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Baby Thor

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Adventure Kitty

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Someone had a big adventure this week!  

We've been trying to get our house sold and some of the feedback mentioned the urine smell from the cats.  So the last two showings I put the Princess outside and took Thor to our office complex along with his litter box.  The first day I had my grandkitty Rowena and he.  One of our buildings has a series of classrooms with an office inside an office, so double doors plus the main entrance doors.  When I put he and Roweenie kitty they stayed in the office with just the door pulled shut.  He got down between a pair of desks and stayed there till it was time to leave.  Well the second time I guess I didn't pull the door shut well enough and Mr. Thor the Wanderer needed to go exploring.  

We called and searched inside and took turns sitting in the back classrooms (storage space these days) and just listened for his bell or him to move something.  There was a pretty nasty thunderstorm so I know his nerves were bad, I understand him hiding out.  7 hours ya'll.  He didn't make a peep and I started to get freaked out that he'd somehow slipped out the main doors.  My husband toured the grounds and called and called.  He came home and got his food bowl and shook it in around.   Nothing.  So we called the alarm company and asked how high the motion sensors were set and told them about the rogue kitty.  

I cried till I was sore.  I was so scared that he wasn't in the building.  He managed to set the alarm off twice in the early morning hours so that made me 100% better.  I got up this morning & went to the office and called him and then just sat for a while.  It was a few minutes later he comes sneaking out of the most packed room in the back.  He had some random cobwebs stuck to his whiskers and he was a little freaked but he came right to me and let me pick him up.  He's home safe and sound but now I know....if he has to go back for a visit, SHUT BOTH DOORS! 

Thank you, thank  you for every prayer, every candle, every good thought.  

OH! also we have a new addition to the family, meet Mina.  I rescued her from our local pound about a month ago, she's somewhere between 2 & 3 years old and I believe she's a Kelpie or a mix of Kelpie and Terrier.  She's really great and loves the new farm land we bought. Thor was not amused but he's warming up to her. 








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Please tell Thor that he needs to totally apologize for stressing his world-wide family of followers the fuck out. I worried myself stupid over him last night, including growling at my 2 that if they EVER thought of sneaking out I'd turn them into mukluks in a minute. 

My two like to hide when they're stressed out (or in Leia's case, some stranger comes in the house) and they freak me out when they do it...can't even entice them out with treats when they get that way. 

SOOOOO thankful that Thor is safe, sound, home and hopefully behaving (yeah, I know). Scared me shitless that my favorite little black panther had gotten out and was on the town. 

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I’m so glad he’s safe. Not having pets I really love all of yours from afar...especially the ones we’ve known since babies.

Rowena is damn precious. In addition to the mug she has cute toes. I’ve noticed the markings in the last few pics.

And welcome Mina! She looks like a lively addition. Fab ears!

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      2 minutes ago, Captain Obvious said:

      Live streams now up on youtube/Staddon family website:


      The venue is... functional I guess. 


      They have 4 cameras set up! Now that’s the Staddons for you.

      Brown is obviously a wedding color since mom of the bride and youngest sister of the bride are wearing matching brown frumpers. 

      One of the Frazer sons was stroking mama Frazer’s long hair like you would pet a little girl’s hair. Strange. 

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      Live streams now up on youtube/Staddon family website:


      The venue is... functional I guess. 


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      9 hours ago, lilwriter85 said:

      I'm thinking that too if she outlives him.  She would probably move in with one of her kids in California. I doubt she'd move to upstate New York to live with Steven and his family. 

      I don't think her life will change much at all if Ken goes before her.  She will stay in her home,  keep doing what she's doing, and be happy for losing her ten minutes and lube a few times a week job.   She has no money problems and despite her helpless female act, you know she has a list of handy people at her beck and call. Plus, the housekeeper can call them if she doesn't feel up to it.  Why move in with her kids who have less than the perfect kitchen set up for her perfect bread and might want her to make them a slimy salad occasionally and watch the kids sometimes?  I mean, she has fat people on the beach to scold!  Women to shame!  And once She is a widow - all the other widows who had to work, well, she will smugly know it is their fault because she didn't have to, because She doesn't hate God and His Perfect Ways!    Nothing to do with insurance.  Nope!  


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      Abbie,  I hope you read this with the love I'm saying it with: You're right, Jesus forgives. And I believe you when you say you repent. But why wouldn't you also tell us about the restoration that you need to do, asking your kids for forgiveness? Why do you get so rage filled and take it as a personal offense that your son spent time building something in his room, out of your way? You keep getting angry over the same offenses of your children (that you've seemed to admit aren't actual offenses). 

      I know we are joking on here that Jesus isn't a hall pass, but it's true. You need to find an older woman who can be the Titus 2 role model and support for you to move past the frequent anger and frustration at your kids. At the very least, don't minimize your anger and perfection as something you have to keep repenting for. Do something to change it. God doesn't give us grace so we can keep repeating the same sins and then pull our Jesus get out of jail free card. 




      Another homeschool fundie mom of 8

    • Arkfundy

      Posted (edited)

      9 hours ago, Daisy0322 said:

      Even if meeting their needs is specified women and men both- they're only taught to want missionary, procreating, very vanilla sex though correct? And if so then some people who be getting their needs met but not anyone whose into anything else. I mean there's a large range of creativity sexually speaking that they miss out on if they were potentially interested. I mean I'm not into anything i would consider extremely unusual but I do like to experiment.... it seems like there wouldn't be much room for that 

      Raised in a fundamental culture and actually “vanilla sex” is laughable...we were never taught that sex was only for procreation..but that it was between married people to be enjoyed. Birth control used by almost every couple(and women have careers- not raised fundamental Baptist). The marriage bed was “undefiled” so whatever happened there was “fine”...2 things we were told were wrong were orgies, and pornography. Bringing others into your marriage bed was considered sinful. I’ve attended many lingerie showers were the gifts were risqué and  people do discuss their private lives with friends, I can say “vanilla sex” is not the norm. Whips, edibles, and sex toys are not uncommon. 

      A friend who left the church once said “church girls are freaks once the lights go out”....and honestly about 75 percent of the people I know did not wait till marriage. Most  people have a sex drive and enjoy sex...fundamental Christians are no different. 

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