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Confetti and Funfetti

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Five Feline Traits

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Dailymail ran an article on cats' personality mirroring their owner's and it led to a link to a personality quiz for my kitty. In a nutshell there are five feline traits: Skittishness, Outgoing, Dominance, Friendliness and Spontaneity. Her results come across as mostly accurate, but I'm also the person who filled out the survey so it would be very strange if they didn't. She's typical on most, a high outlier on Outgoing and Skittishness and low on Spontaneity. They mention indoor cats tend to rank Friendlier, but taking a closer look it also impacts the Spontaneity score. She's lower than I would have guessed from my survey responses, so there's a weighted variable factor in play of the indoor/outdoor hours per day, FYI. 

Figured I'd share the links if anyone is interested, you get a report emailed to you that explains the characteristics and has a graph showing where they fall compared to other cats!

I'm awake because of the cat and her made up games, this is first time she's had stairs and the novelty of sprinting them in her made up obstacle courses hasn't worn off. Her speed racer trilling is loud, but I appreciate that she cheers herself on. I don't know if that's one of the mirrored behaviors discussed in the article and project, because I too actively encourage myself and did so while cleaning out the fridge (whole other bucket of self examination there). 

She's a sweet cat, for the most part just wants to be wherever I am and opens door handles to get her way, bathroom included. She brings me toys to play with her, brings me her favorite bottle caps when I have a migraine and puts them in the bed to cheer me up. 

I'm a bit nervous about our future, my ex is really wanting her to come live with him or fly her out for a visit. I've got to do more research on it, he paid all of the adoption and vet fees, but also let me bring her when I moved. He can get very stubborn and currently has the upper hand financially, but I don't think it's good for her anxiety to start flying her about.

If you take the survey let me know how your kitty ranks and how accurate you think it is!

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  • Posts

    • FecundFundieFundus


      1 hour ago, Caroline said:


      It's all so strange to me, but then again, I'm not a big user of social media, so I don't understand the comfort he appears to get from talking to so many strangers, many of whom are making inappropriate comments.  I'd be afraid that a crazy one or two would pay them a visit.  He's sharing too much of their current situation.  Maybe I just don't trust strangers enough or am a lot more private than Tom.

      I think they publish their PO Box address for YouTube followers to send gifts. I know they opened presents one Christmas where Andrea thanked the gifters using their social media handles. It was kind of weird. Their address wouldn't be hard to find anyway because Tom's work is based out of their house. Totally agree with you about the need for home security- I think they collected an odd bunch of followers. 

    • adidas


      10 hours ago, jillsdopplerofdoom said:

      Can someone put the episodes on YouTube as usual please. Not sure if it is someone on here who does it but if you can that would be great. Doesn't start in the UK until the 21st. 

      Yes please!

      I am on bed rest (recovering from influenza, hence my increase in posting during waking hours) and I’m bored out of my brain. I am too tired to do anything but I need something to entertain me because I’m past the stage of sleeping for 22 hours a day.

      Please feel free to @ me, or to send or post links for me. I’m likely to forget that I posted this haha.

    • Curious


      On 9/13/2019 at 3:21 PM, bea said:

      Has someone set up a fundie divorce/separation post? Because FFS I cannot keep track.

      This is @Bethella realm.   She is AMAZING at keeping up with all this stuff. and a great asset to FJ :)  

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    • adidas


      Someone needs to step in, for Lauren’s sake. With love and compassion. This is so unhealthy. Sadly, nobody will because they’re milking it for what it’s worth because of their extreme pro-life beliefs.

      I’ve always thought Lauren was immature and extremely self-absorbed, but this is ridiculously over the top. Poor Joy :( 

      There is just no self awareness at all - but I guess that’s to be expected when teenagers try to play grown ups.

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      23 hours ago, Mari2 said:

      I agree that it was inconsiderate to ask people eating lunch to move elsewhere just so James could shoot a mediocre photo.  

      I get this feeling that the Staddon boys who do photography, are a bit obsessive about it. I bet they are constantly inconveniencing people for the perfect picture. 

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