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Found 14 results

  1. Imrlgoddess

    Hims 4 years old!

    Our baby is 4 years old today! Hims a chonky chonk living it up with the Princess.
  2. Imrlgoddess

    Hims Three!

    It's our baby's birthday today 😊 He's had adventures, a,new fridge to scale, & a new doggie to argue with. He & Mina are still working out their lap domination dynamic. Our favorite kitty decided to help himself to daddy's muffins I made the other night. I woke up to discover a shredded zip lock, and half a muffin clean gone. He'd left tooth marks in several others. Honey discovered said muffins halfway down the hall into Thor's room. The muffin destruction was great. I lub my baby.
  3. Imrlgoddess

    Adventure Kitty

    Someone had a big adventure this week! We've been trying to get our house sold and some of the feedback mentioned the urine smell from the cats. So the last two showings I put the Princess outside and took Thor to our office complex along with his litter box. The first day I had my grandkitty Rowena and he. One of our buildings has a series of classrooms with an office inside an office, so double doors plus the main entrance doors. When I put he and Roweenie kitty they stayed in the office with just the door pulled shut. He got down between a pair of desks and stayed there till it was time to leave. Well the second time I guess I didn't pull the door shut well enough and Mr. Thor the Wanderer needed to go exploring. We called and searched inside and took turns sitting in the back classrooms (storage space these days) and just listened for his bell or him to move something. There was a pretty nasty thunderstorm so I know his nerves were bad, I understand him hiding out. 7 hours ya'll. He didn't make a peep and I started to get freaked out that he'd somehow slipped out the main doors. My husband toured the grounds and called and called. He came home and got his food bowl and shook it in around. Nothing. So we called the alarm company and asked how high the motion sensors were set and told them about the rogue kitty. I cried till I was sore. I was so scared that he wasn't in the building. He managed to set the alarm off twice in the early morning hours so that made me 100% better. I got up this morning & went to the office and called him and then just sat for a while. It was a few minutes later he comes sneaking out of the most packed room in the back. He had some random cobwebs stuck to his whiskers and he was a little freaked but he came right to me and let me pick him up. He's home safe and sound but now I know....if he has to go back for a visit, SHUT BOTH DOORS! Thank you, thank you for every prayer, every candle, every good thought. OH! also we have a new addition to the family, meet Mina. I rescued her from our local pound about a month ago, she's somewhere between 2 & 3 years old and I believe she's a Kelpie or a mix of Kelpie and Terrier. She's really great and loves the new farm land we bought. Thor was not amused but he's warming up to her.
  4. Imrlgoddess

    Happy Valentine's Thorsday!

    We've had quite the adventures the last few weeks. Roweenie Kitty has been visiting for a while, the daughter's complex caught on to their dog so she snuck the kitten out just in time. (They need to pay all their pet deposits) Two weeks ago the older kitties were sick, I thought Princess had caught mange from somewhere outside but it turned out to be just a case of fleas and some serious scratching. Some meds and and a good bath got her fixed up. While she was itching I noticed her sneezing a bit as well. Not long after, The Old Man caught her cold and Thor soon followed. Old Tex being...well...old, I sent him to the vet. Unfortunately he didn't come home. His age had gotten the better of him and we all agreed to let him go peacefully. I need to go pick up his ashes. His last few days were spent laying in the sunbeams with his buddy. Thor kitty recovered with some antibiotics and some steam therapy. He and the Princess were a bit down for a few days, they knew someone was missing. Then Ro Ro came to visit and play. She seemed to pull everyone out of the funk. I noticed her sneezing a bit yesterday so I made sure to give her some vitamins and keep her little nose clean. Got meds on standby just in case. We have a new farm we'll be fixing up just in time for spring. The babies will have a different house to explore and enjoy. I do hope they'll like it.
  5. Imrlgoddess

    Thor Made a Fwend!

    Thor made a friend this week. I've been kitten sitting, she's a wee tiny scrap of a thing. Her mom is munchkin, not sure what dad is, but she wasn't a full price kitty. The first day or so was a bit hairy, she's small but has no fear! She was telling those big cats what side their bread was buttered on! By the end of this week she & Thor have been ripping & roaring. They are quite the partners in crime. I give you: Mistress Rowena Longbottom (Rowena, I added all the fun bits) And Thor's "I'm not guilty" face after they midnight trashed my kitchen table & stepped on Honey's macaroons
  6. Imrlgoddess

    Thor, Christmas Helper

    He's the most helpful helper who ever helped! He inspected the Amazon box & contents for danger, he kept me company while I worked. He's a very curious kitty. I mean it's entirely possible that I was cutting cheese on the walking around on thing, he had to be ready in case a piece fell. Thank you @EowynW for the gift idea! I've never made lotion bars before. I do soap pretty regularly but haven't ventured into butter territory. I got some 2oz screw top tins from Amazon, they are purrfect! I used: shea butter, beeswax, Jojoba oil, a drop of Vitamin E, & French lavender & sage for scent.
  7. Imrlgoddess


    When you don't have hooman children to dress up, you turn to your pets, lol! Precious was a hit as a UniPuppy.....Dogicorn? Thor was quite fascinated by mama's incense, he loves to watch the smoke. Moms candy wrapper pile was pretty entertaining too. Pretty, pretty Princess stood guard by me while I handed out treats, she enjoyed some Halloween face rubs.
  8. Imrlgoddess

    Black Cat Appreciation Day

    So it's black cat appreciation day. He's been such a sweetie muffin lately, as he gets older he mellows out. The Little Hooman moved out for college recently and he was very curious about the boxes & empty room. So far he knows something changed but he's not searching for her yet. (She has to stay gone more than 2 nights for him to miss he)
  9. Imrlgoddess

    Helpful Kitty

    Yay for a long weekend, but we'll be back at it with a vengeance tomorrow. I have been attempting to do some laundry today but apparently the basket (full or empty) is kitty territory. Thor was being swipey kitty to the Princess through the handle holes until she informed him that she wasn't amused. So now he's just protecting my ungodly swimwear. They'll get put away eventually.
  10. Imrlgoddess

    Throw Back Thorsday

    Ya know, cause there are never enough kitty pictures out there. He was a sweet little jelly bean nugget, now he's a straw stealing, drink dumping monstrosity that gives wet nose kissy apologies.
  11. Imrlgoddess

    Happy 2nd Birthday!

    Hims twwwooo!!!! Our little nugget is two years old y'all! Today he gets wet num nums all to himself & all the scritches & squeezies he can handle... and some he can't.... I didn't have a party hat in my phone picture doodle thing so a top hat will have to do.
  12. Imrlgoddess

    It's Birthday Week!!

    Tomorrow marks 2 years since that fateful day when our favorite baby & his siblings crawled their wee tiny little selves out from under my house. While his sissy & brother went on to kitty Valhalla, baby Thor stuck with us & has become the darling of the household. Every morning there are head butts & wet nose kissies, every evening there is good night cuddles & squeezes. He lounges. He plays. He meets us at the door every time we come home from anywhere. He's my sweet sweet baby cat. Day 1
  13. Imrlgoddess

    Still a kitten!

    I'm finally able to get into my blog! I've been trying & trying to post but the little plus sign drop down doesn't show any blogs. So I searched & found my way in! Anywho... he's been the ultimate kitty protector since my carpal tunnel surgery. He was nursekitty extraordinaire the first few days after, laying on me to help me sleep, breaking into the bathroom to supervise baths... We caught him being all cute, playing with his ball earlier. For your viewing pleasure:
  14. Imrlgoddess

    I Need Kitten Pics Today

    Snuggly little mongrel. We're still doing the bedtime dance.
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