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Head's Up with our 'Favorite' Fundies




(Giving me a forum to ramble was a bad idea,,,just saying...)

So we're not really a game playing family, but my daughter had this game on her iPad called Head's Up and it's like the old Password.  Pick a category and the person who is guessing holds the iPad facing away from them (by the forehead - hence the name) and the others all give you clues,  get it right flick the iPad down, pass and flick it up.  Can't use any of the words in the name/phrase/whatever in the clue.  Very simple, fun, and no pieces to lose like board games so last night two of the kids, Mr. Buffy and I played.

If this ever becomes a tournament thing people can enter for money we...won't.  Because 3 out of 4 of us suck.  Collectively we all suck and as a team we suck on a global level. My poor competent son who is good at both guessing and giving clues was so patient with us.

1.  Mr. Buffy takes forever to find the very best clue and so when it's up to him you have to keep passing as he will run out the clock.

2.  Buffy Jr. will accidentally use one or several of the words in the answer, giving it away, at least once every couple of turns.  She will also credit herself with getting it when she knows what it is but forgot the name.  Her defense of this is that we always cheat in our family and she doesn't want to break the tradition.  New to me, but I appreciate her going down swinging.

3.  Me?  I do not stop to find the perfect hint, I blurt out the first thing that comes to my mind which is rarely useful.  Actual example - Mr. Buffy's turn and he needed to guess Denis Leary.  My helpful clue?  "The house he grew up in had a LOT of paneling because his dad loved it. And his parents had the same station wagon my mom did when we were kids."  Apparently my Mr. Buffy doesn't know as much about Denis Leary as I do, and why I have such detailed recall of an interview from many years ago is a question.  Apparently naming a show he had been in which my husband had seen would have been a better clue.  

So now that I've set the scene for you;  it's my turn and I picked the category Famous Families.  I  getting most of them because they were easy and then a family pops up which makes my daughters eyes fly wide open and she's SO excited.  Jumped off the couch almost yelling, "MOM, you LOVE them!!  Molester!" (Which taken out of context sounds horrible) and yes....the famous family was ....





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    • Mama Mia


      I could see disagreements with Anna being part of a reason to move. I think the entire household was -understandably-extremely stressed and distraught and filled with grief and anger and conflict over Josh and the fall-out. But it seems pretty much everyone agrees, on some level, that Josh was guilty - even if JB and a few others might still be minimizing what he did, thinking there were mistakes made etc…. Time is passing, people want to move on from the constant negative focus on Josh and his nastiness. 

      Anna though is still digging deep in to her defense of his total innocence. I can see her constantly nagging the siblings to pray for poor Josh-u-a, take his calls, defend him publicly, go with her to visit, help Lolli and Pops with the kids while she leaves every other week for days to visit, makes constant snarky comments about their much loved sisters who didn’t stand up for Josh….and on and on and on. That wouldn’t be fun to be around. At all. I doubt it would be the only reason to move - but it sure could be a deciding factor. 


      I could see JB and M moving Kendra and Joe and kids in, or Anna and kids, but I don’t think they’ll leave the house. They might travel frequently, maybe turn a part of the downstairs into a more private master apartment for themselves, but still have general nominal control of the house for gatherings, visits, etc. I just don’t see them wanting to give that up for one set of kids, especially when they have soooo much property for them to build on.

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    • mama4cor


      On 12/2/2022 at 7:48 PM, HeartsAFundie said:

      Pampered Chef used to sell a special knife for children.  It was made for little hands and the bottom blade was zig-zagged and not too sharp.  I bought one for my son to use when he was around Daxton's age.  He loved using his own special knife to cut his own food at the dining room table.  He never used it without supervision and that was the only knife he was allowed to use by himself at that age-he certainly wasn't getting his hands on any Ginsus.   That handy little knife remains in my kitchen drawer to this day.


      I have those knives too. They are great for pumpkin carving (easy to hold on to even when your hands get slippery from the pumpkin “guts”). My kids are 16 and 14 and they still use them frequently. 
      Also wanted to add - my husband taught our girls to use knives safely at a very young age. ALWAYS supervised. He has always been a big believer that teaching kids to use tools properly at a young age, and educating them (age appropriately) about how they are used and should not be used, will help to minimize the risk of injury. For our kids, that worked very well. But it won’t work for every child - in my mind, a big part of our job as parents is knowing our child and knowing what they are capable of handling. 

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    • SorenaJ


      On 12/3/2022 at 4:02 PM, Cam said:


      First, I could easily believe some of the brothers are moving out. I think any brother still there, except for Tyler, is 18. If they moved out it would leave only Tyler and four girls in the TTH.

      But absolutely no way is the reason some brothers are moving out because of “disagreements with Anna over Josh’s guilt”.  Total crap. Everyone in that family has known since Day One that Anna believes in his innocence so why suddenly almost a year after his trial would they be up in arms. Makes zero sense. WOACB knows references to Anna and her standing by her man gets the traffic to her site. I call hogwash.

      Here’s my theory. (Remember, you read it here first; sometimes Reddit members lift my ideas from FJ and claim them for their own):

      Last week JB was touting the bone broth weight loss saying something like he was fasting because he has to make some important decisions. I think he and Michele are mulling over handing the reins of the TTH over to one of his kids and their family, and he and Michelle are thinking of downsizing to a smaller space. As mentioned above, four girls + Tyler would remain in the house if any brothers 18 and older moved out. Johannah is I think 17 and could get married off anytime in the near future.

      JB could have had a discussion with the brothers about getting a place of their own with the idea in mind that it’s time to make some housing changes for he and Meech. Or, the boys could have brought up the topic of moving out which got JB to thinking about downsizing, wondering if now was the time.

      And of course, my guess for who the baton gets passed to is Joe and Kendra. For all we know, she could already be pregnant with another after the birth of their secretive last kid. In addition, Jana would be part of the package deal, allowed to stay at the TTH, a built in babysitter. Doesn’t she have a little niche, or suite of her own there? Or is she also moved out? 

      At any rate, it ‘s not unreasonable to think at some point JB and M will want to move to a small place.


      I am not sure it will be Joe and Kendra, but I don't know who else it would be. I think JB would want someone who is more vocal about their ministry, and more active and open on social media, and who wouldn't "hide" the birth of a child. Jessa springs to mind, but they have just renovated the church house. Could be Jed and Katey, but they only have one child. Or maybe JB is happy having a more low-key family like JoKen live at the house, because they have the biggest family, and then have someone else be more vocal about the ministry. 

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    • catlady

      Posted (edited)

      18 minutes ago, Idlewild said:

      Assuming his appeal fails, what sort of time will Josh actually serve? In the UK he would be likely to get released after about 2/3 of a sentence that length, assuming he behaved himself inside and cooperated with safeguarding measures. 

      As it was a federal case (as opposed to state or county level), he is required to serve a minimum of 85% of the 12.5 years.  He also gets credit for time served before the sentence was handed down (this does not include time at the Rebers’).  It was calculated at the time that the earliest he can get out is approximately ten years after the sentencing date.

      Edited by catlady
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    • Idlewild


      Assuming his appeal fails, what sort of time will Josh actually serve? In the UK he would be likely to get released after about 2/3 of a sentence that length, assuming he behaved himself inside and cooperated with safeguarding measures. 

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