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Start of Spinach Season



I'm not the biggest fan of spinach, but it's one of the earlier crops here. So I grow it and as long as I can harvest it really young I suck it up.

And because spinach season has started, that means my favorite spinach recipe gets made.

Yesterday I harvested my spinach, but got distracted and never got around to preparing it (I also forgot my camera). So this is what my spinach looked like this morning, so a day after harvesting.


Yes, those are weeds you see, and yes I could probably harvest again.

So I washed my spinach, and destalked the larger leaves and discarded the really wilted ones (compost food). Then i used my trusty lettuce spinner to get the water out. And rinsed it again because it rained and greens get dirty, which meant using my lettuce spinner again. Best thing ever.


Then I remembered I didn't have salmon so had to run to the store, making sure I stopped to smell the flowers on the way. I also picked up more pasta, because you never know when you might run out (apparently  I do this every time because I have 4 boxes of it).


And when I got home I started making my white (spinach) sauce.

butter.jpg   sauce.jpg

It's butter of an unknown quantity, salt, pepper, nutmeg, mustard and dill. Melted then added in chopped onions and stirred until translucent. At which point I added flour until it went to what I judge the right consistency - solid but wet. Add milk while stirring and let thicken. I don't let it get too thick because I add a lot of spinach to it, and that doesn't work as well when it's really thick. In the time I can chop my spinach my sauce thickens nicely.
Add a bit of cheese and mix until melted. Turn off heat. Take out a cup of the sauce and set aside. Add 300g spinach while mixing well. It wilts when in the sauce, it too me 5 times of filling the saucepan to the top to get all of mine added... I did actually weigh that because I was curious as to how much it was.

Layer lasagna, spinach sauce and smoked salmon.


Until your baking dish is full. Use your set-aside cup of sauce for the top. While you can't really see it, I have 4 layers in there.


Cover with cheese and bake for 25 minutes or until and adequate amount of sauce has boiled out over the sides and made a mess. Oh and you probably want a nice golden brown top, not too black and not too white.  Then eat before you need to go take an exam.


And in case you're wondering where is the Jinger?



Here it is! growing in my window.


And if you have any good spinach recipes, I really want them. Especially if they mask the spinach flavor.

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:my_heart: spinach. I have a fantastic recipe (to be honest it's Mr laPG's). Unfortunately I have no spinach :my_sad: the season ended a month ago here. I'll have to wait the autumn to try the combination spinach-smoked salmon it sounds delicious. I'll try my recipe with other herbs so I can make you see.

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@laPapessaGiovanna some of mine is starting to bolt already. it took a long time to grow, the weather hasn't been optimal. and I haven't spent anywhere near enough time in my garden recently.

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Korean spinach to be eaten as a side-dish (banchan):

Boil fresh spinach and squeeze water out, once cold. Add sesame oil, garlic, soy sauce and a pinch of sugar/honey.

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I used to go to a restaurant that had a fabulous spinach salad with warm bacon vinaigrette.  If someone has a recipe for that I'd love it - I've tried a couple but wasn't able to hit the right spot between too sour and too sweet.  

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I am a huge fan of spinach pie (although you won't like if you don't like spinach!).  The Barefoot Contessa/ Ina Garten has a good recipe for it.

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On June 8, 2016 at 10:24 AM, RabbitKM said:

I am a huge fan of spinach pie (although you won't like if you don't like spinach!).  The Barefoot Contessa/ Ina Garten has a good recipe for it.

I just googled this and it sounds awesome!

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I like Ina's recipe for sauteed spinach. I make large batches of it and freeze it.

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  • Posts

    • PumaLover


      2 hours ago, adidas said:

      I got a hand written letter personally addressed to me. It was a page long with a tract and it looked like the handwriting of an elderly woman. It included one of their booklets.
      I’ve previously called them and asked to be taken off their door knocking list, but I guess letters are different. 

      Mr. Puma received one of these. He has the same name as his late grandfather who was JW so I guess that kind of makes sense. He recycled it.

    • neuroticcat


      10 hours ago, allthegoodnamesrgone said:

      . Very few places are closing anything again and most people here have flat out said they will NOT put up with schools closing again, and or things going back to closed, these assholes would rather die than be bored.  

      Agree. I’m so frustrated with the school response. It’s like COVID revealed yet another failing system and instead of getting to work and thinking creativity, education departments said: welp! No good solutions. Back to school it is! 


    • neuroticcat


      I have an old childhood friend who reconnected on Facebook. She’s busy selling plexus and conspiracy theories online with this weird polished fundie bonus dogma too.

      You’ve probably seen the package of warnings: Sometimes it’s about vaccines or COVID or QAnon or masks. Most recently it’s about coin shortages and the terrors of a cashless society. What I find fascinating - beyond the fundamentalism combined with Gnosticism, is the comment threads with many pious reminders that “God is in control,” warnings about it being end times, mark of the beast, etc., and these weird faith declarations that they know where they’re going so: no fear (except all the fear monger it I guess?).

      Anyway, it’s a new bizarro corner of fundamentalism for me, and the entitlement and delusion is crazytown. I mean, made up threats to drive propaganda when the world is on fire and feeling smug and safe as Christians? Look. You don’t have to care about the actual crises I care about...like famine or injustice or COVID...but can you just care about something real that’s not yourself? It’s embarrassing and awful and as a Christian I thInk it violates taking Gods name in vain every time I see it. 

    • thoughtful


      Monday evening revival, under the tent  roof.

      They sing some hymns, a capella, in many keys at once. Maybe, since  they're in New England, they are going for a Charles Ives polytonal effect. One of the hymns is The Old Rugged Cross (I listened to a few seconds, and could tell from the words), so Gary must have been happy.

      The Hawkinses sing at the piano, as well. I skipped it all.

      John 19:17-30  Gary can barely get through this very well-known text. I'm sad to say that none of his errors were funny, though - just pitiful.

      You've heard of Christmas in July? Well, Gary seems to want Good Friday in July. I think Gary would like to talk about the Crucifixion and torture and burning in Hell  every day.

      Theoretically, I can see how the Independent Baptist approach - no specific prayers that must be said, no cycling through a liturgical year or reading Scripture in order - could be liberating.

      But Gary uses it as an excuse to return to pet readings that support his politics, guilt-mongering, self-righteousness, love of gore, and inability to come up with new thoughts.

      OK, enough diversion - back to the cross.

      The yelling starts right away, in both directions. Gary's blood won't do you no good, but Jesus' will.

      Becky gives her water bottle to the pastor to give to Gary. Hope Jacob is OK.

      Psalms 103:12 - As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.

      Gary is glad God has forgotten his sins. God was worshed your sins really far away - see:


      image.png.fc994d4c708c88aedc48b67f0d389f9b.png    image.png.c2cc2d755a8868419ab688576e3150bc.png

      Sporty ensemble, Gary.

      Speaking of clothes, he tells us his oldest boy used to say he'd like to wear a purple shirt. Gary said "Not under mah roof, amen," and got the answer "Well, Jesus did."

      "I said, 'and also, Jesus was beaten - do you wanna be beat? I won't have a problem doin' it.' Hey, (inaudible) was talkin' yesterday that his Mama and Daddy would say whenever they whupped him that it hurt them worse than it hurt him. I wantcha to know, when I told mah kids, when mah kids got whuppin's, ah said 'it ain't gonna bother me one ounce.' (incoherent bellow, lots of arm waving) AMEN!"

      I guess we had to hear about beating children today, since he left it out yesterday.


      BTW, this followed right on the stuff about Jesus forgiving and forgetting all of our sins. Ya ask whah? Fucked if I know.

      Oh, and Becky and much of the congregation were in hysterics laughing about how funny it is to beat children, and to threaten beatings because they want to wear a purple shirt.

      WTF is wrong with these people?

      Gary says "Colossians chapter 14" then realizes there is no such thing. Oh - Colossians 1:14 - In whom we have redemption through his blood.

      Oh, goody - blood!

      "Ah unnerstan' there is some people that have blood, that you kin, you kin donate blood, and you can help some people."

      Who knew?

      "But it's only for a temporary thang, because we're in a temporary world. But Jesus' blood, y'know people say, 'well what about you got a bloody religion,' you absolutely raht. Every bit of Jesus' blood took away every bit o' mah sins amen. Ah'm talkin' 'bout listen hey His blood, He shed His blood. Some say He dropped it, some say he poured it out, some even say it's still sittin' there, ah personally believe, ah studied the Bahble, He's got the bloood settin' raht beside him in Heaven, amen. Wantin' to do what? Wash the world's blood - sins- away."

      This is a very Gary image - we already know he pictures Jesus on the edge of his chair, ready to blow that heavenly vuvuzela to usher in the end of the world. Now we have him with a bucket o' blood, and, no doubt, Gary's spiritual dishrag, ready to wash our sins away.

      Gary says that, when he's in Heaven, he will have Jesus' blood running through him.

      1 John 4:19 We love him, because he first loved us.

      Gary says you can ask his wife - he's not always lovable. Becky says a loud AMEN. They have this comedy routine worked out, folks.

      He says that Jesus died and gave his only begotten son. I think that's at least the third time he's blessed us with that original theology.

      He tells us that he was given his truck because God loves him.

      Gary says he's trying to lose 100 pounds, but he'll still have enough flesh to do wrong.

      Luke 24:5-7  God is alive, and Gary has to shout about it for a few minutes.

      Gary reminds us that Buddha and Mohamed are in Hell. At least he didn't say Allah this time.

      Ephesians 2:1-4

      We get stinky Lazarus for the first time in a while. "We all were stinkin' in some kinda filth before (drowned out by yelling)."

      "All these clinics they got for dopeheads cain't take it away from ya, ya say how d'ya know? Ah worked with a guy, 'n' ah finally had to quit 'cause ah came home smellin' like a dope every naht."

      "Here's a difference between a lost man that don't give a flip 'n' listen hey matter of fact just told, they told me the other day that mah cousin, after many years o' bein' married to the same woman, came home one day 'n' told 'im said 'ah want you to leave.'" 


      Gary does his "sin makes women ugly" bit, talking about the preacher who had the pictures of a woman who gradually deteriorated due to sin and his cousin who got kicked out of a car - we've heard those before, but this time he adds this:

      "Mah Daddy talked about how whenever he first met mah mother, 'n' how when he first seen her, how beautiful a  girl she was. You see her now? That's what sin does to ya. Messes you up."


      Gary, you're a shitty son. And, if you were quoting your father there, he's a shitty husband. The woman is in her 60s and in kidney failure, and has probably worked hard all her life serving men - if she's no longer a "beautiful girl," those things might be the cause, not sin (not to mention that it's shallow of you, and none of your fucking business). 

      "You think about this - bulletin boards! I know Peter (inaudible) was prob'ly one of the best artistses that there prob'ly ever been in the days as far as the Christianity world, ah know there's some others that can do that, but amma tell you raht now the Devil has (inaudible).


      Oh, he's talking about billboards! He keeps calling them bulletin boards, and does his bit about how the women on them aren't fat, but a "skinny, beautiful, naked woman," because the Devil wants you to drink "Bud-dumber."

      Romans 6:23 - For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

      The loudest yelling I think I've ever heard in my life follows.

      Gary says that he said something wrong, in church, once, 15 years ago. God kept him up all night, convicting him.

      John 14:1-4  Gary's heavenly mansion will not have rats or bedbugs - someone in the congregation calls out "black flies," and Gary repeats it, and adds "the state bird of Maine - mosquitos."

      Then he cracks wise about his wife wanting her own place in Heaven.

      These people are such sophisticated wits.

      Gary, who never seems able to decide whether his flesh and possessions will go with him to Heaven, goes on about sand not ruining your heavenly vehicle, and all of the foods he will eat without ever getting fat. Some of his more delicious choices, involving the word "fried," are repeated reverently by members of the congregation.

      Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

      He tells how his oldest son was saved - Gary told him is was bedtime after devotions, and he said "I can't go to bed, I'm going to Hell." Gary tells us he said "'You say you can't go to bed, and you're goin' to Hell, but you're just gonna sit there. Ah can make you get on your knees, ah can make you say a prayer, but that's not how salvation works.' And he got on his knees, and to that day, he says he got saved."

      Then we get Jacob's salvation story, which we've heard before - when he was 10, he got up out of bed where they were grifting  - er, taking care of a church for someone on a mission. Gary says he thought at first that someone was breaking in, so I guess Jacob is lucky he didn't get shot. He started pounding on Gary's bedroom door, Gary said "What in the name of God is your problem?" and Jacob said (well, bellowed, if Gary's imitation is accurate) "Ah'm goin' to HELL!"

      These bedtime salvation stories chill me to the bone. How terrifying it must be to be a child in that family.

      Gary ends on a note of hope, reminding us that there's a casket waiting.


    • hoipolloi


      2 hours ago, Ozlsn said:

      I still don't think it was amusement on the lawyer and accountants faces.

      I doubt they were "amused" especially if they'd been representing the Easlings for some time and had filed tax returns or other documents on their behalf. 

      This is what's on our federal tax return (married, filing jointly), prepared by our CPA & signed by us:249094715_Prepareraffadavit.thumb.png.8569d11e9a6b52b6ee0364d71a945d8e.png


      The Easlings' CPA and possibly their attorney would be in jeopardy of losing their professional licenses not to mention federal & state penalties for perpetrating fraud if they filed tax returns, wills, or other documents asserting that the Easlings were legally married when they were not.

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