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Weather in Iowa

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Hey TV People




When you’re drawing on the weather map it’s probably a good idea to avoid phallic looking stuff. 


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    • finacial ice


      On 7/19/2021 at 9:20 AM, NarcissismKills said:

      At their 4th of July event, Michael sat on the stage for the so-called adult musical numbers. He didn't appear to be in charge of anything at all. He shifted around constantly,  twitching and sipping some water or munching a snack. He seemed to be pretty much ignored by most of the other men, you know, the ones with the fascist haircuts. I think they had all been in the David Martin music fan club, as it were. Michael doesn't currently appear to be up to much in terms of leadership. 

      i always found when Michael spoke or gave any kind of godly message, it always seemed truly from his heart and made complete sense! There seemed to be something Michael didn't agree with or didn't like what was going on in the church.  He wasn't much on being fake or hanging out with fake people. 

    • theotherelise


      I know on Target you can list things on a registry and then mark it as purchased yourself. The intention is so that you can track when people give you gifts without going through the registry. It can be helpful too (especially on baby registries) if you've been handed down something to claim it as "purchased" so that people who are being creative don't think "oh! they should have put X on the registry. I'll get them X because it's so essential."

      Not sure if you can do that on Amazon. I do think it's likely they would be married before the end of the year based on the christmas time visit. 

      It's pretty astonishing how different this Jana courtship is from what we would've expected pre Josh arrest. I'm sure there are many craven executives at TLC who are mourning all that interest they missed out on. 

    • JillyO


      Karen (Shupe) Woolley had a baby boy in late June. No name from what I can tell. She looks amazing and very happy. Being far away from her toxic family seems to suit her very well. 

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    • AprilQuilt


      4 hours ago, EmCatlyn said:

      You got me down the Willis rabbit hole with this question.  Thanks for some fascinating reading.  (I was vaguely aware of the family and the story, but never looked closely.)

      My best guess for why some people are readier to understand why Brenda Willis didn’t leave is that she didn’t, while with Anna there is still the hope that she will.  In other words, Brenda’s choice was in the past, so condemning her seemed cruel when she was obviously suffering.  With Anna we are responding in the present: she can still leave.

      This, but I think in this case there is also the fact that it's not Anna's first rodeo. With the historic sexual assaults of his sisters, the Ashley Madison incident, and now the CSA images on his computer, she has had three highly public scandals and for all except the latest he has admitted that he did it. What she knew about his teenage behaviour is still a grey area but it's obviously something the whole family knows how to justify. The Ashley Madison/Danica Dillon stuff must have taken her to pieces but hmm yeah I get why she might have chosen to stay. This time... how many strikes do you need? Really? 

      Mind you, I also totally get why a woman in this position "can't" leave. Coercive control is hard for anyone to break free from and tbh their entire cults are one great big theatre of coercive control. Plus they have no education; no skills or training; no money that isn't controlled by the husband; in both cases their entire identity and livelihood is tied up in a family business that requires them to be a unit... in such a situation nobody wants to believe that their spouse is a monster and they might genuinely not be capable of getting their head around it. I cannot personally imagine staying with a man who sexually abused our children, let alone continuing to enable the children's abuse, but then I have my own income, monetisable skills, an equal relationship, the confidence to stand up for myself, and the knowledge that marriage does not have to be forever. It's horrific but once you're trapped it only gets harder to leave.

    • kbohn23


      Just now, JermajestyDuggar said:

      If that is their real registry, I bet that date is incorrect. Duggars always fudge the dates. Plus if everything is bought, I would guess the wedding would be sooner rather than later. 

      Yep I was thinking the same thing. November seems so far off for a Duggar wedding and no way would everything be purchased already. I have no reason to think this, its just a feeling, but I think the wedding might be this saturday the 31st



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