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Twin Cities Had Just Over 80 Inches of Snow This Season




Here in the Twin Cities we broke the 80" marker for total snowfall, making it the 8th snowiest season on record.


We're in the home stretch toward spring, but winter hasn't released its hold on Minnesota just yet.

After a season of big and small snowstorms, this weekend's snowfall officially pushed the year into the records books.

As of Monday, March 13, the Twin Cities' 2022-23 snowfall total is 80.3 inches, making this the eighth snowiest winter in the record books.

The only other Top 10 snowfall season to happen in the 21st century was in 2010-11, where 86.6 inches fell, making that year the fourth snowiest on record. The remaining records were all recorded in the 1900s, from 1916 through 1992.

The most the Twin Cities received on record was 98.6" in the 1983/84 season. 

I hope that we're done with snow for the season but it would not surprise me at all if we weren't.  Both Iowa and Minnesota have had some nasty winter storms in April.  The Twin Cities could move up one or maybe even two more spots in amount received even if we just get as much as they're predicting this Friday.  It looks like we're going to be getting up into the 40s tomorrow as well as next week.

And in some good news, spring arrives Monday!


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    • Lady Dondarrion

      Posted (edited)

      In regards to the Campbell/Allison adoption stuff, read below:



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    • hollyfeller


      On 3/14/2023 at 3:56 PM, JermajestyDuggar said:

      They both seem to be popular retreats. Although I guess I can kind of see why. A bunch of homeschooled SAHDs are probably always looking for an excuse to get away from their home for a few days and hang out with friends. The numbers for the manly retreat is smaller, but I’m guessing that’s because the young fundie males have work schedules they have to deal with. Otherwise more might attend. 

      The retreats should be held at neighboring boys and girls camps.  The subversive fundie boys and girls can sneak out and do a little late-night before-marriage side-hugging!

    • JermajestyDuggar

      Posted (edited)

      Liz posted this on Instagram. It’s a birthday chart. That’s a lot of July birthdays. I’m guessing at least one of the secret Bontrager Bowers babies was born in July. I can’t read them unfortunately. Maybe someone else can. ETA: the heart shapes are probably anniversaries.

      ETA AGAIN: Nevermind. 🙄 It’s an old pic since Brynleigh’s bday and Gemma’s birthday are not on it. So the secret babies wouldn’t be on it either. 


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    • KWLand


      17 hours ago, WannabeHistorian said:

      MUCH better than Honey. H theme confirmed then?

      ....They returned kids?

      There is a Campbell/Allison adoption saga where rumor is they sent some kids away because they were too hard to handle.  It was years ago.  Im not sure if they sent them back to their home country or to friends.  
      as a sibling to had to place adoptive sibling and several with attachment disorder, it angers me that they just pass them on instead of fighting for them.  My parents fought for my siblings, paid $$$$$ to get treatment for them and the siblings still left home at 18 (or were in juvenile for choices), but my parents fought.  So to know that there are families like the Campbell and Allison’s and their friends who view adoptive kids as people who can just be based on in is infuriating.

      googling brings up the stories

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    • 47of74


      I started a swear jar yesterday 

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    • SillyDillys


      Just had my anatomy scan today. Would it be awful if we revealed the sex of number 2 At silly girl's first birthday party? We have the envelope, I just don't know If we want to open it before or during her party or give it to my sister in law to bake the color into her cake? I don't want to feel like I'm taking attention off of her
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    • Bluebirdbluebell


      I stand with transpeople.
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    • bea


      I have discovered a DELIGHTFUL youtube channel where you can watch Sovereign Citizens get arrested.  😁
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    • Gobbles


      Guess I should update again? Frieda (Kiki, we renamed her) is here since the end of February 2021. She came with a bunch of problems, but is the best dog ever and is doing better every day. But we do now know how a dog with ptsd looks like. For real, not joking. If she is triggered during the day, she wakes up screaming at night. Not like dogs dream, but literally screaming. Other than that she went with us on countless trips, loves hiking and even cable cars. She is one heck of a fearless dog in situations who do not remind her of her old life. 
      My Grandpa passed away last May and I'm still grieving a lot. After sharing a house with my grandparents for over 30 years it is just horrible to lose one of them. Even though it was his decision and he got to go like he wanted. At home, in his bed during the night without doctors. He would have need more care and he did not want more care. So after turning 90 he decided to let go and became weaker and weaker. 
      In other news my dad stops working for good on April 1st. Retirement time. Keep my Mum and myself in your prayers. We really do not want him at home all the time. Haha! 
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