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Iowa is about to get hit with the winter storm that hit the Rockies not too long ago.  Right now it looks like we're getting several inches of snow over the next couple days.  I cut my job interview trip short and started to head back home, I'll have to do the interview on zoom.  I was looking forward to meeting my potential new employer in person and checking out the town too.  Ugh. 

Here in the upper Midwest it always seems like winter has one last blast before giving up and letting spring come in full time.  In 2018 when I was in Minnesota for school we got hit by a blizzard in April which delayed me getting home for a day.  Two weeks later I was mowing the lawn at home.

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    • Marionette


      2 hours ago, G33kywife said:

      I get that Calvinists and Arminians have some pretty big differences in how they view doctrine, but none of it pertains to anything that Christians consider “primary essentials.” I have studied both viewpoints extensively, and I understand that some people are super passionate about one side or another. I just can’t see how choosing to marry someone from a different side would cause division. It seems like Jinger has an extreme people pleaser personality and was terrified of causing waves. Sad. 

      (Sorry to double-post, I’m on mobile.) 

      Maybe it’s because I grew up IFB, but the differences were always a big deal. Even after leaving fundamentalism, I am still a Christian and find it a big deal. Now I personally believe God chose everyone, and I could not fathom believing in a god who only chose certain people and damned the rest to hell (Calvinism). Furthermore, Calvinists tend to believe that god literally orchestrates every. single. thing. that happens you, and if you are suffering, it is because he is trying to “get your attention,” and that he BRINGS HIMSELF GLORY through human suffering—which I find very twisted and disgusting. I tend to lean more free will (though I don’t believe you can lose your salvation like Arminians) and consequence than divine providence. 

      This is, at least, my experience with Calvinism and Calvinists/Calvinist-influenced people I know. I’ve heard the above ideas (about “god-ordained” suffering and divine intervention) a lot in the Southern Baptist Convention (2nd largest denom in the US), because SBC is heavily influenced by Reformed theology (they read/quote a lot of John Piper, Tim Keller, and John MacArthur). Those beliefs may span over several denominations/groups, but they seem to be rooted in Calvinism.

      Anyway, none of this really has a whole lot to do with JinJer, I’m just projecting. Church trauma has been a weird thing to work through. I’m happy to hear anyone else’s thoughts on the matter. 

    • HoneyBunny


      1 hour ago, feministxtian said:

      The priest won't give a damn. He probably considers you a non-Catholic anyway. 

      I told off a priest at my mother's funeral. It didn't do any good. I wanted to slap the smug right off his face. The mother had not been to Mass in years due to being housebound...he was like "well how do I know she was still Catholic?". 


      That would have pushed me over the edge, too. My mom hasn’t been to Mass in years either; however, she turned a table into an altar with her own tablecloth and crucifix for the Eucharistic minister to use when he visited her assisted living center. And since the pandemic, with no Eucharistic ministers allowed in, she is the person who has organized  non-denominational  Christmas and Easter services for all the residents. Don’t tell me she’s not Catholic enough. 

      Thank you all for your support.  It’s exactly what I need right now, and what I was pretty sure I’d find here. As for sending my letter to the diocese…the bishop is the one who is leading the charge on this. In fact, the first words the priest said Saturday evening is that he was so blessed to be serving under this bishop because of his firm stand on these issues. So, yeah, no help there. 

      There is a liberal Jesuit parish operating about 25 miles north of where I live.  It intermittently has and doesn’t have the blessing of the diocese (a different one than I’m in).  I have a feeling it’s on the outs right now. I might try there, but, frankly, am not sure if I’m committed enough after all this to even give it a try. 

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    • AussieKrissy


      8 hours ago, Four is Enough said:

      As an adoptive parent of two severely neglected children, I would have been surprised that the birth parents were actually giving money to the state to support their neglected children. Hell, they neglected them when they were in the same house! Are they going to step up when someone else is feeding them, housing them, clothing them, sending them to school? 

      Sorry, that set me off.. I don't have any photos of my two youngest until I met them when they were school aged. Their previous caregiver does but she won't share them. Our social worker said it was important for them to remember and grieve that time, but she has steadfastly refused to show anyone those photos.

      Oh, and... all those holding companies... isn't that a good way to launder money? JB? got an answer?

      Where she live? well organise a fj raiding party! fuck her! people like that shit the fuck out of me!!!! Poor Babes. Who wants to make little ones live shittier!

    • SnarkyLawyer


      12 minutes ago, Mela99 said:


      What he’s gonna beg the judge for.

      I'm thinking of an alternative name that is sooooo inappropriate, right now. 🤐

    • Marionette


      18 hours ago, OldFadedStar said:

      Jessa told Jeremy to go on this mission trip to get to know Jinger better and the whole family. 

      Do y’all know how many people went on these ducking SOS mission trips to get close to the Duggars? I know of one girl who was a fan of them, and she went to FUCKING CENTRAL AMERICA to become friends with them.... and it WORKED. She was henceforth invited to all the weddings, graduations, and other big parties. Sorry for the caps, but some of this shit continues to blow me away. It’s one thing to go to Big Sandy, TX, but—out of the country?! Also just an indication of white privilege/saviorism...

      I already couldn’t stand Jeremy, but this book makes him look so much worse. They thought writing this book would somehow be uplifting, but it’s just revealing how fucked up their world is. And it makes it more clear that Jeremy is controlling and manipulative. 

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