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My Recent Book Haul



Hi Everyone! For my first post, I thought I'd write about something that is a small obsession of mine, and that is books!  I am a huge bookworm, as some of you might know from the "What are you reading now?" thread in Quiverful of Worldly Distractions.  I adore talking to other people about what books they are reading or their favorite books, so maybe people are interested in seeing what my bookshelf looks like. 

I consider myself lucky to be someone who likes reading.  It's funny now, ( I want to say in this day and age but maybe this has been going on for generations?) people act like reading is uncool, or boring, or what have you.  While I realize that there are a lot of things competing for our attention, like TV, school, and work, I am a huge advocate for making more time to read.  So since I am an avid reader, people sometimes ask me if I buy all these books, implying that it would be ridiculously expensive.  And yes, it would be if I were buying them from bookstores.  I definitely frequent the library, and I LOVE the library, but I do end up buying a lot of the books on my to-read list.  My secret to buying lots and lots of books is thrift stores.  Yep.  Good ol' "buy used and save the difference."  When you go to thrift stores, you can find books for practically pennies on the dollar (ok, more like $2-4, depending on the thrift store, or $1 if you are lucky!).  

My to-read list is is a little over 100 books, which is a lot, I'll admit.  But I have at least a working memory of most of the titles on my list, so when I pass by a thrift store, I just pop in for about 5 minutes, browse the books really quick to see if any of the titles are on my list, and I leave.  I try to keep to my self-imposed rule of not buying books that aren't on my to-read list, just to prevent myself from going overboard.  As it is now, I am definitely out of shelf space in my tiny NYC apartment, and my parents' house in California is overflowing with books.  

So, with out further ado, I present to you my most recent thrift store book haul!


The books I picked up yesterday, from top to bottom:

The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah

Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel

Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt

I found the top one at a Goodwill by my school, and the bottom three at a HousingWorks (an awesome thrift store that helps to combat AIDS).  I was sosososo excited by these finds, because they are still currently popular and at the top of my to-read list.  Since you never know what you'll find at a thrift store, it is always a surprise to see books like these.  Typically, I end up buying books that were super popular a few years back (you know, after most people had time to buy the book, read it, and decide they didn't want it taking up precious shelf space).  As a result of this phenomenon, I have discovered that the trick to buying books at thrift stores is patience.  There have been plenty of times where I leave empty handed.  However, sometimes you get an awesome day like I did yesterday, and you end up with some exciting books.  

So there you have it.  My first blog post and also my strategy to buying cheap books.  Oh yeah, total, I spent $11.  Until next time!



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I LOVE books and thrifting for books is the best!  When I was a kid my mom came home from a yard sale with a giant box of books she got for a dollar and I was happier digging through that than anything.  Inside that box amongst dozens of books were some weird fundy YA story that traumatized me and a copy of Sir Walter Scott's Lady of the Lake 1908 edition.

Guess which one I still have?  


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@HerNameIsBuffy OMG Fundy YA sounds .... intriguing.  It is so nostalgic to go through old books that I've had since childhood.

Favorite genre.. @iweartanktops6 I was having this discussion with my mom a couple weeks ago.  I definitely am a fiction person (but I try to throw some nonfiction in the mix to keep in interesting).  I know that is super broad, so within that I would say that coming of age and family dramas are kinda my thing.  My favorite authors right now are Barbara Kingsolver and Sherman Alexie.  I'm not huge on historical fiction or adventure/fantasy, but I am willing to give anything a fair chance if it sounds interesting enough.

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@iweartanktops6 what is your favorite genre?

Lots; memoirs, true crime, family drama, thrillers...  Most of all, I'm a sucker for a dramatic, well-written memoir that really makes me feel what the author feels. Wasted, by Marya Hornbacher and A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah come to mind. They're both difficult to read because of the heavy content, but that's also why I loved them! 

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I liked your point about making time to read. I adore reading, but I've been putting it on the back burner too often lately. I think I need to party!


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    • AmazonGrace


      The  bit I bolded in today's Daily Waste Food Periodical perfectly illustrates why I think Christ is just collateral damage in Gwen's quest to be thinner and not a cornerstone of her religion.


      How to Stop Eating When You Feel Satisfied

      February 23, 2020

      by Gwen Shamblin Lara

      0 Comment

      What if you feel satisfied, but there is still food on your plate?

      Answer: If you are at home, you can cover it and save it for later, or you can throw it away or give it to the pets! If you are eating in a restaurant, you can leave it on your plate, or you can ask for a carryout and take it home. We have the misconception that it is wrong to leave food on the plate, but the real problem is greed— whether it is helping yourself to a larger amount than you need or eating too much. If you serve yourself and later realize that “your eyes were bigger than your stomach,” learn to serve yourself smaller portions. If someone else prepares your plate, whether it is at home or in a restaurant, they have no idea how much you are hungry for and may bring you too much. You do not have to eat food just because it is there. Eat until you are satisfied, and either save or dispose of the rest—or you could give it away. Remember, Christ said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35b

      It is better to give—and watch yourself get thinner!

      I'm sure everyone around her is very grateful when Gwen gracefully condescends to give them the leftovers from her plate that she played with instead of throwing them away . This is her idea of charity.

    • BemusedByFundamentalism


      Sorry for double post, but I googled the school, and indeed, it is ranked number 1 of 488 elementary schools in Arkansas.
      I did see something very weird (to me). On the website I included in my screenshot, there is a section called "racial breakdown". Wow, that seems completely weird to me!! That wouldn't fly in my country at all. 

      Opera Momentopname_2020-02-23_104553_www.schooldigger.com.png

    • BemusedByFundamentalism


      I may or may not have cried a little when I saw that video. The boys were so cute, Israel all excited and Sam acting like a typical enthousiastic little brother. 
      My heart ached a bit for Jill. I imagine she walked into that school and felt like her boys could finally live a life she had wanted to live as a child. I mean, yes, she seemed to be daddy's sweetheart, but in the old episodes of "and counting", Jill really seemed to be very open and curious. 
      Even if their beliefs remain extremely conservative or hateful, the boys will have much more chances in life due to their schooling. 
      It's a good day in FJ-land.

    • breakfree


      6 hours ago, Giraffe said:

      I’m expecting Joy and Austin will send their son to public school, too. I could be wrong, but I believe she was the first to publicly say they were intentionally holding off becoming pregnant (after Annabell’s death). With the influence of Amy and now Jill sending her kids to PS, I see Joy following suit. 

      I actually think what Joy and Austin do will be HEAVILY influenced by how many kids they end up having. That's an extremely open question right now. They're actually the most interesting to me right now other that Jill because at the moment they're the only couple I could genuinely see going on several directions- some VERY different than others- though unfortunately I don't see them ever breaking free despite that.

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    • Melissa1977


      54 minutes ago, indianabones said:

      take it this means they don't spay or neuter their pets? 🤦

      And what will they do with the 40 kittens that cat is having in next years?

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