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You can read by the light of me...



So several people irl have mentioned to me how happy I look lately, nice to see me so relaxed etc.

Guess hiding my stress isn't my strong suit.

But what was funny is two different people on seperate occasions mentioned that I was "glowing."  One said I was "absolutely glowing" and the other said "you have this radiant glow about you lately."  Kind of a werid thing to hear once, but twice?  

Guess I'm not very cool st concealing happiness either...



So either I've been exposed to some kind of radiation, or its just a physical manifestation of the happiness that comes from




Of my life.  Or perhaps I am finally ready to assume my true form and this is the beginning of my metamorphosis...



Nah.  Probably a very simple scientific explanation for my new found luminosity...



I hope for everyone's sake that's all it is...






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ACK!!!  What the hello kitty, HNIB!!!  The hellhounds with glowy fang-mouths and monster claws was *NOT* okay...you scared the heck outta me!  

So glad you've done whatever you've done to your life to cause glow. Glow is good.  Scary fangs bad. :D

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the scary fangs were the funniest thing I've ever done!

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    • 4 hours ago, bertnee said:

      I just realized that their youngest is 3. He's probably either out of diapers or close to it. Could it finally be the first time in Jill's life that she isn't changing 37 diapers a day!?!? Congrats, Jill. You have made it to the Promised Land.

      He’ll be 4 in a fortnight, so I expect you’re right. I imagine this is a time of conflicting feelings for Jill and Derrick, where they’re getting a taste of what parenting slightly older, more independent kids is like, but also now that Derrick has finished law school, if they want a third it might be time to start trying (if they haven’t already). They may be weighing up whether to have another or enjoy the next stage of the boys’ lives and for Jill especially, think about other interests to start to pursue with the time she’ll have when both boys are in school. But she seems to love babies.

       I may just be projecting myself onto them here - my youngest is 4, and although we decided before she was born that she would be the last, it’s always been a bit of a “head over heart” decision for me. As she gets older I find myself pursuing more of my other goals: writing, music, a PhD, a new job. I appreciate the extra time and freedom of this stage of life, playing with the kids or reading to them or baking with them, but being able to just say “can you get dressed and brush your teeth” rather than do it all for them. At the same time, when friends have babies it’s always a bit bittersweet, I miss being pregnant and having newborn cuddles, and I LOVE being “auntie Smee” to them. So with Jill’s siblings having babies that she may not have a lot of involvement with, I can see it being a hard decision to make for them.

    • Howl


      Good grief, he's worse than Bro. John Shrader.  Except RC, Jr. skipped the chicken farm and library. 

    • Thumper

      Posted (edited)

      4 hours ago, postscript said:

      I agree. I would guess it’s been years (if ever) since Josh thought seriously about his faith. He’s just gone on, doing as he’s always done, checking the right boxes. However, based on his actions, he’s gradually strayed farther and farther from his upbringing until the core faith is gone, leaving only the shell of outward observance. If he were asked to dig deep down (assuming he’s even capable of that), I suspect he’d have to admit he has no idea what he really believes.  

      I don't think Josh has much faith. He is just to lazy and chicken to have ever struck out and been his own man. Even Doug Phillips eventually left his life when it was no longer profitable.

      Edited by Thumper
    • Ozlsn


      5 hours ago, purejuice said:

      I was taught to treat them as carbs. When serving corn or potatoes, don't consider either an adequate side for a carb entree, like spaghetti or mac n cheese. When serving with meat, no other carb.

      I think it's because I grew up in what was still a very "meat and three veg" culinary culture, so if it wasn't meat then it was vegetable.  In our case that was almost certainly meat, potatoes and various combinations of beans, peas, corn, carrot, turnip, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, pumpkin and - very occasionally - capsicum and eggplant (these are the ones I can think of offhand!) The three in veg was also a bit up and down - peas, beans and corn kernels were/are often mixed, and counted as one. My best friend in primary school was diabetic, so we had some idea about what combinations she needed, but the wide spread sorting into carbs, protein etc didn't happen until a lot later (and is obviously still patchy in my mind!)

    • Bethella


      4 hours ago, Bluebirdbluebell said:

      I'm not about Jessa, because I'm not sure when she's due. Tori's due by the end of the month. The Bates women tend to be early. I'm surprised she hasn't had the baby. I'd say definitely Tori, but I don't know about Jessa.

      All they announced was summer but Jessa had her sex determination ultrasound at that boutique place on January 25, 21 weeks ago. In order to see the requisite anatomy, at that point she had to be at least 14 weeks and more likely 18+ weeks. That puts her at a minimum of 35 weeks now and I suspect she’s closer to 39-40 weeks.

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    • meep


      Does anyone have a success story for repelling insects away from your home?
      Last year we moved to a new home that is next to a forested area. It's a gorgeous community, and I knew going in that insects and just nature in general would be more a part of daily life. So when lady bugs and tiny little ants and such make their way into our home, it's not a big deal. They mostly just stay by the windows from where they came in and don't venture further in. I figure putting up with it is just part of living here. 
      However, the problem comes when a wasp or bee finds its way in, or big gigantic ants. And they wander farther into the home. I'm especially concerned once we get a dog (I've had dogs before, and they've all loved chasing bugs around and trying - sometimes successfully - to gobble them up!). I honestly don't know why they try to come inside. We are clean and don't leave food/crumbs around (we have a robo vaccuum that goes every morning). We don't have water sitting out (but we will once we have a dog! another concern...). Maybe it's the temperature? I feel bad because if they don't get squished, they just run out of food and water and die. Sometimes I talk to them like a human, beinng them to go back outside where there's plenty of plants and water and they can live! LOL!

      My fiance got traps a few weeks back and I felt SO bad. I don't WANT them to die, and neither does fiance either, but I don't think he knew what else to do. But they didn't even work. So I'm wondering if anyone has some good tips, advice, or suggestions on non-toxic ways to repel these little creatures? Not only for my own sake, but for theirs. I wish they could understand that they will just wither away once they get inside. I've heard of putting mint or specific flowers near windows, but I wonder if that really works? And I'm sure it simply attracts other types of wildlife....

      Anyways, I'd appreciate any help!
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    • Destiny


      I survived ... Ish. I'm all moved again, another 1500 miles from where the cats and I were living before. I'm in the new apartment, and kitties are adjusting well. I've only cried 6 times since Saturday! #progress.
      By the way, sorry about the summer logo swap taking its sweet time. Real life was a little too much and it got forgotten. 
      · 0 replies
    • HermioneSparrow


      Please pray for me as I'm battling covid and not doing so well. 
      · 24 replies
    • WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?


      A happy summer solstice to all northern hemisphere FJers! And a happy winter solstice to all southern hemisphere FJers! (I know it's already Monday is Australia, so I'm late for most of you.)

      ETA--Oh! I just checked, and the winter solstice is at 1:31 PM on Monday, June 21 in Eastern Australia Time. So, for once the time zones worked in my favor. I'm not late!
      · 1 reply
    • Bluebirdbluebell


      I'm so angry at the Bishops right now. Shit like this is why I left the Catholic church. They play politics so blatantly.  I hope this convinces more people to leave. 
      · 4 replies
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