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Well we survived the first part of the storm.  It's currently -8 here in Minneapolis.  The sun is out right now but the snow is still blowing around.


Things are still pretty dicey out there right now and forecasters are saying out in the country there will be whiteout conditions later today and tomorrow.


The snow has wrapped up and left behind 3-6" in most locations. Some areas picked up a little more. Now our concerns are the strong winds and bitterly cold wind chills thru Saturday morning. Winds that gust between 25-45 mph start later Thursday afternoon and will create whiteout conditions in many open areas.

Because of the impacts of this next storm, we have declared today, now Friday as Weather Warn Days. Friday will be the windiest day!

Still planning to head back to Iowa Saturday though.  Just going to give myself a lot of extra time to get there. 

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      I look at Jinger and I look at Jill and it’s very obvious who has had therapy. Jill seems to see her parents more clearly than Jinger. Man I wish Jinger would get therapy too. But I’m guessing Jeremy wouldn’t allow that. 

    • seraaa

      Posted (edited)

      On 2/3/2023 at 3:25 PM, libgirl2 said:

      I read it fairly quickly, two days. I was surprised that I enjoyed it for the most part. I didn't necessarily agree with everything that was written, but I did find some common ground. Yes, she was kind to her parents and really bashed Gothard. Not as much as I thought there would be about Josh though. And  yes, she spoke of this site. She said something like we were well meaning. 

      Overall, it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I came out of it kind of liking her. 

      Yeah, I felt the same.

      She clearly feels passionate about her denomination of reformed Christianity, and was keen to highlight which parts of the Gothard teaching were personally unhelpful for her.

      It is not a family tell-all, but she does discuss how Gothard's teachings can be damaging. In multiple places I thought "say more about this!", although she does reference all of the main points, and, and condemn them.

      One of the thing she does speak about is how Gothard teaching's expectations for men and women in marriage are unhelpful. She said that the culture led men to get away with all sorts of things with no accountability, and that the burden of keeping everyone happy and keeping a relationship functional is placed on the woman, who should never criticise or even *have* expectations of her husband. She says this is an attitude she had to unlearn. (I get the impression they would subscribe to a form of complementarianism, tho she never states it outright. But the version endorsed here is more the type where the husband also has obligations to fulfil).

      But I would say it is as it has been advertised - a personal account of her particular faith journey, a religious memoir.

      Also, it was refreshing to read something about a topic with without feeling that I was engaged in a vitriolic discourse. It is making me rethink my social media usage, tbh. It was not a stressful book to take in and her presentation of it was engaging (I listened to the audiobook). Theology is interesting, and it me reflect on the differences between the Reformed and Catholic understanding of atonement and salvation.

      She stated that she wrote the book to help people, and I could see this being the case for others that can relate to her position of feeling trapped a their particular religious system, but who do not want to let go of God. The act of re-examining ones beliefs is relatable even to non-religious people. Anyone interested in this as a process may be encouraged by reading an account of someone's journey of re-examination.

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      Jennifer said she had a very good wig maker for this role. Thank goodness! One of my peeves when watching movies is very bad wigs. It’s so distracting. Of course Gwen’s hair is always distracting. But from the pictures I’ve seen, Jennifer Grey’s wig looks a lot like Gwen’s insane hair. 

    • Cam


      11 minutes ago, nst said:

      it just reinforced that it was a love letter to her boys - all three of them, tommy and her kids. 

      i would hate to be tommy's third wife right now....it was so obvious. 

      I certainly didn’t see it as a love letter to Tommy. Nothing discussed about him in the doc is surprising.

      Not sure if Pamela grasps how she plays into the patriarchy.

      The one part of the doc that sticks with me is after their sex tape went public. Pam was a mom by then and her and Tommy went out to a club for the evening. Massive amounts of paparazzi were on top of them, converging all around them and you can hear one guy angrily screaming over and over, “Pam, where is your BABY?! WHERE is your BABY?! WHERE IS YOUR BABY?!” as if she was somehow guilty of being a bad mother and neglecting her child because she went out for the evening (whom her mom was watching). You know, these disgusting patriarchal dudes want women to act like the Virgin Mary after they give birth, and the fact that Pam was a hot young woman who enjoyed sex AND was also a mother was just too much for their pea sized penis brains.

    • nst


      18 hours ago, Cam said:

      I just watched the Netflix documentary about Pamela Anderson and found it insightful: “Pamela: A Love Story”. It’s not like I’m big fan of hers, but I like her. 

      I have a hold on her book at the library.

      it just reinforced that it was a love letter to her boys - all three of them, tommy and her kids. 

      i would hate to be tommy's third wife right now....it was so obvious. 

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    • Bluebirdbluebell


      Disgusted with Catholic Church over Cardinal Pell's funeral this week. It really reflects poorly on the church and should be a red flag to Catholics.
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    • PennySycamore


      I've been away since about 10 PM on Monday evening.  My husband noticed that my speech was a bit slurred, called my daughter to see if she concurred and they both agreed that I needed to go to the hospital.  There I was taken back within minutes to be evaluated for a stroke.   My BP was sky-high. I. undressed and was helped into a hospital gown.  The PureWick did not work that night so when I had to go I just went.  (I do want a PureWick if I ever get urinary stress incontenence though and would need to wear diapers.). 
      I had a CT scan fairly early the next morning and it confirmed that I'd sufffered a mild stroke,  I had an MRI that afternoon which confirmed the both the mild stroke and no other damage and yet I had another CT scan -this time with a contrast medium injected.  I was allowed the Heart Healthy diet and my BP had dropped to 180/100.  They don'y want to drop the BP too rapidly so it has dropped enough to turn to Lisinipril to drop it further.
      After the ER. I was sent to the ICU and stayed until I was discharged this afternoon.  The staff were all really nice and my husband and two daughters were with me most of the time, helping out.  My oldest daughter's van was in the shop so I let her borrow the MINI since I knew she could drive a stick.  When she was visiting yesterday afternoon, her husband was in the ER waiting on a CT can and today, she was there when the speech pathologist was visiting.  She was able to get some good advice from her as her husband is currently unable to swallow.
      Anyway I'm home.  My dogs and the cat to see me home, especially my dachsie, were happy to see me home.
      A couple of things I learned:
      I need to teach my husband about loading the dishwasher.
      Jill would never be able to handle bedpans.
      · 7 replies
    • 47of74


      Fornicate.  Six more weeks of winter according to Phil.
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    • Jinder Roles

      Jinder Roles

      Currently obsessed with Laura Mvula, a musical genius
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    • Bluebirdbluebell


      I highly recommend Not the Good Girl's Youtube channel. She is making great documentaries about cults.
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