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Baby Thor

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Happy Valentine's Thorsday!



We've had quite the adventures the last few weeks.  Roweenie Kitty has been visiting for a while, the daughter's complex caught on to their dog so she snuck the kitten out just in time.  (They need to pay all their pet deposits)  

Two weeks ago the older kitties were sick, I thought Princess had caught mange from somewhere outside but it turned out to be just a case of fleas and some serious scratching.  Some meds and and a good bath got her fixed up.  While she was itching I noticed her sneezing a bit as well.  Not long after, The Old Man caught her cold and Thor soon followed.  Old Tex being...well...old, I sent him to the vet.  Unfortunately he didn't come home.  His age had gotten the better of him and we all agreed to let him go peacefully.  I need to go pick up his ashes.  His last few days were spent laying in the sunbeams with his buddy.

Thor kitty recovered with some antibiotics and some steam therapy.  He and the Princess were a bit down for a few days, they knew someone was missing.  Then Ro Ro came to visit and play.  She seemed to pull everyone out of the funk.  I noticed her sneezing a bit yesterday so I made sure to give her some vitamins and keep her little nose clean.  Got meds on standby just in case.  

We have a new farm we'll be fixing up just in time for spring.  The babies will have a different house to explore and enjoy.  I do hope they'll like it.




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i'm so sorry about Old Tex; i hope you all find comfort in his memory.

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Thank you, he was a really great cat, I know he had a good life.

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I'm sorry about Old Tex. It's hard to lose a furry family member. 

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I’m so sorry to hear about Old Tex. I’m glad the other fur babies are doing well

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Fuzzies are members of our families. 

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    • Palimpsest


      3 hours ago, CTRLZero said:

      Did I miss the mother's day tribute? 

      I think we all did.  Including his mother Jodi and poor Esther.  It was ignored by John, at least publicly.

      Instead on May 13 John was busy perseverating about the memory of an unspecified attack by Satan 4 years ago.  And then he was working other people really hard preparing for his men's conference with Bro. Ted. 

    • Curious


      Hi Folks,

      @TenYearOldJezzie has verified with me.  I'm comfortable saying she is who she says she is, but at always it's the internet.

      Carry on :)

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    • Alisamer


      On June 16, 2019 at 5:44 AM, Quiver Full of Kittens said:

       Every year she takes her youth group there from Kansas on a sort of field trip. I have to imagine that sort of thing is fairly common.

      Also don't forget the bus tours full of elderly people. My parents saw the Ark Encounter on one of the bus trips they go on. Between youth groups, buses full of the elderly and fundie megafamilies, I can see it getting some business, unfortunately.

      They didn't tell me much about it as I'd mocked it mercilessly before they even left to go there. Same with the Museum of the Bible - call it "the Hobby Lobby Museum of Stolen Antiquities" once or twice, and they'll skip that part when telling you about their trip.

      (I don't THINK my parents are young earth people, though I've never discussed it with them. I am certain our history-loving, father of a science major pastor isn't, however. Why does Jesus get to speak in parables but Genesis has to be 100% literal?)

    • JermajestyDuggar


      It bugs me that the girls have to hang onto someone in family photos. Why can’t they just stand there like the boys? 


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    • HereticHick


      Met this bunny last week in Switzerland...


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    • nst


      I start my new part time job today in a non profit company. 
      Not nervous because it's part time. 
      I am so glad I am no longer with the professor. 
      I just want to be a ray of light and service 
      · 1 reply
    • LittleOwl


      Apparently I am trying Bouldering on Saturday.  With the upper body strength of a flower, this can only end well... right? 
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    • OyHiOh


      Went to a writer's group meeting yesterday.  First time I've gone to this group's meetings.  Different from other groups I've participated in - this one was a series of prompts and exercises.  I was in a bit of a mood going in - Father's Day weekend for a recent widow is no laugh matter; several social/annoying things happened at Shabbat service in the morning, and one of our service leaders made a "somebody really should" statement of the writing variety and once I hear someone say "someone really should" I usually can't unsee the idea until I've had a try at it.  We did a word association map for one exercise, then wrote something based on part or all of the word map.  I picked a section of the map that had some references to knives and fancy dress balls to write from.  I'm pretty proud of what I wrote in 15 minutes but it's pretty clear that I was in a "mood."
      The night of the long knives came and went as a plague on the first born of the land.  Men perfectly healthy went to bed only to be jerked from sleep with knives against their throats.  Here were the leaders of men, thrust against walls at the point of a stiletto, there the young men only following their orders, and over there again the family men who didn't exactly plan to pursue this path but perfectly content where they'd found themselves.  At the end of a blade, deep in the depression years, taking their payslips home at the end of the week feeling they'd done a good job, and a little extra for mother in the kitchen. The years of children, church, and kitchen. The good women. Most of them not owning a fancy pair of shoes or a party dress, for who had time?  The children needed their mothers at home, the men away at work.
      The children of course, were not silent.  Soldiers burst into their homes, dragged their fathers out of bed.  Mothers clutching their husbands, children wailing for their papas. The ones who understood left quietly, reassuring the children on their way out - it's a special exercise, I couldn't know about it beforehand, otherwise I would have told you.  Hush child, I'll be home in a few days. They knew they'd be lucky to make it to the end of the block, of course, but let the children hope for a little bit longer, before all hope fell away and their eyes opened to the hatred their own fathers had taken part in.
      Others didn't understand, resisted and fought against the soldiers who came into their homes.  They'd believed in the banners and flags, they'd stood and cheered, they'd enjoyed seeing fear cross the faces of those who understood.  Now they themselves fought back in fear. Fear of losing their lives for who could possibly know what comes next? Wagner wrote of Valhalla, their wives faithfully attended church; surely there was something to greet them when the heart stopped quivering, trying to pump blood flowing onto floors, and truck beds, and sidewalks.  
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    • Dreadcrumbs


      I'm hooked on Duolingo. It's more helpful than I initially thought.
      · 0 replies
    • mollysmom


      Almost lost my little dog Molly today  Thankfully she seems to be ok but the next 24 hours are crucial. My ex husband came home to find her blanket wrapped around her neck real tight and she was just laying on the floor. He got her untangled and the blanket had blood on it and she had pooped and peed (probably so scared while it was happening) She started coughing up blood and her one eye is all bulged out and bloody. He called me and I told him to get her to the nearest emergency vet and I would meet him there. They said she's really lucky to be alive. They said to keep a close eye on her breathing the next 24 hours but after that if she's ok she should be fine. They sent her home with eyedrops and an anti-inflammatory medicine for her little neck. I'm so happy that she is ok but man, my heart is broken just thinking about how terrified my poor little baby was! I really really hope dogs have short memories so she doesn't remember this but even thinking about how she was most likely struggling just breaks my heart. I know she's "just" a dog so this is probably silly to alot of people, I totally get that, but she is my baby. I never had children. Molly is my baby. Everytime I think about how she was probably feeling I just cry. But I'm so glad she's alive.
      · 9 replies
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