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Collaborative Coconut Cake



Fair warning:  I'm not a blogger, foodie, or photographer.  I don't have fancy equipment or a skill level higher than most fifth graders so judge accordingly.


I asked for help when I needed a great coconut cake recipe and FJ came through.  This is an amalgamation of the recipes shared today.

For the cake itself I used http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/special-occasion-white-cake from @Leftitinmysnood with the following exceptions:

substituted the almond and vanilla extract with coconut extract and due to a mishap I lost some egg white so was probably closer to 3.5.

Basic white cake just cake flour, baking powder, a little salt, shortening (I use Imperial Margerine when any recipe calls for shortening - to do anything else would cause my mother to roll over in her grave), egg whites, sugar, cold water and extract.

they key is to make sure the sugar and butter are properly creamed (I'm lazy so I've been know to short this part of the process - you can taste it) and to alternate adding the dry ingredients and water...fully incorporating each segment before adding more.



My bottom oven hates me so I had to cut the temp to 325 and the time by 15 minutes to get them to come out evenly.

and they looked underdone but totally weren't and would have been ruined had I left them in longer.  Not sure why one didn't brown more.

and, no I don't have matching cake pans.  It's something I keep meaning to pick up, but I don't do layer cakes that often so I keep forgetting to buy them.  Oh well, if the Pope or a Van Halen ever comes to dinner I'll buy better bake ware first.

while they were baking I made the simple syrup with which to moisten the cake.



 I used a cup of sugar, 1/4 cup coconut water, 1/4 cup water and a splash of coconut extract.  Brought to a boil until it reduced and let it cool.


after the syrup and cakes were room tempI poked holes in the cakes and poured the syrup over each and put them in the fridge to chill.


Thats a water streak on the table - I'm too tired to edit ...don't make me.

i attempted to make the frosting suggested in the thread, but there was a prepare ahead step I didn't notice and so in the interest of time I just winged a variation buttercream frosting.  Three sticks of butter, the seperated cream of a can of cream of coconut, powdered sugar, a little splash of coconut extract.  There was a lot left over even after my taste testing enough that I wasn't hungry for dinner.  It really was good.  And I have no idea how much powdered sugar I used since I just eyeballed it.

 it's probably a good thing I don't write cook books.

after the cakes were cool I frosted them - generous layer of butter cream and coconut in the middle and smothered the outside in the same.

granted no one is going to hire me to work in a bakery, but I thought it came out okay.


i don't cut well (i don't know why the photo is yellow) but it came out pretty moist...my family liked it...


and not just the human members.  I was on the couch and moved my plate temporarily to keep my leftovers out of reach of the pups when Shadow decided she wanted dessert...










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Even though coconut is fruit(?) of the devil, the cake looks good.  I've never seen a cat eat cat before, so it must be pretty good :)

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Coconut Flan


All that butter was what did it.  Some cats love butter fat. 

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I hate coconut cake with the passion of a thousand burning suns, but yours looks very nice! :)

I also wanted to add that my cat (who is now chasing mice in cat heaven) loooved cake. Marble cake, cheesecake, cherry cake (he'd leave the cherries for the humans!) - he loved it all. Even chewed his way through Saran wrap to get at it. Your Shadow is beautiful and your cake must have been very much to her liking!

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21 hours ago, JillyO said:

I hate coconut cake with the passion of a thousand burning suns, but yours looks very nice! :)



        I had to reread this three times I thought you said a thousand burning nuns.:crazy:

        Now I must have coconut cake. I don't usually bother with non chocolate cakes. This sounds delicious, it's the syrup. 

      I love your little black kitty!!!! We need more pictures of him/her!

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    • Sabine


      1 hour ago, Italiangirl said:

      Why Michelle had to be next to her while giving the interview if she hasn't said a word? Jana is not old enough to give an interview like this alone? Does she need to have an accountability partner next to her just to be sure? Geez, these people! 

      Michelle looked wasted to be honest. Just a bit to mouthy and happy to keep taps on the eldest daughter. I did not listen to the interview, just watched, and boy this is a creepy creepy relationship these two have.

    • Idlewild


      She doesn’t really explain what she does though - just ‘whatever comes into her path’. It does make it sound like she is basically a mother’s help and is allowed to go on a few trips with her friend as a reward. 
      Apart from doing some home decor projects (which most people do whether they’re married or not) she doesn’t give the impression of doing very much.

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      22 minutes ago, PumaLover said:

      Maybe she's just tired of having to be transported to the hospital after her homebirths on the couch. 😆

      Or maybe she got a new couch and wants to keep it clean.

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      There are things I’d be sort of interested to know ( if I was at a very loose end)-

      what was Ben studying?
      is teaching the Duggar kids a short term thing or does he intend to continue ?

      who decides on the curriculum? 
      how do they see see themselves in the long term? 

      But instead we get the usual Jessa ‘I’m just a messy mom’, the annual adoption story and a complete mystery about what Ben does.

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    • CarrotCake


      On 7/2/2020 at 12:35 AM, Bad Wolf said:

      2. Shouldn't there be 22 players on the field at the start of the game? Unless each team plays with 5.5 players. BEC I know what they meant.

      I think the question was: "how many players from each team"


      I watched the episode in about 10 minutes, skipping over every boring part. Which was about 90% of it. I only watched when the young kids were doing 'talking heads' since I was trying to get a bit more of an idea what they are like.

      And waaaaay too much JB and M here!

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