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Sims in Cult: Grifting Ministries

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Ranfords, Days 6 - 10: The Bathroom Baby

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What do you do when you are just married and allowed to touch each other for the first time? Ranfords did that. The whole day 6.



At one point their making out and baby makin' activities were RUDELY interrupted by cockroaches. That happens when you annoy people and they kick your trash can, Zachary. 
This screenshot also illustrates the state the lot was at this point. Its partly my fault, I had never played with reed spawner in residence lot, only in community ones. I had no idea how quickly they take over everything. 



Anyway, back to baby makin'. ;) At early morning day 7 they were FINALLY lucky enough to hear a chime! 
Random townie judged them. 
(Phone in the background was deleted, I just needed it so Viola can call Lindsay and make their friendship stronger before going back to no electricity rule. Till Zach masters mechanical skills, Viola and Lindsay have next to no chance  to meet each other; I didn't want them to loose their friendship status. Who knows, Lindsay may be used as cult follower one day.) 



Viola got fundie-approved makeover and started to harvest reeds. She wanted to clear all garden before baby is born. 



There were other things needed for baby: a crib, first and foremost, and a changing table, and toys. Only one way to get these things: make them. Zach cried a bit before he gave in and started to learn how to make furniture. It will be long hours spent at basket weaving station till he reaches creativity level needed to make a baby basket. 



He also had to chop and buck trees to build walls. Lifes hard! He hadn't even changed the clothes from wedding. 



But it was worth it! I guess? Anyway, Zachary finished the bathroom walls, changed toilet to regular one and installed a sink. Then Viola came up with an idea to move the refrigerator (they use it to store food, but its not working, at least thats how I justify its existence), grill and stumps to make an improvised kitchen area. Cozy? 



Of course, Viola did all the womans work at... house. Not much to do , when you only have one room, though. 



FIRST BUMP!!!!!111!1!



And Zach learned how to make a refrigerator from reeds! Well, its more like just a box, but Viola still thinks he is AWESOME! 



Zach tried to learn fishing. He was #blessed to catch an old boot that cant be eaten, but can be used as amazing decor. Very traditional. 



See? It looks good in their new living room! 
Viola kept sweet. 



And tried to fish for herself. 


Zachary at least got better at hunting (sorry, Rufus). And he was still making furniture. So Viola just focused on her duties: reed harvesting,cooking, and birthing.



And she succeeded! It was hard, and took 3,5 days, but she removed every single reed from the lot, and the damn spawner as well. Phew! 

It was also the first day of Autumn. A new season of year. It would be so neat to start for a new season of life right now, Viola though while picking nuts and berries in forest. 



And she was indeed blessed when her wish came true. Who needs homebirth, if you can forestbirth? 

Zach was, as usually, pretty useless.



Viola gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She considered the name Forest, but ultimately decided to leave it for one of the future blessings. This baby was named Reed.



This is Zach. Celebrating. You know, first born son makes him all adult and manly.  



Oh, and Zach managed to make a baby basket. It was too cold to keep baby outside, so they put him in only room with a roof. 
You know, bathroom. 



Welcome to the world, Reed Ranford. Im sorry, kiddo. 

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I love that they named the baby Reed!

Is all the Medieval stuff from a mod? You have all this cool stuff I've never seen. Including the tire swing! Baby's outfit is adorable, too. 

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Most of these things are crafting stations from Sun&Moon's Star Factory  here: http://www.medievalsims.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=240. They are not really mods, but they add so much to the game. Ranfords use the Giving Tree, Wild Mushrooms, Wild Berry Bushes, Wild Hives, Basket Weaver and A Game's Afoot (for hunting). The site has other cool stuff like HUGE collection of plants, spices, pigs, chickens, cows (!), Miners' rocks, and even that thing that allows sims to carve their own Halloween pumpkins. Theoretically for playing medieval neighborhoods, but everything they have works for modern settings as well. 
The tire swing can be found here and is truly genial: http://modthesims.info/d/268218
The baby outfit is a default replacement found here: http://modthesims.info/d/392728. There is a mod that allows players to change baby outfits, but it seemed too complicated to me. 

(I started to type this response more than hour ago, but someone sat next to me on a bus, so I put down my computer and pretended not to exist.) 

@Maggie Mae Sims 2 

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    • Frog99


      1 hour ago, EowynW said:

      Did y'all see the video of Alyssa telling lori and ken? Lori looked genuinely happy I thought. 

      I thought she seemed very happy. 

      I also thought she looked extremely thin. 

      And total BEC but Ken’s voice is not what I was expecting. 

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    • Spinosaurus


      She deleted it because she was cross with him?  I can't see the logic there.

      Hope she's ok. 😕

    • keepercjr


      Just now, Spinosaurus said:

      Do you mean she's deleted her account, or just that she hasn't posted anything for a while?

      She deleted her account.  He mentioned it a while back, saying she deleted it because she was mad at him.  She still isn't back.  He mentions it from time to time saying stuff like "Happy valentines day to my wife.  She isn't on facebook anymore.  I sure do love her"

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    • acheronbeach


      22 minutes ago, mpheels said:

      This is based on my experience growing up in the south... I did not have snow pants or waterproof gloves as a kid. I got a set of waterproof ski clothes as a teenager, but before that had little/no need. For the rare snow storm with enough accumulation to actually play in the snow, my mom put ziploc bags on my feet (over socks/under shoes) and on my hands (over gloves) so I could play and keep my digits dry. My guess is  that Derrick has snow gear from past (TLC funded?) ski trips, and they haven’t invested in snow gear for Isreal yet because he isn’t skiing and it isn’t a worth buying every year for one snow storm per year.

      You're probably right, but given Jill's history of being unprepared for the weather, it seems really dumb to post a video with plastic bags taped to her kid's hands while her self-absorbed husband is dressed to the nines in toasty clothing.  Especially since Israel didn't really seem to be enjoying himself much. 

      If she wasn't dim as hell, she would've just snapped a pic of the finished snowman with Israel.  

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    • Spinosaurus


      Do you mean she's deleted her account, or just that she hasn't posted anything for a while?