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Buffy's Commentary

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Speaking of Pecans...



(This is a redo for those who saw the test blog, some previously viewed content you have been warned..)

In preparing for the upcoming holiday baking seasons many people thoughts turn to pecans and subsequently for FJite bakers...pecan theives.  Because let's face it, when we see the price of those spendy little nuts one understands the temptation to glean...

First we must outfit ourselves with the proper perspective to tackle this controversial topic


Get it?  Outfit...because it's clothing.  I know...but my grandpa would have found that funny!

Because both pecans and pecan thieves are controversial...do you think when they started their journey..


They knew it would lead to a life of crime?  


And do we even know if they were gleaning them for their own consumption?  Or perhaps as a kindness for those who crave pecans, but live without the opposable thumbs needed to get at them...


They could have been on a mission to make sure no pecan craving cat was left behind...

Despite the general recklessness and disregard for law and order which TFDW has clearly shown I think he sees himself as a leader.  An inspiration to all who know him, motivating others on to bigger and better things...


Although, Smugger knows him so maybe some people are immune to his type of motivational speeches.

And since I created this blog to teach, did you know there is an actual fight abrewing between Brunswick, Missouri and Seguin, Texas over the title "Home of the World's Largest Pecan"...


I know it sounds like I made that up...but I can prove I didn't.  It's on the internet http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2012/06/bad_postcard_of_the_week_misso.html  Above is in Missouri...

I'm on Team Texas even without bothering to learn the measurement stats since they have the better sign ...


You can't go cheap when the stakes are this high...branding is everything.

My mom made a crazy good pecan pie, which I've never been able to replicate.  I don't like pecan pie so this fits in with my family's theory that I don't try as hard on recipes for food I don't eat...but I don't eat chocolate eclairs and I kick ass at those so their theory holds no water.  I did try...



Fortunately I've watched enough Charmed to have a vanquishing spell at hand.  We're safe now.

I may give it another shot again this year...only for two family members who would really like one that is more chew-able than home plate...(Do no use the hidden picture to dox my family...honor system in the blogs)


I've got to pick up smaller silverware for them before the holidays...it's just gross trying to watch them eat with those things.

And to segue it back to fundies...I bet plenty of fundy families will be turning out homemade pecan pie this year, even if they have to purchase their ingredients legally.  


See the two upfront without head coverings?  They look like trouble...probably going to get sent to the Prayer Closet with no pie.  



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I have two pecan trees in my yard, and my MIL sends me some of hers. I think that's her way of asking for chocolate chip cookies. :pb_lol:

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I found the cartoon with this quote very inspiring:

Am I a pecan or a pecan't?

Because of food sensitivities, it's been many years since I've eaten nuts of any type, so naturally I have become obsessed with them. I adore the story of TFDW and the nutty attempt of gleaning by him and his naive little wifey.

In terms of eating, I'm a pecan't, but in terms of approach to life, I'm all about pecan! Thanks for the entertainment, Buffy!

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  • Posts

    • treemom


      17 minutes ago, forgetmenow said:

      I was wrong. I am truly surprised. 

      I think it was just another thing too soon. Honestly the football players leaving I suspect created some tension. They have always desperately wanted to be good at sportsball. 


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    • patsymae


      On 8/4/2020 at 9:05 AM, AprilQuilt said:

      I agree, I think Jana had hoped it would suit all the girls - and maybe thought she was treating them by letting them do something grown-up and classy.  Clearly the older girls were ready for it and Josie was not.

      I actually don't think Jana's response was terrible at all - especially after lots of the sisters tried to correct Josie on her use of the paint - but it is very likely coloured by decades of experience of not really getting 'nice' things. With 18 siblings Jana must be so sick of having to share everything, having to compromise all activities for the least able sibling, having things precious to her destroyed or depleted or misused. I imagine nice expensive paints are something she hasn't felt she could have in the house until relatively recently, and sharing them with her siblings places a huge burden of trust on them to use them appropriately. So it was potentially more emotive and frustrating for her than it could otherwise have been. And is just another indicator of her crippling lack of autonomy aged 30.

      My mother was an artist/illustrator when I was small and the temptation to raid her art supplies was overpowering. When she felt I was of an age to understand how to use them responsibly, she taught me to use things like inks, pastels, expensive watercolours, and oils. I loved that. But she was always so clear about using them sensibly, not wasting them, respecting that they were not toys and not mine. I doubt Duggar kids get much of that training.

      But somehow I doubt that your mother, who was an actual artist, gave you lessons where she sat you down and told you to "paint this flower" without any instruction in technique or how to use the mediums and tools.. My son's (a successful artist) first lesson (not from me, lucky him) was reproducing a painting of flowers in a vase. The teacher taught them HOW to do it, in detail. Either let the kids mess around with what you give them to explore themselves, teach them how to accomplish what you want them to do, or do something else.

    • 56 minutes ago, nelliebelle1197 said:

      But according to the OP EVERYTHING has to do the BITE model. I can't roll my eyes back any further when he posts that nonsense over and over in response to just about everything without breaking my head.

      I don't pay enough attention! 😅 I have some serious issues/criticisms of Steven Hassan and I don't see anything innovative about the BITE model theoretically, nor are his techniques or claims often supported by empirical research. Of course he makes some claims that are but on the whole, I think he's an opportunist and utilizes anecdotal evidence to bolster his image as some sort of "expert" 🤷‍♀️ Definitely more knowledgeable people out there than him on cults, brainwashing etc.

    • albireo


      53 minutes ago, JMO said:

      Kennedy and Andrew appear to be having a weekend away in the keys. I know it's a little soon but last time they did this she was pregnant.  I'm betting that she will be soon if not already. 

      Yup. I'm guessing they planned the first trip in hopes of getting pregnant, but she ended up pregnant even before that. This one, they'll be trying their best. Mortopia ahoy.

    • forgetmenow


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