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2023 Midwest Flooding



Because of all the snow we got over the winter, the Midwest is experiencing a major flooding event for those communities by major rivers, such as the Mississippi River. 

Here's a video Dubuque just put out announcing they closed off the flood wall. 


The floodwall was built in the early 1970s after major floods in the 1960s.  Back in the days where those in Congress in both parties had some level of concern for the American people.  Now I don't think there's any way such a thing could be done given how Qevin and the GQP would block it from happening.

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    • hollyfeller


      On 5/27/2023 at 11:17 AM, sleepygirl1 said:

      Taking this over from the Anderson thread, but Isaac Anderson is getting married soon according to his grandfather.


    • IrishCarrie


      Ok, I've been to the Vatican several times and I can clarify:

      1. There is no issue with breast feeding. I know this because my friend once wandered around it with a baby attached to her boob in one of those sling things. Zero problem.

      2. No one is allowed sit on the floor. It's a tourist attraction, people are moving around and looking up at exhibits and it's purely a health and safety issue that no one can camp on the floor at a spot of their choosing.

      3. THOUSANDS of people go through the Vatican every day. You can absolutely take your time and go as slow as you like (I stand staring at the Madonna and Child for 20 minutes every time, it breaks my heart) but you cannot decamp to the floor whenever you feel like it. There are places/pews to sit in if you're exhausted and need a little sit-down.

      4. It's an actual working church. Mass is said there several times per day. There's a nave of St. Peter's where this happens and signs everywhere in that area asking you to respect the fact that a religious ceremony is taking place and people are praying. So if you're in that particular vicinity with children that are having meltdowns, they'll absolutely ask you to move on.

      5. St Peter's has a mother-and-baby room. It's right there beside the toilets. Hard to think someone of their large party didn't need the loo at some point and didn't think to mention that?

      Abby is a total asshole. She clearly has no respect for the church/country she's in and thinks rules shouldn't apply to her. Well good luck trying that on the lads in charge in the Vatican... 🤣 

      All that being said, I was there three weeks after my mother died very suddenly (she was very Catholic, I'm...not) and something about the smells and sounds of a Catholic Church were so familiar and so reminiscent of my childhood that I burst into tears right outside the nave where Mass was starting! Big hunky Italian security guy said, very kindly 'You wanna come sit and be in Mass? Or you want I should put you outside?' I immediately pictured him putting me in a fireman's lift over his shoulder and storming through the crowds and a second later I was giggling through the tears. I guarantee you, if it was possible for my mother to be watching, she'd have cried laughing 😂😂😂

      The Vatican is amazeballs and should be number one on your list for Rome. Just don't be an Abby when you're in there. 

    • llucie


      4 hours ago, snickerz said:

      Pic on Reddit shows Lauren is. *(or at least she was a week ago.)


        Reveal hidden contents



      Aparently this is an old picture from Lauren baby shower. You can tell by how young Brynley looks here. Lauren due date according to the amazon baby registry was early may, and she already had the baby since he has to grandkid #29 for Gunner to be #30 and the 15 grandsons and 15 granddaughters thing to make sense.


      So current Duggar grandkid cound would look like:

      1. Mackynzie
      2. Michael 
      3. Marcus 
      4. Israel 
      5. Meredith 
      6. Spurgeon 
      7. Henry 
      8. Samuel 
      9. Mason 
      10. Gideon 
      11. Garrett 
      12. Felicity 
      13. Ivy 
      14. Addison 
      15. Bella
      16. Maryella
      17. Grace
      18. Evelyn
      19. Evangeline
      20. Brooklyn
      21. Fern 
      22. Madyson
      23. Daisy
      24. Truett
      25. Baby boy Duggar (speculated to be named Connor) from Joseph and Kendra.
      26. Frederick
      27. Charlie
      28. Brynley
      29. Baby boy Duggar from Josiah and Lauren.
      30. Gunner
      31. Nora
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    • ToriAmos


      True. I think Duggar Data narrowed Daisy down to March 2022, but can't remember what it was based on. And yes, #3 could have been born 16 May for all we know! But late April, early May tracks with the registry.

    • front hugs > duggs


      Also, I can’t figure out exactly when/how she got kicked out? She mentions being a spectacle for 30 minutes as she tried to figure out a place to keep feeding the baby. But at no point did I hear from her that she was actually asked to leave or that the rest of their group left? Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think they were formally asked to leave. 

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