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Sims in Cult: Grifting Ministries

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Ranfords, Day 5: World's Most Awkward Courtship (And FINALLY married)

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The events of this day came as surprise to me. I planned to make a wife in CAS. But at least one townie was dumb enough to volunteer as a tribute. 


Zachary got out of his swing when his social bar dropped low again.  He started to chat the with first townie that walked by. And she was different than other heathens. Zach had almost lost a hope to find a girl like that! Cute girl. Almost modestly dressed. Feminine. Didn't tell Zach rude things like that he should find a job. Zach covered all appropriate first conversation subjects, like religion, money and family planning. They were talking about the evils of modern music, when townie (her name is Lindsay, btw. Not that Zach cares) suggested that Zach should meet her friend.  


You see, Lindsay was not interested in Zach herself, but she knew this desperate and crazy meek and nice girl with low standards servant's heart. Zachary agreed to blind date (with Lindsay as chaperone, of course!)
Zachary and Viola indeed clicked right away. They knew the moment they laid eyes on each other that they will spend the rest of their life together, making babies and trying to keep reeds under control. Their starcrossed love manifested as high chemistry and strong desire to make out. 


After a day spent chatting and low-key flirting, the date ended at ok mark. Could be better. Could be worse. Zach was not complaining. 

Neither was Viola, who just didn't leave the lot. Zach felt little uncomfortable about it. Aren't godly woman supposed to follow his lead? And are not supposed to stay out after dark even with chaperone? But he couldn't ask Viola and Lindsay to leave because because what if Viola doesn't come back? Zach doesn't have a phone, how could he call her? 
So he just made them some hotdogs. 

“What a keeper!” Viola thinks. “A guy who can cook!”


After hot dogs Viola got into hot tub. Oh my. She is too worldly! Zach will need to lead her to right direction. He used this as an opportunity to show Viola how REAL MODEST swimsuit looks like. 
Lindsay didn't care about these two. 

Despite Viola's inappropriate behavior, the night continued awkwardly and at one point these two realized that they are match made in desperate fundie heaven. Look who still doesn’t give a fuck.


Viola excused herself to use Zachs shower, and Lindsay decided to use a moment to... umm, say goodbye. 
Lindsay! WTF. Are you suggesting polygamous cult?! 

Zach was too confused and excited to figure his next step now. He went to sleep, leaving Viola alone. She explored the forest, while thinking about... umm, godly marriage, of course. Totally motivated by right reasons. Not like dating. Witch is sin. 


Ok, at one point she had doubts about her life choices. Don't tell anyone! She prayed and felt peace with herself. Everything was going to be alright. 


When Zachary woke up next morning, he found Viola in his hot tub. So, there she was. A young, naive  girl with family aspiration. A girl he just met and barely knew. They had a crush on each other, but they werent even best friends, and they didn't love each other yet. 
There was only one logical choice, from Zachs perspective. He married her. 
And they had their first kiss at wedding! With cutscene and everything! How neat! Zach is truly #blessed to have a wife after all this time alone, and Viola is #blessed to start a #family with such a great man!


(Special thanks to hacked wedding arch, which allows to marry sims regardless of their relationship, Batbox that has an option to delete these "kissed mysterious sim" memories adults from CAS have, and ACR mod that made it possible to consummate this marriage before their relationship was high enough to do so in regular gameplay.)

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    • BachelorToTheRapture


      1 hour ago, SassyPantswithASideofClass said:

      I remember one time, I had a freak accident with my bike (I was about 10 at the time). Thankfully I was wearing my helmet so definitely saved my head from any significant head trauma. I was able to walk away with scratches and scrapes; turned out the brakes in my bicycle had jammed which is why I wasn't able to stop...

      I had a similar accident, took a hill too fast with a turn at the bottom. My brakes were fine, but my helmet actually cracked. 

    • nokidsmom


      25 minutes ago, refugee said:

      I still have to laugh when I think of the night the nanny’s father and brother(s) nearly caught him and chased him down the street with a shotgun. I think I’m still remembering those details right.

      I remember hearing about that, so seems right.  Namely because of the visual of Dougie being run off by shotgun toting menfolk, in a Hatfield/Mccoy-ish type of way.  

    • HereticHick


      46 minutes ago, nickelodeon said:

      An attentive redditor pointed out that Sierra credits the nanny for the family photo she posted, and speculates that Sierra’s health struggles and family size have already become unmanageable on her own, so she’s getting help from friends. I suspect a Laura/Tabitha figure.

      Sorry, but no.

      "Nanny" is what Sierra's kids call their maternal grandmother, per this March 13 post (and others) by Sierra. Yes, she does seem to get significant child rearing help from her mother and other family members.  However, Sierra's mother also has a full time job--and believe she is only around 50-- so she's not going to be retiring and becoming fulltime grandma anytime soon.


    • HoneyBunny


      10 hours ago, Curious said:

      My husband just found out a classmate from high school died two days ago from sepsis due to an untreated UTI.  They are nothing to mess with!

      My dad died of sepsis from an untreated UTI, with complications from Alzheimer’s. UTIs in seniors often cause dementia, usually temporary, but when they already have dementia, it’s even harder to know what’s going on.

      Curious, I’m sorry to hear that your ongoing health struggles have been even more challenging lately. You actually clarified something for me...with lupus and asthma and being a breast cancer survivor, the medical community gets excited when I get sick. Mr. Bunny took me to the ER two weeks ago today, during the night, because I was so sick with a fever and headache. And they ran every test, took CT scans and chest X-ray and even did a urinalysis, and I kept telling them it was just a horrible headache and extreme nausea as a side effect. But they were adamant.  In the end, it was pneumonia, and I was hospitalized for three days. I always think they’re being too cautious, but maybe I should just keep my opinions to myself. 

    • AuntKrazy


      Re:  "Pastors, Please Teach Wifely Submission Biblically" - 

      If the rest of the church (including the most learned Greek and Hebrew scholars) say that the Bible means something other than what you have decided in your King James-only, off by yourself, outside the bounds of orthodoxy, rebuked and asked to stop teaching by several churches  is "Biblical", guess what, Ken?  You are the one who is wrong.

      Biblically, you are called to learn to submit to your pastoral authorities over you on this.