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Looks Like Iowa's Getting Hit




Right now the local news sources are saying there will be about 3 to 6 inches of snow, with a winter storm warning hitting parts of Eastern Iowa.


A WINTER STORM WARNING and WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY are in effect late tonight and Thursday for most of eastern Iowa.

 The sky becomes cloudy this evening. As the storm gets closer so does the precipitation. It starts as rain in our southern counties between 8-10 PM. It spreads north in the following few hours. The far northern counties could have a rain snow mix by midnight.

After midnight, the rain mixes with snow and isolated areas of freezing rain. After about 4 AM, most of the wintry mix changes to snow. Snow could be locally heavy around 6-9 AM. This would make road slick. You will need some extra time to get to your destination. This is still going to be a wet heavy snow. Be careful when shoveling it later in the day.

Speaking of later in the day, after the heavy snow ends by mid-morning the sky is cloudy and mainly dry as highs warm into the mid 30s. Areas north and west of Waterloo to Elkader expect 1-3” and areas southeast of that line 3-6” of snow. The wind is breezy but the snow is heavy and wet so it will be harder for it to blow around.

For once it looks like we're not getting hit up north by this same storm, that we'll be north of the storm.  Right now they're just saying it'll be cloudy but we'll have to see how it all turns out here in the Twin Cities. 

It was up in the mid 40s today so I did toy with getting my bike out for some riding today.  Maybe closer to spring I'll be getting it out again.  I hope I can locate my GoPro soon so I can start in on the GoPro time lapse videos when it comes time to start riding again.

I'm supposed to go see a new neurologist tomorrow.  I hope she understands that any suggestions that I not ride bike anymore will be met with a strong fornicate you lady.  I'd rather go on my bike than sitting around at home waiting for the end as too many medical "professionals" want these days and get mad when I exercise any independence.

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