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The IBLP Lawsuit



If you have spent any time on Free Jinger, you will likely recognize the acronyms ATI and IBLP.  This is the fundamentalist ministry created by Bill Gothard, an unmarried man who  believes such things as:

...teaches that children can never leave home till they are married, that married men are still under the authority of their fathers, women can't work outside the home, adoption is bad, mental illness doesn't exist, circumcision is great, rock music is like crack, and a whole bunch of other crazy stuff.

~From our Family Summary

 There has long been talk about both Bill Gothard and his brother committing acts of sexual misconduct with female employees and interns.  As long ago as 1980, Gothard admitted to "moral failures" with some of the staff.   We at FJ have long awaited some kind of action to be taken against this unmarried man who had unlimited access to vulnerable women who are taught from birth that if a man "stumbles" it is the woman's fault.

On around October 21, 2015, we became aware that a civil lawsuit had finally been filed against IBLP and all the members of the Board.  Bill Gothard is no longer part of the organization, having been forced to resign after another round of accusations in 2014.

The board members named in the lawsuit are: John Stancil, Anthony Burrus, Gil Bates, Timothy Levendusky, Charles Stephen Paine, Jr., and David York.

From Recovering Grace:

The lawsuit specifically alleges that IBLP was negligent and allowed unlawful conduct to continue by:

  • failing to train and/or supervise their staff and management or have appropriate policies and procedures in place to detect and deter sexual abuse, harassment, or inappropriate touching of young female interns, employees, or participants in IBLP programs;
  • failing to report known allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment committed against adult and minor IBLP participants, employees, and interns to the appropriate law enforcement agencies;
  • failing to conduct reasonable investigation into credible allegations of sexual abuse, harassment, and inappropriate touching, despite decades of ongoing conduct;
  • conducting a sham investigation once the IBLP Board did eventually conduct an investigation;
  • concealing allegations of sexual abuse and harassment from law enforcement;
  • conducting an unreasonable investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse and harassment; and
  • engaging in careless or negligent supervision of staff, directors, agents, and employees.

  The Complain in it's entirety can be found at the Chicago Tribune  Each of the 5 Plaintiffs are asking for $50,000.

Once a leader in the homeschooling movement, Gothard's ministry has managed to largely fly under the radar of the general public, despite having some rather high profile adherents.   Recently, Rep. Daniel Webster (R -FL) was considering a run for Speaker of the House, following John Boehner's resignation.

Arguably the most famous followers are The Duggar family of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, which was cancelled after several scandals related to the oldest Duggar child, Josh.   In May, 2015, In Touch magazine dropped the bombshell that when Josh Duggar was a teenager he sexually abused at least 5 girls, including several of his siblings.   In August, it was revealed that Josh had not one, but two accounts at Ashley Madison, a website which has the tagline "Life is short. Have an affair."

For some 10 seasons, the Duggars have been promoted by TLC as a (very) large, happy Christian family.  They have shown the Duggars on the campaign trail for politicians such a Mike Huckabee and RIck Santorum. While claiming to be a shiny, happy Christian family, the Duggars have spoken out against the gay community and abortion.   Josh was hired by the Family Research Council and moved to Washington, DC, which was also documented on 19 Kids and Counting.

Recently, Gothard and his ministry have gotten more mainstream attention thanks to Josh Duggars misconduct and hypocrisy coming to light.   While the Duggar family show, 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled by TLC, they have recently announced that they plan to do several "special episodes" of a show starring the newly married Duggar children, Jill Dillard and Jessa Sewald.

What some people may not know is that another high profile Gothard adherent also has a TV show.   Gil Bates and his family have a show titled Bringing Up Bates on the UP network.   The Bateses are often seen as a less strict, more fun version of the Duggars.  They also have 19 kids and in the last several years have married off 4 children, some of which were shown on either 19 Kids and Counting or Bringing up Bates.   In fact, one of the Bates children married the son of  Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) 

You might recognize the name Gil Bates from earlier in this post.  That's right, he is a member of the Board of IBLP and was named in the lawsuit.  The general public may have the Duggar's number thanks to Josh, but there is still a high profile IBLP member that has a platform to show off these dangerous beliefs on TV and he seems to be slipping under the radar, just like the Duggars did for many years.

Please join us for discussion here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24484-negligence-lawsuit-filed-against-iblp/#top

Further reading:





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  • Posts

    • fundiefan

      Posted (edited)

      4 hours ago, Hazelbunny said:

      I just saw on Instagram that Courtneys 5th child turned 6 years old today! I know she has her babys close in age, but it always shocks me again and again. She has 5 nearly 6 kids who are younger than that 6 year old!!:wtsf: My Uterus is now cowering in fear!

      Courtney makes my brain itch. I know people want to claim they can give all their spawn he attention they need to grow and feel secure and valued, but I see nothing in her existence that makes that true. I will admit she tries, but to have what...11? 12? children under the age of 10 - there is no way in the real world that can happen. Taking one kid at a time shopping or out to Starbucks is not actually giving that kid what he/she needs. No matter what anyone says and no one can ever convince me. 

      Without the older ones being pseudo parents, taking on parental responsibility - without someone being neglected, even in a "minor" way, it just can't be done. Especially since they don't have family or friends to be involved - hell, they don't even have anyone to watch the kids while she pushes out another, so daddy is far too preoccupied to be present when another is born. 

      Sure, she does better than many fundies in that she has "fun" things planned, and they feed them well and they're sheltered - so their basic needs are met far better than many other baby collectors. 

      But, even the best you can do as a baby collector is not equal to what each individual child needs. 

      And before anyone goes at me - kids having chores is not the same as a kid being a parent; taking care of the needs of a younger sibling. A kid helping out - running to grab a diaper, put the pizza in the oven, fold your clothes & put them away - is not in any way, shape or form the same as the kids who have to cover their parent's bases. 

      Courtney and her googly eyed preacher/church planter/manly man breeding his wife husband are not 100% there for all of their kids. Hell, he's barely present at all as he "church plants". And, really, no matter how it gets spun, if they have too many kids to have a sitter while she gives birth to another, they flat out have too many kids. 

      Edited by fundiefan
    • Perrierwithlemon


      7 minutes ago, Tangy Bee said:

      Did the Dillards also do an interview with CNN? I'm not sure, but I thought I caught a glimpse of something on a news feed. Couldn't go back to see. 

      Yes, CNN wrote an article (see here) about the People interview. I only glanced over the CNN article, but I didn’t see any new information that wasn’t already shared in the People interview. 

      • Thank You 1
    • Tangy Bee


      Did the Dillards also do an interview with CNN? I'm not sure, but I thought I caught a glimpse of something on a news feed. Couldn't go back to see. 

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    • IReallyAmHopewell


      4 hours ago, Idlewild said:

      @IReallyAmHopewell I think the ‘job opportunity’ was another ‘mission’ trip. I am not ready to join the DD fan club- he’d rather be harassing heathens than working most of the time.

      I like that he CAN support his family. Maybe it was a mission trip. He does have a degree and experience as an accountant. If his political views kept him out of work, most of my state would be unemployed! LOL. Same wtih Jeremy, he CAN support his family.

      • Upvote 1
    • clueliss


      She’s been stealing crap off Pinterest again.  

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