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Don't turn off that oven! The pups are hungry, too!

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I posted this recipe in a post in the stuffing thread.  This is my trusted go-to recipe for dog treats for the world's happiest pups.  



This is one of the only recipes for which I use the food processor (old school - mock away) and our beloved Lucky, who passed a year ago this month, without fail would head to the kitchen whenever I got the food processor out and lay in front of the oven until he had gotten his treats.  It takes over an hour and in our old house an 85 lb lump of fur mid kitchen was quite the impediment to movement but he was undeterred.  He would have his treats, he would have the first.  I miss him so much my heart hurts.

While our two pups don't have his dedication to staging a sit in at every baking they love them, too, so I make this pretty regularly for them.

Puree 2 cups of chicken liver...



Grossest smoothie ever.

Add dry ingredients and bake up for about 15 minutes - the final result is the consistency of a no crumb brownie...




cut into bits - can cut tiny for training purposes but these are just treat size since they refuse to be any more trained than they currently are...

waiting patiently...wAzlvfZ.thumb.jpg.4eac3725d024342808872f

Hey, Not-The-Momma!  Stop moving the treats!


Midair!  (I wish Momma was a better photographer because this was way cuter than it appears here.)









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The liver smoothie didn't gross me out, but seeing the kolachkis again right after that was a bit jarring. :my_biggrin: You have sweet looking pooches! 

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Thanks!  I don't even have a dog at the moment but there are definitely dogs in my future and I like the idea of making them homemade treats like this.  Love love love the photos of your furry ones waiting so attentively.

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    • Marionette


      23 minutes ago, AussieKrissy said:

      well they must have kissed and made up then I would not expect to have seen them together in about 15 years then. were the holts ever on the show or am I still confusing them with the wilsons?


      The Holts were in the Duggars’ original tv special.  Josh and the eldest Holt girl are seen chatting.... even though I believe it was filmed around/after the incident. Or wasn’t there a “second wave”? Can’t remember. 

      The Wilsons were a part of the Duggars’ home church at the same time, before they moved back to Mississippi (they are mentioned in JB&M’s first book in this context). They have been featured on the show before, but I’m not sure when. 

    • subsaharanafrica


      7 hours ago, OrchidBlossom said:

      As a public interest attorney that isn't how I would define the area of law at all... it doesn't "just mean" you don't get paid (and I do, by the way) but rather that we focus on areas of law which disproportionately affect underrepresented communities and/or litigate on matters related to the public good.

      That’s fair.  Saying you don’t get paid was not my intention and I did not mean to offend you or downplay public interest law. 

      I was speaking more to the general lack of funds for representation that underly traditionally underrepresented communities which is often a root cause of whatever the underlying issue is. The system is set up so that those with cash can pretty easily enforce their rights while those without them can’t. What I was trying to get at is that public interest law sits at the nexus trying to correct the situation. 

    • thoughtful


      Gary got some dissent about his "not a bible" crosspost. As ever, he behaves like a dick.












      Hey, Gary - you missed one!




    • QuiverFullofBooks


      8 hours ago, CatMom said:

      I mean, at least when they air the "all about Justin" episode right before the wedding episode, I might actually learn something. Untill now I was barely aware there was one named Justin. 

      Even TLC’s skills at padding out a small amount of material might be challenged by that. It’s interesting that they never use old unaired footage. The production company must have a vast amount, and sometimes it could be interesting when background characters become more important (look, here’s a new fiancé at someone’s birthday party years ago!).

    • On 9/21/2020 at 6:18 PM, AussieKrissy said:

      similar but I don't think same the second one seems a bit more dense in the middle. 

      edt is that second one Lauren Caldwell?

      Yes. The first is Claire, the second LCaldwell

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