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When I grow up...




As a mental exercise I shook off the constraints of actual education, skill, experience...you know, reality...and asked myself what I REALLY want to do for a living:

  • SAHCryptozologist - I would look for apocryphal creatures, but within the confines of my house and the internet.  So Nessie shows up in my utility sink I'm on it.
  • forensic anthropologist (and work with Sue Black)
  • genius programmer
  • Technical writer - only if it paid really well and I never had to leave my house.  I want to be Monk's brother Ambrose.  But with a clean house...and I wasn't named after a turtle.
  • Dave Barry (1980s-90s era)
  • IT Ninja - swoop in when all the users are snug in their beds and fix all their issues in the black of night...communicating only through helpdesk tickets and sticky notes.  They wouldn't know my name, or what I looked like...but words of my great acts would spread until the occupation of minstrel was revived just to sing my praises.
  • Statistician/Analyst (for weird and interesting data sets)
  • criminal profiler for historical cases (no in person criminals for me, thanks)
  • QA Evangelist - maybe start by traveling the country side preaching the word of controlled documents, and then once I had a following preaching on some obscure cable channel about the healing power of FEMCA (failure effect mode criticality analysis) and the 10th circle of hell which is filled with 8D reports submitted by people who don't understand root cause.
  • Professional FJer - if I could hang out here for a living that would be awesome.  For me.  And whomever wins the forum pool of how long it takes people to start a petition to tell me to STFU.

Of the the above 5 aren't real jobs, two of which even if they were I don't have the skills.  Of the 5 real jobs I have the skills for exactly none of them.  

I need a time machine...I've got some life choices I need a do-over on.  Had I made different choices at certain critical moments I'd be a world renowned SAHC by now and your children's children would read about me in their history books.

Some advice for the kids out there...





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SAHCryptolozologost looks like a good choice! 

I wonder if I could put Pokemon go on my résumé?

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I used to want to be a professional book-reader.....I never did figure out how or why anyone would pay me to read books of my choosing.

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1 hour ago, catlady said:

I used to want to be a professional book-reader.....I never did figure out how or why anyone would pay me to read books of my choosing.

Me too!  that's going on my list!

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    • Bluebirdbluebell


      So Brenna Shay/Shea? Gimenez married her fiancee AJ Blankenship on September 24, 2021. Their wedding is up on youtube for people who wish to see it. (If someone else could also watch this, and verify I'm not imagining this that would be good.)

      Here's some highlights from the video:

      It's AJ's birthday so they sang "Happy Birthday" during the ceremony after the bridesmaids walked the aisle, but before the bride showed up. "AJ is getting a bride for his birthday." They haven't said how old he is, but he looks older than Brenna.

      The minister says that Brenna's dad gave Brenna purity ring when she was 14 and this was some years ago. She has kept her purity and today she is giving her ring back to her dad. Carlin Bates gave her purity ring to Evan on their wedding night. Now her sister is singing a song about giving the purity ring back to dad! The song says "God me as a gift to you and now it's time for you to give me away." 

      The preacher knows the bride through her sister-in-law and he got the name of the bride's brother (who's married to the sister-in-law) wrong.

      God used anesthesia to make Adam a bride out of Adam's rib. 

      AJ's vows are sweet. He mentions that he loves like Christ loves the church. (Ephesians 5:25) The minister uses this to make a point how it's better for a husband to love his wife because God told him too. If a man loves his wife, because she's pretty; what happens when her looks fade? I guess it never occured to this minister that a husband could love a wife for who she is.

      Brenna's vows are also self-written. She promises to submit and honor God, but she also seems to love him very much.

      There's another song that sounds like people wrote it for this couple.

      The minister preaches a long sermon at the end of the wedding after the couple has left. The minister compares trying to get into heaven without Jesus is like trying to enter the country without a passport or visa. Apparently you need your actual papers that say you have Jesus (baptismal record?).

      As fundie weddings go, this wasn't too bad. It wasn't too long, it wasn't too hateful, and the couple seemed happy. I wish them a lot of luck and happiness.

    • TuringMachine


      I'm shocked she hasn't posted about the results of the Arizona audit; she seemed so eager to see what they would find. Whatever could have happened! 

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    • RFFriend


      4 hours ago, freefromthin said:

      There was no mention of them. No call in...nothing. Not even a feeble excuse as to their whereabouts,

      So, who led the service?  Was it just more testimonies or members performing songs, playing instruments, etc?

    • throwaway9988


      9 hours ago, WorseThan1Thinks said:

      That single Chrissy Teigen post on Instagram regarding the documentary already has over 1.8 million views.



      Chrissy Teigen loves to cook and loves to enjoy food for the sake of enjoying food. She has a good platform in place for countering Gwen and hopefully most of her followers arent the type that would be sucked into fad diets. Chrissy posts pics of delicious food constantly so she is actually the worst person to follow if you want to diet

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    • Alisamer


      3 hours ago, Leftitinmysnood said:

      Stop tempting me with yarn, you hussy. My friend has already promised to show me the yarn she picked for Stephen's KAL next time we meet for knitting. I don't have time to join, but they always look so fun! And now that you have mentioned it, you have to show off your eyetraps yarn. I'm doing the gnome mystery knit along instead. A much more manageable amount of knitting.

      I went with black, heathered gray, purple, teal, and aqua with a few purple speckles. The aqua is also lightly sparkly. Aqua is from a long ago KnitCrate and the rest is Cliudborn that was on sale recently (the purple is cloudborn but dyed by Malabrigo). I might add that lavender at the top as an accent if it seems to need it! I have a ton of Tosh light from the mega sale before Jimmy beans bought them, but it’s all speckled and variegated and sparkly which sounds like not the best for this one  so I went with plainer ones.


      i did starflake year before last and it was difficult but awesome. 

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