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Buffy's Commentary

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You can read by the light of me...



So several people irl have mentioned to me how happy I look lately, nice to see me so relaxed etc.

Guess hiding my stress isn't my strong suit.

But what was funny is two different people on seperate occasions mentioned that I was "glowing."  One said I was "absolutely glowing" and the other said "you have this radiant glow about you lately."  Kind of a werid thing to hear once, but twice?  

Guess I'm not very cool st concealing happiness either...



So either I've been exposed to some kind of radiation, or its just a physical manifestation of the happiness that comes from




Of my life.  Or perhaps I am finally ready to assume my true form and this is the beginning of my metamorphosis...



Nah.  Probably a very simple scientific explanation for my new found luminosity...



I hope for everyone's sake that's all it is...






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ACK!!!  What the hello kitty, HNIB!!!  The hellhounds with glowy fang-mouths and monster claws was *NOT* okay...you scared the heck outta me!  

So glad you've done whatever you've done to your life to cause glow. Glow is good.  Scary fangs bad. :D

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    • AmazonGrace


      The latest excerpt from the new book is a recycled blog post. 




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    • AmazonGrace


      Gwen has skipped a couple of daily devos again but we get this: FB_IMG_1596555650895.thumb.jpg.d14c464d7992aa1b5cf703853ef90609.jpg

      Did you know that not-eating is the most pivotal breakthrough in the world? 

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    • TuringMachine

      Posted (edited)

      2 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I do think Ezra turned 14 this year. I think Ezra and Simon are less than 2 years apart. While all the rest are around two years apart. 

      Ah you're right Ezra turned 14 in May. I thought his birthday was in the late fall / winter like the other kids. It looks like Simon and Della are almost 3 years. Then she really hits her stride: Della and Evy and Nola are a couple months shy of 2 years, Evy and Nola and Theo are a few months over 2 years, Theo and Honor are two years and a month, and Honor and Shiloh are also 2 years and a month. The new babies will be about a 1 and a half years younger than Shiloh.

      Edited by TuringMachine
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    • JermajestyDuggar

      Posted (edited)

      I do think Ezra turned 14 this year. I think Ezra and Simon are less than 2 years apart. While all the rest are around two years apart. 

      Edited by JermajestyDuggar
    • smittykins


      19 hours ago, Red Hair, Black Dress said:

      I grew up in a rural area, all the grade schools were K-7, high school 8-12.  The really really rural schools were K-12.

      I graduated from a rural K-12 school(one wing was K-6, the other 7-12).  They’ve always had full-day K except for one year in the 50s when there were so many kids that they had to have half-day sessions.  And my mom was part of their very first kindergarten class in 1950.

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