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Salvadoran Turkey Recipe



Hey everyone! In advance of Thanksgiving, I thought I'd share a family turkey recipe! Fair warning, this takes FOREVER to cook. I do it in advance of the big day.  Enjoy.

Sauce: Enough for or a 15 pound turkey or smaller  


Relajo (spice mix).. you can find this at some Mexican grocery stores in a little baggie or make your own

---chile ciruela

---chile wake





3 chopped onions

2 Red bell peppers chopped

1/2 small can tomato paste 

12 peeled tomatoes (from a can, buy two large cans and use 12, plus juice)

2 cartons Chicken stock



Toast the relajo on a frying pan until its fragrant 

Cook the onions until transluesent, add bell peppers and relajo


Add tomatoes and tomato juice 

Cook low and bubbly for 30 min 

Blend the sauce as fine as possible (you can use regular blender, but let it cool before blending, or immersion blender)

Add half carton of chicken stock and cook for 20 min

Get another pot. Place a fine strainer over the empty pot, and slowly strain the sauce into the pot using a spoon to push the sauce against the strainer and squeeze as much juice out as possible. This juice should be thin and red. Place the pulp into a bowl and repeat until all the thick blended sauce is strained.

Now take the pulp and put it back in the original pot, adding another half carton of stock. Cook for 20 min.

Repeat the straining. Cook one more time with more broth. Strain again. (so three rounds of cooking and straining)

You can throw away the pulp, and what you have left in the pot is your sauce! Season to taste. If its too sour, mix in some brown sugar


For the turkey:


·      Butter

·      Mustard

·      Worcestershire sauce

·      1/2 cup white wine

·      Stuffed spanish olives

·      Capers

·      Salt

·      Pepper

·      Paprika



The night before, poke the turkey with a fork. Rub the butter, mustard, and worcestershire sauce all over the turkey and get inside the skin

Put the turkey in a pan with the sauce, olives and capers drained, white wine, paprika and cook in oven. 

Make sure you baste often it while its cooking


The sauce gets its final flavor from the turkey. After cooking with the turkey, it can be frozen used as sauce on other things.  Also, a good Salvadoran post-thanksgiving meal is pan con pavo/ pan con chumpe, which is a turkey sandwich with the sauce, radishes, and cucumbers. Use a crusty bread.


Sauce can be made a week in advance, and keep in Tupperware in the fridge. Or freeze if holding for longer.


Throwback to last year's stuffing recipe: 



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Black Aliss


Sounds heavenly, and a welcome change from my boring (still delicious) turkey seasoned with thyme, sage, parsley and an indecent amount of butter.

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12 minutes ago, Black Aliss said:

Sounds heavenly, and a welcome change from my boring (still delicious) turkey seasoned with thyme, sage, parsley and an indecent amount of butter.

I love sage! Sounds yummy :) 

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I've had turkey stuffed with tamales.  Very tasty, and since turkey is a New World food, it fits somehow! 

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On 11/23/2017 at 10:09 AM, Howl said:

I've had turkey stuffed with tamales.  Very tasty, and since turkey is a New World food, it fits somehow! 

Turkey stuffed with tamales!? Now that sounds interesting. Off to google... 

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    • keep_my_spleen

      Posted (edited)

      Hi everyone!

      I have been lurking here for awhile, but finally got the nerve to make an account.  I was raised conservative Christian (and I still am), but not fundamentalist (thank goodness... no one in my family would've survived that!).  One of my more-fundie friends informed me of the Duggars when we were about fifteen and I could NOT believe that someone had 19 kids.  Insane.  

      Fast forward a few years and I'm researching parenting in preparation for getting married (eternally grateful that did not work out).  I found Erika Schupe and, after her blog was closed and I searched her name again, found FJ.  I've been lurking since then (2017?).  

      Truthfully, I don't know how I feel about Christian fundamentalism, as I know some families who live that way who are perfectly normal and fine in my opinion . . . and then I see people like the Duggars or other "non-major" families and I just shake my head.

      Enough about that, though -- here are some things about me!

      I have ADHD, so I way over-do it when introducing myself. 😅

      I've played piano for 13 years and I'm currently a music & psychology major at a local university.

      I'm looking to enter an MS or MA in Counseling program when I graduate.  I want to be a Licensed Professional Counselor someday.

      I'm interested in learning more and maybe even chiming in sometimes.  I'm not super outgoing, so I tend to be way more of a lurker, but maybe you guys will get me out of my shell . . . 


      Edited by keep_my_spleen
      Edit to correct "17 kids" to 19 kids, because Josie is older than I thought.
    • Ozlsn


      4 hours ago, thoughtful said:


      Oh, FFS, Gary - really?


      Even for Gary and his ilk, this is so mind-bogglingly stupid, childish and soaked in the stinking piss of conspiracy theory that it challenges belief.

      The fact that your life, and the lives of those around you, matter, is the entire fucking point to wearing a mask, you suspicious cretins.

      Man these morons want to think they're important. "We're a threat to the narrative and must be silenced", FFS. If they wanted to silence you it would have been done already, and no one would have known. 

      Is it wrong that I kind of hope they find themselves unable to post to Facebook because the 4G network is down?

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    • Don'tlikekoolaid


      Ivanka 1939 model


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    • Marmion


      I already posted this elsewhere on this site ; but I will post it here too , as I feel that itit comprehensively sums up my take on the topic , as well .  


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    • Marmion


      On 6/30/2020 at 7:52 AM, Howl said:

      And what led John III to confess these attractions to Daniel recently?   John III is 30 years old. He's been in positions of trust with minor boys as an adult and had this obsession for most of his life. Why come out about it now -- was there a triggering event? 

      The Wartburg Watch discussed at length pedophiles who are aware of their attractions but do not physically act on them:  NOMAP = Non Offending Minor Attracted Person

      Is the Volunteer at John Ortberg’s Menlo Church a NOMAP (Non-Offending Minor Attracted Person) and What Does This Mean in the Long Run?

      Yes, it's possible that John III is a NOMAP, but without doing due diligence, alerting the church body, and interviewing parents and children with whom John III had close contact (including overnight trips away), there's no way to know. 

      Also, there was something in the tweet thread or elsewhere that the parents feared  John III might commit suicide if he were outed by Daniel, but the phrasing was ambiguous if the suicide might occur as a result of the humiliation of being outed or the prospect of the loss of companionship of minor boys. 

      I have heard of " MAPs " , and "NoMAPs"  , mentioned on a couple YouTube channels .  So if you want to go down that rabbit hole , here is a list of videos decrying this trend . 
















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