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Buffy's Commentary

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You can read by the light of me...



So several people irl have mentioned to me how happy I look lately, nice to see me so relaxed etc.

Guess hiding my stress isn't my strong suit.

But what was funny is two different people on seperate occasions mentioned that I was "glowing."  One said I was "absolutely glowing" and the other said "you have this radiant glow about you lately."  Kind of a werid thing to hear once, but twice?  

Guess I'm not very cool st concealing happiness either...



So either I've been exposed to some kind of radiation, or its just a physical manifestation of the happiness that comes from




Of my life.  Or perhaps I am finally ready to assume my true form and this is the beginning of my metamorphosis...



Nah.  Probably a very simple scientific explanation for my new found luminosity...



I hope for everyone's sake that's all it is...






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ACK!!!  What the hello kitty, HNIB!!!  The hellhounds with glowy fang-mouths and monster claws was *NOT* okay...you scared the heck outta me!  

So glad you've done whatever you've done to your life to cause glow. Glow is good.  Scary fangs bad. :D

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  • Posts

    • forgetmenow


      On 1/23/2021 at 2:01 PM, hoipolloi said:

      That's my guess -- it will help with the grift & money if people have a vague notion that Spanky's "church" is connected to the original SGM/SGF group of churches.

      Hard to believe that CJ Mahaney would appreciate this, however.

      I'm not sure they care, tbh.  Their reputation is so bad at this point that some of the churches in their denom have changed their names to avoid the association, while many have just left.  This is a longish article that provides more details.

      Spanky and is brand are trash, to be sure, but how noticeable is more trash piled on top of the trash heap?

      It is super weird that he chose that particular dumpster fire to associate his new brand with, but a lot of the fallen preacher guys in his position cling to cheap "grace" as a fix-all.

    • SuperNova


      First off, I really dislike birds as pets for 90% of the population. Birds, even parakeets, are not like other pets. They are intelligent creatures that need stimulation and a great deal of attention. They're also more emotionally complex than dogs or cats. The larger the bird, the more they need. It kills me when people like Abbie buy any animal like they're a toy to entertain children but it really breaks my heart when it's a bird. Birds are not great pets and I say this as someone who has owned birds. The seed scatter, the poop, the constant water changes, the attention needs, all makes for a bad pet in a busy household. 

      Abbie has a hard time being emotionally honest with herself. She doesn't seem to able to separate the concepts of children are always a blessing/sometimes life sucks. No one is saying that you stop loving your kid when they crap on the rug in front of you, but stop acting like the kid crapping is sanctifying. Sometimes a turd on the rug is just a turd on the rug, not a special gift from God so that you can learn grace. 




    • Kelsey


      I'm sure there are plenty of people that don't support lbgt rights but still voted for Biden. I know several people who regularly say shit like "god made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" and still voted for Biden.

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    • Howl


      No updates from Freckled Fox.  

      Man Bun has posted a video about something on his Warrior of Truth Insta; I don't want to turn on the audio, but based on comments, he's working hard on life's challenges, or thinks he is.  

      Sheesh, I hope she doesn't take him back, but whatever.  

      Insta linky here

    • usedbicycle

      Posted (edited)

      5 hours ago, Angelface said:

      I would think that this might be very attractive to some men. A family, but not hordes and hordes of children so neither too hectic/ chaotic nor too expensive. Just wish that this idea would become popular with fundies. 

      In my world, 5 children sounds unbearably hectic, chaotic and expensive. But in the fundie world, your family is considered small if it can fit in a 7-passenger minivan, lol. 😜

      Edited by usedbicycle
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