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Start of Spinach Season



I'm not the biggest fan of spinach, but it's one of the earlier crops here. So I grow it and as long as I can harvest it really young I suck it up.

And because spinach season has started, that means my favorite spinach recipe gets made.

Yesterday I harvested my spinach, but got distracted and never got around to preparing it (I also forgot my camera). So this is what my spinach looked like this morning, so a day after harvesting.


Yes, those are weeds you see, and yes I could probably harvest again.

So I washed my spinach, and destalked the larger leaves and discarded the really wilted ones (compost food). Then i used my trusty lettuce spinner to get the water out. And rinsed it again because it rained and greens get dirty, which meant using my lettuce spinner again. Best thing ever.


Then I remembered I didn't have salmon so had to run to the store, making sure I stopped to smell the flowers on the way. I also picked up more pasta, because you never know when you might run out (apparently  I do this every time because I have 4 boxes of it).


And when I got home I started making my white (spinach) sauce.

butter.jpg   sauce.jpg

It's butter of an unknown quantity, salt, pepper, nutmeg, mustard and dill. Melted then added in chopped onions and stirred until translucent. At which point I added flour until it went to what I judge the right consistency - solid but wet. Add milk while stirring and let thicken. I don't let it get too thick because I add a lot of spinach to it, and that doesn't work as well when it's really thick. In the time I can chop my spinach my sauce thickens nicely.
Add a bit of cheese and mix until melted. Turn off heat. Take out a cup of the sauce and set aside. Add 300g spinach while mixing well. It wilts when in the sauce, it too me 5 times of filling the saucepan to the top to get all of mine added... I did actually weigh that because I was curious as to how much it was.

Layer lasagna, spinach sauce and smoked salmon.


Until your baking dish is full. Use your set-aside cup of sauce for the top. While you can't really see it, I have 4 layers in there.


Cover with cheese and bake for 25 minutes or until and adequate amount of sauce has boiled out over the sides and made a mess. Oh and you probably want a nice golden brown top, not too black and not too white.  Then eat before you need to go take an exam.


And in case you're wondering where is the Jinger?



Here it is! growing in my window.


And if you have any good spinach recipes, I really want them. Especially if they mask the spinach flavor.

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:my_heart: spinach. I have a fantastic recipe (to be honest it's Mr laPG's). Unfortunately I have no spinach :my_sad: the season ended a month ago here. I'll have to wait the autumn to try the combination spinach-smoked salmon it sounds delicious. I'll try my recipe with other herbs so I can make you see.

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@laPapessaGiovanna some of mine is starting to bolt already. it took a long time to grow, the weather hasn't been optimal. and I haven't spent anywhere near enough time in my garden recently.

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Korean spinach to be eaten as a side-dish (banchan):

Boil fresh spinach and squeeze water out, once cold. Add sesame oil, garlic, soy sauce and a pinch of sugar/honey.

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I used to go to a restaurant that had a fabulous spinach salad with warm bacon vinaigrette.  If someone has a recipe for that I'd love it - I've tried a couple but wasn't able to hit the right spot between too sour and too sweet.  

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I am a huge fan of spinach pie (although you won't like if you don't like spinach!).  The Barefoot Contessa/ Ina Garten has a good recipe for it.

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On June 8, 2016 at 10:24 AM, RabbitKM said:

I am a huge fan of spinach pie (although you won't like if you don't like spinach!).  The Barefoot Contessa/ Ina Garten has a good recipe for it.

I just googled this and it sounds awesome!

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I like Ina's recipe for sauteed spinach. I make large batches of it and freeze it.

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