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I Hope This is Winter's Last Blast



What ever we get I hope this is winter's last blast this year.


After a sunny quiet chilly Wednesday we have a potent storm moving in that will impact us for two days.  Watches and advisories are now posted across the region for the potential of accumulating snow during this storm.

A wintry mix develops tomorrow afternoon through the evening with it eventually turning over to rain and late in the night there could be a few claps of thunder in southern Minnesota.

Of course the Weather Service is saying there might be a storm coming in tomorrow.  Probably anything from 4" to 99" of snow over tomorrow and Friday.  But they are saying it'll be up in the 50s in the next few days.  I plan on getting my new two wheel money sink tomorrow or Friday then doing some goddamn riding.

Quite a bit of the snow has melted up here already with the curbs finally visible on the roads.  They might get temporarily covered later this week but should be clear in the next few days given how warm it'll be in the next couple week.s  Hell the upper 30s and low 40s was enough to clear out a lot of the snow so some days with the 50s along with some rain ought to clear out even more snow.  We'll just have to see how long Mount Eden Prairie hangs along.

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