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Sims in Cult: Grifting Ministries

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DAYS 2 - 4: Covered in GOOD reeds

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Days 2 - 4 were not the most interesting season of Zach's life - but day 5 deserves it's own separate entry, so there.  

Zachary started day 2 by cutting yesterdays tree in logs and building a small wall. He then learned his first mechanical skill point to put together an old barrel and some kind of pump. Enjoying his hard-earned shower here. (Sorry, NIKE! picture, but he was so happy :pb_lol:)


He explored a forest a bit more and found wild bees. Someday hell be able to steal honey from them without getting hurt, but this is not that day. 


Then first animals appeared and Zach tried hunting for first time. He learned he is useless with hunting with spear. I learned I put too many animal spawners in this forest and removed most of them. Zach managed to kill a wolf and a deer with sword. Which meant - 


FOOD. Thats right. Zachary got over himself and learned a cooking skill to know how to use grill. No more mushroom and berry snacks, Zach is eating like a man. Homemade hotdogs, yummy. 


After first real meal in days, Zach felt like annoying some people for faith. His social bar was low. Almost as low as  townies interest in his crap. 



Manly handshake, sure, dude. You are the most masculine male man ever. You hunt. You eat. You flirt with ladies, and they turn you down. 


Next few days were almost the same. At one point Zach learned enough mechanical points to put together a swing form an old tire and a rope, and to turn a water tank into hot tub. But otherwise it was pretty boring. Only reed spawner got completely out of control (it's a part of basket weaver set from medieval sims - useful if you pick up reeds and make things from them. Not useful if you are Zachary Ranford.)
At day 4 his lot looked like this: 


Zach started to worry a bit. No, not about reeds. His wife will pick them up. The problem was where to get a wife. Townie women were all sane ungodly whores, and he had no electricity, so he couldn'tt order one from internet browse SAHD blogs.  Also, he started to hate hot dogs. Maybe wife could cook something else, like hamburgers and tater tot casserole. 
At day 5 Zachary woke up with completely new wants for him. Instead of flirting, getting married, and having his first kiss, Zach wanted to catch butterflies and roller skate. And he spend a lot of time in his new swing. Was he giving up? Was he turning into manboy, trying to convince himself that he doesn't care anymore? Was it injured pride? Was he just loosing his mind? 




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  • Posts

    • Spinosaurus


      She deleted it because she was cross with him?  I can't see the logic there.

      Hope she's ok. 😕

    • keepercjr


      Just now, Spinosaurus said:

      Do you mean she's deleted her account, or just that she hasn't posted anything for a while?

      She deleted her account.  He mentioned it a while back, saying she deleted it because she was mad at him.  She still isn't back.  He mentions it from time to time saying stuff like "Happy valentines day to my wife.  She isn't on facebook anymore.  I sure do love her"

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    • acheronbeach


      22 minutes ago, mpheels said:

      This is based on my experience growing up in the south... I did not have snow pants or waterproof gloves as a kid. I got a set of waterproof ski clothes as a teenager, but before that had little/no need. For the rare snow storm with enough accumulation to actually play in the snow, my mom put ziploc bags on my feet (over socks/under shoes) and on my hands (over gloves) so I could play and keep my digits dry. My guess is  that Derrick has snow gear from past (TLC funded?) ski trips, and they haven’t invested in snow gear for Isreal yet because he isn’t skiing and it isn’t a worth buying every year for one snow storm per year.

      You're probably right, but given Jill's history of being unprepared for the weather, it seems really dumb to post a video with plastic bags taped to her kid's hands while her self-absorbed husband is dressed to the nines in toasty clothing.  Especially since Israel didn't really seem to be enjoying himself much. 

      If she wasn't dim as hell, she would've just snapped a pic of the finished snowman with Israel.  

    • Spinosaurus


      Do you mean she's deleted her account, or just that she hasn't posted anything for a while?

    • keepercjr


      Just now, Spinosaurus said:

      Does he know about his fan club (or anti-fan club) here, @keepercjr?

      If he does he hasn't mentioned it.  I don't think he is smart enough to find us in all honesty.  Nor are his followers. 

      Becky is still off of Facebook.  I do wonder what that is all about. 

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