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2023 Midwest Flooding



Because of all the snow we got over the winter, the Midwest is experiencing a major flooding event for those communities by major rivers, such as the Mississippi River. 

Here's a video Dubuque just put out announcing they closed off the flood wall. 


The floodwall was built in the early 1970s after major floods in the 1960s.  Back in the days where those in Congress in both parties had some level of concern for the American people.  Now I don't think there's any way such a thing could be done given how Qevin and the GQP would block it from happening.

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    • NachosFlandersStyle


      That makes 5 new Mortons in 2024, by my count, and the year is young...

      Does anyone know if Rachel had her baby? Kressant posted an IG story recently with a baby, but didn't say whose.

    • Kiki03910


      2 hours ago, marmalade said:

      He needs to size up. 

      Tight pants for men have been popular for a few years now. It confounds me. If I want to see your dick, I'll let you know. Otherwise, put it away, kthxbye.

    • noseybutt


      It’s like people working for Trump complaining when he acts like Trump. 😂

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    • GreenBeans

      Posted (edited)

      7 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      Wouldn’t it be nice if she actually told her readers how this works in her house

      Well, she didn’t say each child gets to do all the activities. They could all be in church groups and home school co-op (no individual activities, so easy to coordinate), music lessons could well be with a teacher coming into their home, then one kid doing a sport, one kid in choir, “social events” could be anything that only happens once a year - and voilà, she wouldn’t have technically lied in her post, but makes it sound a lot more than it actually is for each individual child.

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    • marmalade


      56 minutes ago, Kiki03910 said:

      Jeremy's pants are defrauding me, and not in a good way.

      He needs to size up. 

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