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You know there are some great memes out there. Some apply to your life, and others don't. This is one of the ones I really wish did. I could have used it a fair few times. Instead I was the kid getting in trouble at school for telling others the truth: that Santa is a LIE!

In my defense: I really didn't know any better. No one told me I should keep it a secret (I was never allowed to believe in such things). All I knew was that I had a memory verse that went something like ""Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.". How was I meant to know "whatever is kind" trumps that and meant that I shouldn't tell other 6 year olds that Santa doesn't exist? I just assumed them knowing the truth was important! I didn't even realize back then that telling someone the truth might not be considered kind.

The introspective :special-snowflake1:


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I once worked with someone who had the philosophy of telling children the truth about those things because of the lies/lying expectation of children telling you the truth when you the parent have been lying about stupid stuff to them from the get-go.

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@clueliss apparently one of my parents believed into their teenage years and never got over the fact that their parents 'lied' to them so long. Hence the no falsities.

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Some kid a church blabbed when I was in first or second grade but I don't remember it being that big of a shocker. 

I did run into an issue as an adult when I had a small group at church who were 4th of 5th graders and one girl in the group talked of Santa this after another girl said she 'has to keep believing' - meaning the 'good gifts stop when you stop believing in Santa' - which I found almost as ridiculous as having to encourage 10+ year olds not to say anything about the one girl still believing (and the looks on faces and eyes from the other girls said it all).  I would have let them blow the santa gig but the believing in santa girl had a mother who was dying of cancer at the time (the other girls at this point did not know that) and I didn't have the heart to crush that just then. 

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    • harkasquirrel


      Depending on when the babies are coming in 2025 she’s most likely at the tail end of the first trimester or a few weeks into the second. I’m guessing they did one of those sneak peak blood tests to find out the genders.

    • xenobia

      Posted (edited)

      They didn't specify a due date, but ended the video with this message. She must be due very early 2025. They did two ultrasounds - one three weeks or more before the gender reveal where they found out that they were expecting twins, and one close to the gender reveal where they found out that it was two girls. I don't have kids and don't know how early you can see if it's a boy/girl, but I assume she must be at least 10-12 weeks.



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    • louisa05


      22 minutes ago, mysweetetc said:

      Surprised that it was these two who won the game of Twin Roulette between the G2 Dugglings. As a twin mom myself, I was under the impression that fraternal twinning is passed down through the mom, due to it being a case of hyper-ovulation. And I'm guessing it's fraternal twins because they did a double gender reveal--if they were identical, they'd know the kiddos were boy/boy or girl/girl.

      ETA: What will this be, 4 under 4 for them? Yikes on bikes.

      There’s no way they weren’t doing a double gender reveal for the drama regardless. After all these are the first twin grandchildren. Because having kids is a competitive sport in this family. 🙄

    • llucie


      40 minutes ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I always read that the genetics for twins are connected to the mother and not the father, but what a huge coincidence then that Jed who is a twin is also having twins.

    • mango_fandango


      Ooh, the first twin Grand Duggars. We’ve been wondering about that for a while. Makes sense since Jed was a twin.

      Also, Naomi was fairly predictable as a name for Nurie’s 3rd. Christine is Jill’s middle name, and also Renee’s (although it’s spelled Crystine in Renee’s case). 

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