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Head's Up with our 'Favorite' Fundies



(Giving me a forum to ramble was a bad idea,,,just saying...)

So we're not really a game playing family, but my daughter had this game on her iPad called Head's Up and it's like the old Password.  Pick a category and the person who is guessing holds the iPad facing away from them (by the forehead - hence the name) and the others all give you clues,  get it right flick the iPad down, pass and flick it up.  Can't use any of the words in the name/phrase/whatever in the clue.  Very simple, fun, and no pieces to lose like board games so last night two of the kids, Mr. Buffy and I played.

If this ever becomes a tournament thing people can enter for money we...won't.  Because 3 out of 4 of us suck.  Collectively we all suck and as a team we suck on a global level. My poor competent son who is good at both guessing and giving clues was so patient with us.

1.  Mr. Buffy takes forever to find the very best clue and so when it's up to him you have to keep passing as he will run out the clock.

2.  Buffy Jr. will accidentally use one or several of the words in the answer, giving it away, at least once every couple of turns.  She will also credit herself with getting it when she knows what it is but forgot the name.  Her defense of this is that we always cheat in our family and she doesn't want to break the tradition.  New to me, but I appreciate her going down swinging.

3.  Me?  I do not stop to find the perfect hint, I blurt out the first thing that comes to my mind which is rarely useful.  Actual example - Mr. Buffy's turn and he needed to guess Denis Leary.  My helpful clue?  "The house he grew up in had a LOT of paneling because his dad loved it. And his parents had the same station wagon my mom did when we were kids."  Apparently my Mr. Buffy doesn't know as much about Denis Leary as I do, and why I have such detailed recall of an interview from many years ago is a question.  Apparently naming a show he had been in which my husband had seen would have been a better clue.  

So now that I've set the scene for you;  it's my turn and I picked the category Famous Families.  I  getting most of them because they were easy and then a family pops up which makes my daughters eyes fly wide open and she's SO excited.  Jumped off the couch almost yelling, "MOM, you LOVE them!!  Molester!" (Which taken out of context sounds horrible) and yes....the famous family was ....





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    • Giraffe


      51 minutes ago, Father Son Holy Goat said:

      We believe in Texas with the Wallers. 

      Oh! I didn't realize they'd actually moved. I assumed they were still going back and forth from the Duggar compound. How sad. I hope Mac's still in regular contact with whichever aunt she was closest to. 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      2 hours ago, Red Hair, Black Dress said:

      Much of Kendra's uber strict uber trad Catholicism is exactly the same as the fundies we follow.

      Kendra definitely believes she holier than the pope. Her hubris about this knows no bounds.

      She absolutely adored Pope Benedict (Best. Pope. Evah.).

      She seriously dislikes Pope Francis.  As I mentioned above, several years ago she wrote Pope Francis (and encouraged her readers to do the same,) because she said he was doing something/ said something wrong.

      She wanted him to know it was wrong and to stop it. Because she disagreed with him. She posted the letter in her blog for her readers to use as a template.



      Just imagine being Catholic and thinking you are a better Catholic than the pope. 

    • Father Son Holy Goat


      On 5/20/2024 at 12:26 PM, SassyPants said:

      Do we know where Anna and the M’s are living?

      We believe in Texas with the Wallers. 

    • Bluebirdbluebell


      3 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      This is only because the Christian books are absolute crap. There are so many terrible Christian books out out every week. Many are terrible quality, boring, or just plain bad. She thinks this proves she is an amazing book writer. No. She’s just mediocre in a sea of garbage. Plus it’s on sale right now.


      It's not even all Christian books. It's the number 1 book for "Christian Family & Relationships".  That's such a niche genre. 

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    • Red Hair, Black Dress


      Please Rufus, don't let her write another book. Please please, pretty please. She's smug and self-satisfied and self-centered as it is

      She's one step from narcissist, maybe only a half-step. No one deserves Braggie the Narcissist.

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