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Sims in Cult: Grifting Ministries

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Ranfords, Day 5: World's Most Awkward Courtship (And FINALLY married)

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The events of this day came as surprise to me. I planned to make a wife in CAS. But at least one townie was dumb enough to volunteer as a tribute. 


Zachary got out of his swing when his social bar dropped low again.  He started to chat the with first townie that walked by. And she was different than other heathens. Zach had almost lost a hope to find a girl like that! Cute girl. Almost modestly dressed. Feminine. Didn't tell Zach rude things like that he should find a job. Zach covered all appropriate first conversation subjects, like religion, money and family planning. They were talking about the evils of modern music, when townie (her name is Lindsay, btw. Not that Zach cares) suggested that Zach should meet her friend.  


You see, Lindsay was not interested in Zach herself, but she knew this desperate and crazy meek and nice girl with low standards servant's heart. Zachary agreed to blind date (with Lindsay as chaperone, of course!)
Zachary and Viola indeed clicked right away. They knew the moment they laid eyes on each other that they will spend the rest of their life together, making babies and trying to keep reeds under control. Their starcrossed love manifested as high chemistry and strong desire to make out. 


After a day spent chatting and low-key flirting, the date ended at ok mark. Could be better. Could be worse. Zach was not complaining. 

Neither was Viola, who just didn't leave the lot. Zach felt little uncomfortable about it. Aren't godly woman supposed to follow his lead? And are not supposed to stay out after dark even with chaperone? But he couldn't ask Viola and Lindsay to leave because because what if Viola doesn't come back? Zach doesn't have a phone, how could he call her? 
So he just made them some hotdogs. 

“What a keeper!” Viola thinks. “A guy who can cook!”


After hot dogs Viola got into hot tub. Oh my. She is too worldly! Zach will need to lead her to right direction. He used this as an opportunity to show Viola how REAL MODEST swimsuit looks like. 
Lindsay didn't care about these two. 

Despite Viola's inappropriate behavior, the night continued awkwardly and at one point these two realized that they are match made in desperate fundie heaven. Look who still doesn’t give a fuck.


Viola excused herself to use Zachs shower, and Lindsay decided to use a moment to... umm, say goodbye. 
Lindsay! WTF. Are you suggesting polygamous cult?! 

Zach was too confused and excited to figure his next step now. He went to sleep, leaving Viola alone. She explored the forest, while thinking about... umm, godly marriage, of course. Totally motivated by right reasons. Not like dating. Witch is sin. 


Ok, at one point she had doubts about her life choices. Don't tell anyone! She prayed and felt peace with herself. Everything was going to be alright. 


When Zachary woke up next morning, he found Viola in his hot tub. So, there she was. A young, naive  girl with family aspiration. A girl he just met and barely knew. They had a crush on each other, but they werent even best friends, and they didn't love each other yet. 
There was only one logical choice, from Zachs perspective. He married her. 
And they had their first kiss at wedding! With cutscene and everything! How neat! Zach is truly #blessed to have a wife after all this time alone, and Viola is #blessed to start a #family with such a great man!


(Special thanks to hacked wedding arch, which allows to marry sims regardless of their relationship, Batbox that has an option to delete these "kissed mysterious sim" memories adults from CAS have, and ACR mod that made it possible to consummate this marriage before their relationship was high enough to do so in regular gameplay.)

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  • Posts

    • PennySycamore


      @seraaa, you're right about communion under both species starting for the laity post Vatican II.  It's my understanding, though, that the Church was merely returning to earlier practices.  IIRC, they were just undoing some of the "reforms" of the Counter-Reformation.  In earlier centuries, the altar faced the people and was not facing the back wall.  The laity also received both the bread and wine in the Eucharist.  The congregants were mere spectators and not fully participants in the Mass.  The reforms of Vatican II hoped to change all that.  Some Catholics could not understand why the changes were for the good and how they might make the Mass more meaningful.

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    • I don’t follow Lori as closely as some do, but on Emily’s Instagram story she refers to Alyssa’s baby announcement and says this makes Lori’s 10th grandchild. I thought Alyssa’s baby makes 9, so I wonder who else is pregnant? Hmm


    • samurai_sarah


      46 minutes ago, Belugaloo said:

      Can someone explain Sectarianism and its relationship with Scotland? I quick google search didn't help me out :) 

      Uhm, it's complicated and I would rather someone like @Glasgowghirl would explain it. But for the now, @just_ordinary has got the long and short of it. It's very, very complicated, due to historical baggage and then some.

      I'm not trying to wriggle out of anything, I'm just in a position where I really don't want to set a foot wrong. Please understand. And I know that I'm asking the impossible, so I'll try to keep it brief and hopefully to the point.

      (Yeah, that didn't work too well, so I spoilered a long bit of abbreviated history.)



      Ireland was a country that England repeatedly invaded. After 1066 Norman landlords came over to Ireland. Feudalism was quite new to Ireland, but the new landlords adapted. Then Henry VIII happened, he of fame for beheading Anne Boleyn. The Reformation of Ireland didn't go well for the English. Terrible things happened on both sides that created hard feelings.

      Cue the 17th century and things got worse. Spain and France as the leading Catholic powers in Europe tried using Ireland and Scotland as a backdoor. They'd tried this before, but things got serious. With a large population of Protestant settlers in Ulster (aka Northern Ireland), and a huge war on the continent, defeating Ireland and Scotland (where rebellions brewed as well), was paramount.

      Are you confused already? Add the potato famine in 1848, and the brutal tactics that English landowners used to get tenants off their lands.

      But most importantly, Catholicism was considered a religion of terrorism. It started with Guy Fawkes in the 1600s, and stayed so. Being a Catholic meant that you were a potential terrorist. And that thinking is deeply engrained. Not least of all, thanks to the IRA.

      What do they have to do with Scotland? In terms of faith, Scotland has never been a unified country. But during the 19th century, a lot of Irish Catholics came over to work. The habitual discrimination against Catholics didn't go down well, and it's been passed down and fossilised. And here we are. All of us. To our detriment.

      I'm sure, I've missed out on a load of things that are important. I just wanted to provide a brief overlook, as to how and why. It's hardly a neutral take, but trying to historically summarise as an outsider is a bit tricky.



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    • SuperNova

      Posted (edited)

      2 hours ago, Lgirlrocks said:

      Oh Lori. How wrong this person is. A piece of paper means nothing in a marriage, it’s the commitment. I know someone that has been with her boyfriend for over 30 years. They have built a great life for themselves but saw their friends marriages crumbling and they didn’t want that. They also don’t have kids just dogs. 

      You know why there are many stories in the Bible? Not everyone is the same. No one lives the exact same life as someone else. The Bible says nothing about having kids you can’t afford or women not working outside of the home. The proverbs 31 women did. 

      People got married a lot younger in the Bible. And you want to talk about marriage Covanent. Most men in the Bible had multiple wives and concubines. 6B478A9E-BB95-4DFE-A366-D0AFFAC37E3C.thumb.jpeg.1dc2aa344ee96f5b2d691008e5d2d551.jpeg

      Here she is again sounding like a bitter old woman who is so locked in to one period of time (that never even existed!) that she's become offended by any change. She wastes her time ranting about bathroom selfies and pizza so that other dried up, self-righteous women can feel superior and smug about their little gilded cages that they willingly put themselves in. I think Lori and company are afraid that the rest of us might be having too good of a time, and they aren't invited.

      Edited by SuperNova
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    • Bobology


      34 minutes ago, Four is Enough said:

      You all misunderstand me. I felt Michelle was HOLDING Josie, as one would RESTRAIN an unruly child, not babying her or showing her favoritism. I was wondering if that was really necessary.

      I have thought this is part of it, the same way Gil often restrained Jeb (their youngest and wildest, from what they've implied.) When there are photos and videos involved I believe the parents want to keep misbehavior to a minimum and that's why there is the holding, or mild restraint if that is what it is.