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Fixing a nourishing meal - chapati and chicken salad, the lazy version



Today FJ friends asked Gawd through his Godly Mentor inspired me to blog about cooking something fixing a heakthy(?) nourishing meal. I thought why not, maybe if I'll pray hard enough in my heart I'll finally hear from the Mentor's very own voice how the heck I am supposed to fix a nourishing meal. 

I know that such high inspirations will foster high expectations in your souls. Unfortunately today I felt lazier than Lori, but none appeared on the High Horse of Truth to save me and I had to prepare a good "pranzo della domenica" all the same. So with  a true passive aggressive spirit I decided to take it easy doing nothing special so that "people" would feel guilty for making me cook when all I wanted was (the kitty pic is for Buffy and Destiny to make up for the very average menu)images (7).jpg

I failed miserably because turns out they appreciated it and I am not Lori's best bitch pupil.

Anyway I made chapati with the easy version of a chicken salad. Chapati aren't an Italian tradition obviously, I discovered them thanks to this admirable lady 

If someone wants to try doing them I strongly recommend watching it and making lot and lot and lot of practice without surrendering to despair when/ if the first attempts will turn into pride crushing disasters. Chapati are totally worth the trouble. The tricks are: to prepare the dough an hour beforehand and let it rest in a plastic bag or airtight container, knead the dough for 10 straight minutes, use good quality whole wheat flour and cook on something like a stainless steel/cast iron skillet. The rest is practice. And watching the lady of the video perform her magic.


While the dough rested, I fought against the slugs to save the remains of my poor lettuce. 


Cleaned and washed it and the fennel 20160605_124551.jpg

Cooked 3 coffeecup (the doses are for 5 people more or less, depending on how hungry) of oat in abundant salted water for 20 minutes (usually I prefer barley to oat but I had finished it and oat is a good replacement)


Drained it and put aside. Then I roughly diced 600gr of chicken breasts.

After an hour since kneading I made the chapati. Taking pics doing them is something I am  apparently uncapable to do. After my phone slipped on the floor I stopped trying to take a decent pic. Here is what I have.



Finally I tossed the meat into some flour and on a previously heated skillet with some extra virgin olive oil.20160605_123241.jpg20160605_123914.jpg

It's important to cook it quickly with high heat to make it crispy outside and soft inside. When it turns golden it's ready, it's really quick. Turned off the heat.


I added a good pinch of salt enriched with aromatic herbs and finally I added the well drained oat and  mixed.20160605_124517.jpg

And here it is...


I love it with some mayo too, may the Godly Mentor forgive me for using it even if it isn't organic and it's full of chemicals and preservatives :pray:I'll need to repent and make penance, or not? Am I saved all the same? Of which mind did Lori wake up this morning? 


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This is a nothing special meal? Mister destiny should be so lucky. He gets chicken or fish and a vegetable.

Also, the kitten is adorable.

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This looks fantastic! I am always looking for new ideas! I have made pita bread before I think I am up to the challenge! Oooooohhhhhh, maybe mix a bit of Madras curry powder and lime to the mayo????

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9 hours ago, Destiny said:


This is a nothing special meal?


I feared your expectations were a bit too high so I kept a low profile :pb_biggrin:

Chapati aside, it truly was nothing too elaborated, even more so if you compare with Buffy super dinner.

I forgot to say that for a meal you need to make at least 2/3 chapati per person. Usually I make 2 cups of flour, approximately 16 chapatis. The left overs are devoured during the following morning breakfast. Reheated chapati with Nutella rocks! Imho they are best reheated on a pan but it works in the microwave too. I've seen on You Tube that they can be reheated keeping them directly on the heat with pliers. I am too much of a clod to try it though. 

3 hours ago, Grimalkin said:

Oooooohhhhhh, maybe mix a bit of Madras curry powder and lime to the mayo????

I'd love to try it. Unfortunately my family is dead set against unfamiliar tastes. Chapati are pretty much as far as I managed to make then accept a different taste. Very depressing.

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Oh I get having finicky eaters! My kids won't touch mayo so it would be me and maybe my husband eating it. I have learned to compromise making simple meals and jazzing them up with sauces. Sometimes I like simple too.

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This looks amazing!  And def going on the menu here although I probably won't do it justice.  I'm glad it was laid upon your heart to share it with us!

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      Even fundies have to - hell, Anna Duggar was filmed giving birth on a toilet - I challenge you to top that!

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      Bare chest for the 12 ECG, than the catheter insertion - which in males requires firmly holding the penis up with one hand at 90° - so honestly we are used to it.

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      Childbirth is lots of things, it's amazing and magical, but it's also a very physical experience that can be quite raw and rough. I do think it's important to be able to ask these questions and get honest answers - after all, it's concerns many women share, and it's always better to have it all out in the open so we don't feel too embarrassed about things happening to our bodies that are natural and normal.

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      sorry if I used women, I am a non-native speaker and unsure about the correct terminology to use "people who give birth"(?)
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      I figure if it wasn’t okay, she wouldn’t have encouraged me to do it. 

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      Smelling pistake
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      41 minutes ago, Iamtheway said:

      they were all probably traumatized over the fat, naked lady.

      They definitely were not, a lot of what we do requires patients to be stark naked, that doesn't leave an impression on us. If staff are traumatized by people in their birth suits, they picked the wrong freaking job, cause that happens every 15 minutes. Srsly if somebody flashed me in a park i wouldn't even shrug my shoulders, business as usual.

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      The only thing I'm concerned about is that it makes patients feel embarrased cause they think we might feel uneasy... rest assured we don't care.
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