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When I grow up...



As a mental exercise I shook off the constraints of actual education, skill, experience...you know, reality...and asked myself what I REALLY want to do for a living:

  • SAHCryptozologist - I would look for apocryphal creatures, but within the confines of my house and the internet.  So Nessie shows up in my utility sink I'm on it.
  • forensic anthropologist (and work with Sue Black)
  • genius programmer
  • Technical writer - only if it paid really well and I never had to leave my house.  I want to be Monk's brother Ambrose.  But with a clean house...and I wasn't named after a turtle.
  • Dave Barry (1980s-90s era)
  • IT Ninja - swoop in when all the users are snug in their beds and fix all their issues in the black of night...communicating only through helpdesk tickets and sticky notes.  They wouldn't know my name, or what I looked like...but words of my great acts would spread until the occupation of minstrel was revived just to sing my praises.
  • Statistician/Analyst (for weird and interesting data sets)
  • criminal profiler for historical cases (no in person criminals for me, thanks)
  • QA Evangelist - maybe start by traveling the country side preaching the word of controlled documents, and then once I had a following preaching on some obscure cable channel about the healing power of FEMCA (failure effect mode criticality analysis) and the 10th circle of hell which is filled with 8D reports submitted by people who don't understand root cause.
  • Professional FJer - if I could hang out here for a living that would be awesome.  For me.  And whomever wins the forum pool of how long it takes people to start a petition to tell me to STFU.

Of the the above 5 aren't real jobs, two of which even if they were I don't have the skills.  Of the 5 real jobs I have the skills for exactly none of them.  

I need a time machine...I've got some life choices I need a do-over on.  Had I made different choices at certain critical moments I'd be a world renowned SAHC by now and your children's children would read about me in their history books.

Some advice for the kids out there...





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SAHCryptolozologost looks like a good choice! 

I wonder if I could put Pokemon go on my résumé?

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I used to want to be a professional book-reader.....I never did figure out how or why anyone would pay me to read books of my choosing.

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1 hour ago, catlady said:

I used to want to be a professional book-reader.....I never did figure out how or why anyone would pay me to read books of my choosing.

Me too!  that's going on my list!

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    • Black Aliss


      1 hour ago, browngrl said:

      I also wonder what drove them to leave Georgia. Even if they were appalled that America elected a black president, surely their lives would have been more comfortable in America on their farm surrounded by family.

      It seemed to come right on the heels of the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage. Kressant was on some expat forum the very next day asking about emigration to Paraguay.  Kress, sweetie, there are worse things that two adults who love each other having sexy time and/or getting married. 

    • 3 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I went to a wedding in 2019 and took home an almost identical succulent. It was dead in two weeks. I am a plant serial killer. 

      Why does Pa Spivey look like Col. Sanders? 


      I think he looks like Billy Bob Thornton playing Col. Sanders. Tsk.

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    • indianabones


      32 minutes ago, baldricks_turnip said:

      Or she could even end up like a woman I used to read about (perhaps here?) who had been deep into fundiedom, had maybe a dozen children and an abusive husband, then broke away, became an atheist and vocally critical of fundamentalism and its abuse of women and children.

      Sounds like Vyckie Garrison.

      I think Sierra has been drifting away from fundamentalism for the past few years, especially after Mark stopped preaching and she was no longer the pastor's wife.

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    • indianabones


      One of my local food trucks! Too bad I'm a vegetarian.

      I'm going to miss the food truck scene here so much when I move in a few months.

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    • Howl


      24 minutes ago, Columbia said:

      Does she have any idea what she’s getting into?

      I'm sure Geoff won't hold back on informing her at the earliest possible moment. 

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