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Baby Thor

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Happy Valentine's Thorsday!



We've had quite the adventures the last few weeks.  Roweenie Kitty has been visiting for a while, the daughter's complex caught on to their dog so she snuck the kitten out just in time.  (They need to pay all their pet deposits)  

Two weeks ago the older kitties were sick, I thought Princess had caught mange from somewhere outside but it turned out to be just a case of fleas and some serious scratching.  Some meds and and a good bath got her fixed up.  While she was itching I noticed her sneezing a bit as well.  Not long after, The Old Man caught her cold and Thor soon followed.  Old Tex being...well...old, I sent him to the vet.  Unfortunately he didn't come home.  His age had gotten the better of him and we all agreed to let him go peacefully.  I need to go pick up his ashes.  His last few days were spent laying in the sunbeams with his buddy.

Thor kitty recovered with some antibiotics and some steam therapy.  He and the Princess were a bit down for a few days, they knew someone was missing.  Then Ro Ro came to visit and play.  She seemed to pull everyone out of the funk.  I noticed her sneezing a bit yesterday so I made sure to give her some vitamins and keep her little nose clean.  Got meds on standby just in case.  

We have a new farm we'll be fixing up just in time for spring.  The babies will have a different house to explore and enjoy.  I do hope they'll like it.




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i'm so sorry about Old Tex; i hope you all find comfort in his memory.

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Thank you, he was a really great cat, I know he had a good life.

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I'm sorry about Old Tex. It's hard to lose a furry family member. 

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I’m so sorry to hear about Old Tex. I’m glad the other fur babies are doing well

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Fuzzies are members of our families. 

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