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  1. HerNameIsBuffy

    Kitty Pictures

    My daughter came home and look what was waiting for her in her (unmade - don't judge) bed... and This makes me so bummed I'm in my kitty free office when this is awaiting me at home...
  2. Here’s the contest in a nutshell. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/9tOOl55
  3. caszandra


    I am now 43 (yikes!) and time is moving too fast for my liking. Most day's I don't feel grown up enough to be an adult lol. My son is now 26 and after finishing college decided not to join the army but got himself a good job with plenty of opportunity for career progression and has already moved up in his company and is currently working from home like lot's of people due to covid. The kiddo is turning 13 next week and is finally back in school full time after lockdown 2 here. They came out as gender neutral to me last week and although they were nervous I am so happy they were comfortable enough to tell me. I will never reject my kids and as long as they are happy that's what matters most to me. They have kept up with drawing and has come on leaps and bounds since the day's of foxy. Alfie cat is now 7 (how did the time pass that quickly!) and still likes to pull dvd's out of the unit and steal my seat if he get's the chance. I also got myself a dog. Her name is Luna, but will answer to Lunatic and Lulu. She is 4 and is a chihuahua, I got her when she was 8wks old and although I had wanted a dog for a while I chose to get her as it coincided with my pain management course and was my way of helping to gently up my exercise without flaring up my fibro by doing too much too soon. She has been a god send during lockdown for me as it made me get up off my backside and go out to walk her.
  4. So my son is just shy of 2 and all 3 of my cats HATE him. Like they are so terrified of him they will hide under our bed all day when he is home and only come out after he's gone to bed. They were actually fine with him when he was a baby and I even have pictures of them snuggling him but as soon as he learned to walk and talk they were done. Part of the problem is I cannot seem to teach my son to be quiet and gentle with them. No amount of role modeling the correct behavior, correcting/disciplining, or even role playing with stuffed animals can get him to stop yelling at the cats and then chasing them whenever he sees one. The frustrating part is that he LOVES "kitty-cats" and gets excited whenever we see one in a book or on TV and during those times I can get him to talk softly and say "hi kitty" all sweet and soft and he'll pet and kiss his stuffed kitties but the real ones get "HEY! HEYYYYYY!" and then get chased when they inevitably run away. This is all compounded by the unhelpful dog who normally leaves the cats alone but his prey drive must kick in when they run because then he joins in on the fun further chasing and barking at them. I am due with baby #2 in just 16 short days. Baby will be staying in our room for the first several months so I worry about how this will impact the cats since that is currently their only safe space. I'd ideally lock them out at night and during naps to ensure they don't lay in the crib with baby but I'm not sure that will be possible if they refuse to come out from under the bed. Our house isn't that big and there really isn't anywhere else I can offer them as a safe space. They do have access to my office which the kid usually stays out of and it does have a baby gate with a cat door on it but they have to come thru the kitchen and living room where we normally are hanging out to get there so they mostly avoid it during the day. So idk if there is anything I can do really, just wondering if anyone else has been thru this and if they found a solution or do we just have to wait for our son to mature and grow out of this? Proof that they haven't always hated him:
  5. clueliss

    Cats & Kidney Disease

    I took my feline headship in for her annual visit. Due to weight loss (which considering she was overweight a couple of years ago is not a bad thing - but this was a bit drastic year over year), the vet ran a blood test. Blood test result indicated possible kidney disease. So she got to do a return visit the next week in a day trip outing for a urine test. Urine test indicated kidney disease and a more in-depth test confirmed it. So she's now on rx diet for kidney disease with an effort to get her to drink more water. I'm in the process of giving her more wet food (Rx) to get more moisture in her. The Spook is not complaining about wet - she loves the stuff (but is a messy eater which is a whole other story). Any advice/tips on kidney disease is appreciated FYI she's roughly 14 or so years old.
  6. My sister and brother in law brought a one year old tux home from the shelter. Not sure of his name yet. Cannot. Wait. To meet him!
  7. So I'm in the processing of getting a cat for the first time. We had a cat when I was young, but he lived in my dad's shop and didn't affect my daily life. So I'm really new to cat owning, but I feel like I'm ready for it. I have my own two bedroom apartment, so dogs aren't allowed, otherwise I'd probably lean more towards a puppy. However, I'm excited to get a cat (a Ragdoll) and was looking for any tips to help kitten adjust to her new life! (Hoping to get the kitten in the beginning of 2020)
  8. I’m in need of some help introducing a new kitten to our dog and cat. We have an11 year old Shih-Tzu, male, whom is very sweet, laid back, and is as dumb as a box of rocks. We also have a 4 year old cat, female, whom we adopted through a local independent rescue organization. Growing up we had dogs but my mom hates cats so I had no experience with them. We adopted her because my daughters love cats and asked. My 16 year old twin daughters put together a presentation about a week ago to ask for a second cat. My husband and I thought they had valid reasons and since they are the most awesome daughters anyone could ask for, we said yes. So, Today we adopted a second cat from the same rescue organization. He is approximately 4-5 months old and simply adorable. Our problem is the lady who runs the rescue said to introduce the kitten slowly to our dog and cat. When we brought him home my dog decided he should bark at the kitten; therefore scaring him even more. My daughter brought him in her bedroom to calm him down and kept him there until I got back from the pet store to buy him food and a litter box. When I came home she brought the kitten into the kitchen and I held him for a minute and tried to put him on the floor so I could give him food and water. Well, my dog was in the kitchen, too, and the kitten got startled and scratched my arm and hand. He has now been in my daughters bedroom for over 4 hours. My question is: How do I introduce them slowly when I can’t even set him on the floor? And, for your viewing pleasure, a couple photos of our new kitten:
  9. My sister's sweet girl Maggie went to the rainbow bridge today. She went in to the hospital earlier this week but wasn't getting any better so my sister and brother-in-law decided it was time to let her go. She and Morgan have been reunited and are probably busily ignoring each other at the rainbow bridge now. Going to miss my sweet feline niece. Rest in peace Maggie.
  10. My best buddy Buster was diagnosed with asthma today. He's my all time favorite cat and I need to switch him to a low-dust litter. I'm wondering if anyone has experience and recommendations. Thanks!
  11. You go find your own damn beer.
  12. cascarones

    Five Feline Traits

    Dailymail ran an article on cats' personality mirroring their owner's and it led to a link to a personality quiz for my kitty. In a nutshell there are five feline traits: Skittishness, Outgoing, Dominance, Friendliness and Spontaneity. Her results come across as mostly accurate, but I'm also the person who filled out the survey so it would be very strange if they didn't. She's typical on most, a high outlier on Outgoing and Skittishness and low on Spontaneity. They mention indoor cats tend to rank Friendlier, but taking a closer look it also impacts the Spontaneity score. She's lower than I would have guessed from my survey responses, so there's a weighted variable factor in play of the indoor/outdoor hours per day, FYI. Figured I'd share the links if anyone is interested, you get a report emailed to you that explains the characteristics and has a graph showing where they fall compared to other cats! I'm awake because of the cat and her made up games, this is first time she's had stairs and the novelty of sprinting them in her made up obstacle courses hasn't worn off. Her speed racer trilling is loud, but I appreciate that she cheers herself on. I don't know if that's one of the mirrored behaviors discussed in the article and project, because I too actively encourage myself and did so while cleaning out the fridge (whole other bucket of self examination there). She's a sweet cat, for the most part just wants to be wherever I am and opens door handles to get her way, bathroom included. She brings me toys to play with her, brings me her favorite bottle caps when I have a migraine and puts them in the bed to cheer me up. I'm a bit nervous about our future, my ex is really wanting her to come live with him or fly her out for a visit. I've got to do more research on it, he paid all of the adoption and vet fees, but also let me bring her when I moved. He can get very stubborn and currently has the upper hand financially, but I don't think it's good for her anxiety to start flying her about. If you take the survey let me know how your kitty ranks and how accurate you think it is!
  13. HerNameIsBuffy

    I should have named him Carnac

    I've been struggling. I've been going through a massive upheaval both in my life and internally the last year or so and every day I do the best I can to manage my stress. One of the things that helps when I can engage is mindfulness. So tonight I was doing dishes and strong in the mindfulness zone. I had one of my favorite soothing videos playing in the background and I was very conscious of the warmth of the water, the pretty scent of what my British friend calls fairy liquid...the opalescence of the bubbles. And I was filled with sense of gratitude...for the meal I was cleaning after, for my ability to feed my family nutritious foods they enjoy, for living in a place with an abundance of instantly available clean water, for my kitchen which I love. Peace of mind doesn't come naturally to me. I am a worrier. I have spent my life managing my anxiety by channeling it into avenues that don't work anymore, so while it's rather late in the game I have no choice but to learn new methods. As I was lost in mindfulness (which I'd been trying to achieve unsuccessfully for days) I felt this flood of certainty that came out of nowhere. Not hope, but certainty that the parts of my life I am rebuilding will not only be okay, but will be better than what I had. That I won't just survive, but will heal and that this collapse of certain parts of my life had to happen so I could eliminate the parts that were hurting me so I could be who I am supposed to be. The fear and pain is still there...but it's okay. It feels like when I had surgery, even though the pain during recovery was intense I knew it healing pain and I'd be okay. It was much more manageable than the pain pre-surgery when I was afraid of the worst. This has happened a few times - this feeling of confidence and certainty breaking through and flooding me with emotional strength; unfortunately I know it will pass. Hence why I'm still awake - I want to enjoy the much needed respite while it lasts. After I finished the kitchen and prepped the coffee pot for morning I returned to my bedroom. As I laid down I was thinking, "I need to keep focusing on what is most important" and just as I had that thought one of my cats jumped on my tummy and let out the loudest meow that sounded just like "MEEEEEEEE!" Like he could read my mind and wanted to make sure I knew that his noms and scritches are top priority no matter what human matters I insist on worrying about. I don't know why I'm writing this...it just struck me as funny.
  14. HerNameIsBuffy

    My Lost Day

    I woke up this am feeling kind of crappy. Sore throat, groggy...remnants of a lousy night's sleep. I haven't been sleeping well lately due to some pain. Not significant enough to complain about, but too much to sleep sometimes. Anyway... So I get dressed, update my to-do list, get a couple things done, and decide to do a session of guided meditation which I've been using the last several months which usually really helps. I lie down and begin, planning 20 minutes and will get up and get back to my day. One of my cats crawls onto my chest, kisses me on both cheeks, and settles down in my arms. I wake up almost 3 hours later. I get up planning to get on with my day...I toss in a load of laundry and I'm trying to get my thoughts in a more positive place so I give the meditation another shot... I woke up 5 hours later at almost 8:00 pm. I couldn't find my phone anywhere, tore the house apart...finally found it in the pantry when I gave up and started dinner. Idk what the hell happened, I was sleeping the sleep of the drugged (none were involved.) My favorite jammies are laid out upon my bed waiting for me after dinner. That's usually an end of day treat but having slept all day I don't really deserve their coziness.
  15. We found out a few weeks ago that our beloved 14 year old cat has mammary cancer. Apparently this type of cancer is really bad in cats. It's almost always highly malignant and will likely come back even after aggressive surgery and chemo. We are "lucky" in that it has not metastasized yet, so she is a candidate for surgery. We won't know her personal prognosis until afterwards when they do pathology on the tumor, but based on the tumor size she could still have 1-2 more good years with treatment. Since she is otherwise acting totally normal and healthy and does not seem to be experiencing any ill effects, we've decided to go ahead with the mastectomy. We feel like a few weeks of recovery is worth it for 1-2 more years with a good quality of life. We're not ready to give up on her, and I don't think she's ready either. Anyway, the surgery is Wednesday. We live in a big city near a well-regarded teaching animal hospital so I trust them to do a good job and take care of her. I'm still a little nervous, but frankly, she does better under stress than I do. Has anyone else gone through this with their cat? Any words of wisdom? Finally, IMPORTANT PSA: Check your cat's belly for lumps every few weeks and if you notice any unusual lumps, take the cat to the vet IMMEDIATELY. Early detection is so, so important for mammary cancer in cats because it spreads so fast. If you catch it when the tumor is still 1 cm or smaller, you can buy your cat another 4-5 years. Pictures below. I'm gonna miss her fuzzy tummy when they shave it all off for the surgery.
  16. I'm not sure if this problem has been discussed here before, but I did a search and didn't find anything. My cat, who in all respects is perfectly healthy (she's had all the requisite checkups and the vet can find nothing physically wrong), sometimes pees outside the litterbox. Not JUST outside, as if she's missed it by a couple inches, but outside the door of the room wherein said box is kept. In the hallway, up against the edge of the wall so that the pee seeps not only through the carpet but down between the carpet edge and the baseboard. Impossible to completely clean. I'm at home all the time, with occasional forays to the store or elsewhere for an hour or two here and there. So I am able to keep her box immaculate. She does her business, I'm right there to scoop it. I'm very well-trained. LOL. So it's not a case of dirty litter. And we changed litter brands awhile back (this has been an intermittent problem for a couple of years now), to an unscented, rather expensive and very good quality litter that she doesn't seem to mind at all. So I don't think that's the problem (I didn't really think the other litter was the problem, either, but we decided to change it anyway). She hadn't done it in awhile, so I thought it was safe to go out of town for a few days, leaving her in the care of husband and son. Of course, they're NOT home all day, so the box didn't always get scooped instantly. They did scoop it every day, though, so it's not like her business piled up for days or anything. But that's when she started peeing on the carpet again. The guys didn't notice it, but I did as soon as I walked in the house when I got back. There followed several days of shampooing and treating and shampooing again, and she seemed to have gotten over the problem again--until I came home today from being gone TWO HOURS. I knew she hadn't gone in awhile, and her box was completely clean, so I thought...hmm, let's touch the carpet and see if there's a wet spot. Sure enough. A huge one, as she'd been saving it since last night. We have an appointment tomorrow to get her claws clipped. They need it, and I wonder sometimes if the litter bothers her paws when her claws are long. I've tried just about every different cleaning solution out there, from Jackson Galaxy's products to Nature's Miracle to a homemade vinegar solution (which smells almost as bad as the pee!), but nothing seems to work in getting the smell completely out and discouraging her from going on the carpet again. I know this is a ridiculously long post already, but I have to add that we rescued her at the age of around 4, and she'd been at the SPCA for over a year before that. So we have no idea what her life was like before she came to us; no idea if she'd been abused, or neglected, or in any way mistreated. She's about 8 now, and she's very shy, she basically lives upstairs, she almost never comes downstairs. I even feed her upstairs, she'd go for days without eating if I tried feeding her in the kitchen like I always did our other cats when we still had them. And of course her box is upstairs, totally accessible, and as I said, always clean. She's spoiled rotten, which is as it should be. I'm at a total loss now. But I know there are many experienced cat people here. Does anyone have a fresh idea for me to try? I'm getting desperate, and my house is starting to reek. Help!
  17. On the surface it seems very small - my partner and I have been renting our first place for about 10 months and just had our 2nd house inspection. We didn't bring or ask to have a pet right away, hoping that if we were seen to be good tenants we would have a better chance. We've been told by the real estate agent that most likely it will be no. Our landlord also owns the unit in front of ours and the carpet/floorboards had to be replaced after the previous tenants' two cats and dog ruined them (which was a surprise to us - we didn't know about the dog and saw only one cat). There's no point in saying that we're not like that - I don't know what the future holds or what temperament any cat I may adopt may have. I just feel strangely lonely. I left behind two cats (one specifically that was 'mine') with my parents and I barely see them anymore, when before I used to have conversations and cuddles and arguments behind the bathroom door. I have an ongoing friendship with the ginger cat next door but I can't rely on other people's cats for affection all the time. I just don't know if what I'm feeling (other than horribly disappointed) is normal.
  18. Imrlgoddess

    Ex's & hurricanes & teenagers, Oh My!

    (Not so) Wee Wittle Thor is enjoying the window sitting. It hasn't begun to really get crazy here yet but the air is very lively & there are random showers, everything around my town is flooded at least a little. The storm in and of itself is enough. Add insult to injury, my ex is bound from his northernmost abode to gift his child with a car. Its not an unwelcome thing, I need the freedom it will afford my schedule. However he really thinks he can just show up into another state & drop off a random vehicle with random paperwork and it be possible for me to register it. Sadly the great state of La clings to civil code, therefore our laws of possession are much different. Never mind the fact that I simply hate seeing the SoB. Days off from school and work afford plenty of kitty & doggie squishing, so there's that. A piece of me twinges each time I go outside, I think there's something I need to do. Last year this time my yard turned into a lake, I worked furiously to lift doghouses onto pallets and laid tarps strategically to keep the dogs dry. My beautiful dog took on whatever bacteria that caused her infections that ultimately took her life earlier this year. It feels strange having all the kids indoors safe & sound. I feel content but restless all at the same time.. Ya know? On that note: I give you all, tropical storm cuteness.
  19. On the outside this house looks normal. Inside though, that's another story. As in Brandford, Ontario clown house kind of story.
  20. No, the felines are not staging an armed takeover... http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2017/04/27/Oregon-police-respond-to-report-of-cat-armed-with-gun-shaped-stick/9501493315958/
  21. Anybody here a TinyKittens fan? SO. MUCH. CUTE. Former ferals being socialized. Formerly feral kittens learning to be lap fungus. The shenanigans of Cassidy (Cass, Casserole, Cassaroo, Muzzlepuffs, Puffy Puffs, Puffs) the two-legged MiracleKitten. Join me and we will squee about Skye the Sink Cat, Starling's Darlings, the Hayloft Flyers, and the Metrics. =^..^= tinykittens.com facebook.com/tinykittens Shelly Roche's purrsonal cats: facebook.com/tinytuxies The gross-tastic side of rescue: facebook.com/tinytapeworms
  22. HerNameIsBuffy

    Kitty manicure time...

    Two of the kitties were due for a mani-pedi today. This was Griffin's response - as always. and Sham-Wow's - as always if he'd just cooperate we'd be done by now. And I wouldn't have a cat scratch dead center in my top pinky knuckle which hurts way more than you'd think. . Why won't he just...
  23. theinvisiblegirl

    Integrating a "New" Cat

    So my grandmother died on Tuesday. It was very sudden, and I wouldn't be on FJ right now if I didn't have something that I felt I could ask here. It was a major topic of discussion in my house last night, and it's on my mind and I can't sleep, so I figured I'd post now. Grandma had a cat. We aren't sure how old she is because they adopted her after she was abandoned. My mom decided that the cat will come live with us. Miss Kitty has never lived with another cat before. She's a bit neurotic for a cat. She has to have the basement door open or she freaks out; when left alone for long periods of time, she sometimes resorts to peeing everywhere. To the best of our knowledge, she's never lived with other cats before. (If she did wherever she was before the person who my grandparents adopted her from got her, we're unaware.) Grandma used to let a neighbor's outdoor cat in to eat, and she would merely hiss at him and then go hide. Usually the outdoor cat would just come, eat, and leave but sometimes he would stay for a few hours and sleep in the house. This wasn't my favorite thing in the world because he was pretty dirty, but Grandma loved that cat like Mr. Big Boy - actual name - was her own. Anyway, I'm not sure how well Miss Kitty will take to living with my 3 cats, Whiskers, Midnight, and Shadow. Miss Kitty has claws on all her feet, whereas all my cats were declawed in the front paws when they were kittens. (I know that this is a very hot button issue. I'm asking for mercy this one time, FJ. Grandma just died, and it was not my decision to have them declawed.) I'm worried that she may attack the other cats. Though I do think my cats will quickly learn not to fuck with Miss Kitty, and she's a very gentle cat to people, but I'm concerned that there may be frequent attacks just because it'll all be so new. My mom doesn't want to leave her in my grandmother's house alone. Even though someone will have to go every day to feed her and can spend time with her, she feels it's best to bring her here as soon as possible. I think we need to work slowly. With the others, we kind of just let them loose and they did fine. I feel like it may not go so smoothly for Miss Kitty given her age and how long she's lived without another cat consistently in her life. Any advice at all on what might be the best possible course of action would be so appreciated.
  24. Blahblah

    Ok then...

    So I finally caved in after struggling with combs and bristle brushes and bought a Furminator at the recommendation of a couple of websites and the woman at the Pet Barn (who clearly had no ulterior motive in selling me a stupidly expensive cat grooming item). I was skeptical and for $Aus56 I was crossing my fingers (and everything else) that it would be worth it. And then this happened....... This is thing is FREAKING AMAZING. Both of them sat for ages purring away and loving every second of it. Oh, and that bottom photo? That all came out of Alfie's tail. However I am feeling like a bad cat parent because I clearly haven't been doing much good with my previous combs and brushes
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