We are not having guests this year, so I will be making the scaled down version of my Thanksgiving dinner. That means that some dishes will be absent as we only have so much room in the refrigerator to work with. Because the weather has turned colder, I'm starting with pies. I usually make those on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, but it's cool enough that I think they will keep okay covered up on the washing machine.

We'll start with apple. I don't always make an apple pie, but my husband asked for apple pie instead of the Maple-Pecan Chiffon cake we had last year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here we go:



The small container to the left of the apples contains a pie crust I had in the freezer. I ended up using five apples, but I think four would have been better. I forgot to replace the pie plate I got rid of last year, so this one is going in a 9x9 baking dish. Gotta roll with the punches around here. :dance:


Since this recipe calls for fresh lemon juice, I decided to go ahead and zest the lemon too. You'll notice I didn't peel the apples before cutting and coring them. I rarely peel fruits and vegetables if the peel is edible. The peel is a source of fiber, and you lose some of the nutrients if you choose to peel them.


I told you I cut up too many apples for this dish. :pb_lol: I still have to add the crumb topping, so I'm going to have to be careful not to spill it.


I'll have a picture of the baked apple pie further down. I was starting to lose my natural light.

Okay, next up is pumpkin:


The powdered milk is there because the recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk. I make a homemade version of sweetened condensed milk with dry milk powder, water, sugar, and butter. The small container in front of the powdered milk is another pie crust I had in the freezer.

I'm not posting a shot of the batter in the bowl because the lighting is so poor. Here's a shot of the pie in the oven:



Making pretty pies is not my strong suit. I promise they taste better than they look. I had to go referee a kitty dispute while the apple one was baking, so the top got more brown than I intended. My official taste tester said the apple one was good, and I had some of the pumpkin and it had a good flavor. Especially when you add a tiny dollop of whipped cream. 



Day one is over, and we have pie. Life is good. :dance:


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Yeah we've started too.  Got the turkeys defrosting now.  That's important, especially with a turkey fryer as frozen turkeys plus fryers is usually explosive to say the least.

I picked up some beer when I was in LeClaire, Iowa from a local brewery.

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    • Someone Out There


      17 hours ago, lezajenda said:

      Also in this weeks insta stalking i noticed Madison Crane appears to have deleted her personal insta.  (Still has one for her photography “business”).   If they’re paired up they’re going to be limited to some pretty dumb sounding options for couple names.  Madi-Son? Jas-ison? Jadi?  I can just imagine the future snarking...”Looks like Jadi, Jabbie and JoStin met up for smoothies today...”

      What about Ja-Madi?  In some dialects/languages that would sound like 'Ya Maddie'?

    • Idlewild


      I’d be more concerned if they went about adopting a child with special needs or a child from an orphanage overseas. Given they make their living by publicity I’d be bothered that a child that’s already had a difficult start in life would be used as fodder for interviews and TV specials. 
      But then we say this every year or so when they mention it. They had a magazine interview to promote the show and needed something to say other than ‘where’s the cheque’? 

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    • Idlewild


      I suspect he will do the time honoured tradition of deleting any comments about it. The image they’re promoting is a very watered down well being basically saying whatever the current issues are, their version of Christianity will solve it and please buy whatever crap we’re endorsing at the moment.

      Jinger got pushback on Instagram for a post about anxiety and how her favourite bible verses cure it. Many people pointed out that anxiety can be a symptom of illness which requires medical treatment. Jinger dealt with the criticism by ignoring it and letting her humpers defend her - many saying ‘I’m sure Jinger didn’t mean...’etc. 

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    • AussieKrissy


      7 hours ago, Perrierwithlemon said:

      Leaving this here because Jeremy has a bust of George Whitefield on their piano (thanks to @EmmaWoodhouse and @donnal for the identification back on pages 2-3 of this thread).


      I wonder if Jeremy just likes to cherry pick the history of this man. Or even worse he doesn’t. I wonder what he will say if he is called on it and if we will see the bust disappear? Will he say that he was a good enough man to override the slavery support, it’s all part of history?  I don’t know. What have the other supporters of not wanting slave supporting statues been saying? 
      I would love to see him asked. Especially since such a prestigious place is removing theirs. 

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    • mollysmom


      Wow. That interview was cringey. Yikes. I felt like it was an advertisement for Jana. 

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