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Cookies for inner peace...

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Unlike the amazing @laPapessaGiovanna I don't bake stuff that looks like it should be in an artisan bakery.  My stuff is more homey which is code for messy but yummy.

With the upsetting news events and some problems at work which have me completely clenched I kicked off the holiday baking season for some much needed stress relief.

As always started with the far and away favorite our family's kolachkis.  Those of you familiar with pastries of Polish descent might be familiar.  There are two main types of kolachkis...the round ones and those folded over to look like little bow ties.  Both delicious - only the former is considered a kolachki in my family off origin.*

*Like many Americans I am a mutt, but this recipe came from my grandfather's family.  His parents were among the thousands of Polish immigrants to the Westfallen region of Germany (Bochum) where my grandpa was born.  They were originally from the Podhale region of Poland -  and we have a deli run by people from Zakopane in that region who also do the round version so I assume that's how the Goral (people of that region) do kolachkis.

I should note I'm in something of a mixed marriage since when I first made these for my headship he said they were great, but not kolachkis since they weren't folded over like his family makes them.  He thought he had the winning argument because he is 100% of Polish descent and I have significantly weaker ties to that part of my family but he was wrong.  Turns out the person with the recipe and willingness to bake them wins all such disputes.

My first attempt of the season always sucks...they taste good but I don't get the size and texture right until the second try so this was to get the ugly cookies out of the way.

The dough is simple - nothing but cream cheese, butter, and flour chilled at least 4 hours (overnight is better) and rolled out while cold to the thickness of pie crust, cut in rounds, dollop of Solo Pie Filling in the center and bake.  Key things to remember is not to over handle the dough, they over bake easily to watch the time, and anything besides Solo brand for the filling is sacrilege and should be subject to capital punishment.


Cherry and apricot are the acceptable favors.  I do make plum/prune also but not to eat...the purpose of those is to allow me to finish the last of the cherry / apricot without guilt knowing I am leaving something for others...even if it's everyone's third choice.


first season in the new house and couldn't find my cookie board so I improvised and used the sterilized (steam) granite counter.  Is that gross?  It was super clean but felt gross to work directly on counter.  Stop judging, you don't have to eat them!  Also couldn't find my cookie cutter (packed with Christmas stuff) so had to use a wine glass and went too small so they came out kind of mini.  


Of the 60 I made exactly 4 came out properly.  Better odds than usual for the first attempt of the season, but the family doesn't care about how sad and ugly the remainder are...they are already starting to vanish.  


And there is a reason professional food photographers are a thing - this is hard.  And I'm messy.  I always try to work tidy like they do on food network and I do clean as I go...but the in process stuff is never as organized and lovely as it is on tv.  You know what my problem is?  I don't have a staff.








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Posted (edited)

You always make me laugh!  If we were nearer I'd volunteer as staff, I am terrible with pics though. BTW thanks for the recipe, obviously here there's no clue of the filling brand so I'll have to try some Google fu before, but one day I'll try the recipe,  it seems easy and delicious. I love that FJers come from so different culinary tradition and enjoy to share.

ETA I also can't see the pictures

Edited by laPapessaGiovanna

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I am not doing well with pics lately - definitely a me problem not an FJ problem.

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      The non politician son really resembles Jim Bob from this pic. But I can actually see the shape of face of the other one in JL was it? Jim bobs dad! And a little bit of Jill in Mary
      Amy is her mums clone.... 


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      Derick better watch out before he completely violates his NDA... You'd think for a future lawyer he'd know better.

      Nothing will come of this, he just likes stirring up drama for attention (as Jill has acknowledged) in his social media comments. 

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      56 minutes ago, frugalitymom said:

      Has anyone seen Derick’s twitter comments in regards to the season premiere. There were some interesting things said. I saved the screenshots Pickles posted but not sure if I can post them. It looks like he was responding to the tweet by TLC announcing the season premiere.  Get the popcorn ready Jim Bob might explode. 


      Holy cow, I just read through that thread of comments and it was really nice to see Derick stand up for his wife and to fans of the show. Someone asked him to spill more info and he responded “in due time” so he seems to have some plan of when he’ll be speaking out more specifically. He reiterated that him and Jill are in therapy and put “#nomoreabuse” after his comment. He also said he hopes some of the other siblings come to their senses and get out. 

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