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Surviving it

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What's the Day Again?



It's Spring Break week here at the Hectic Household.  With D4's wedding only 60-some days away, it's crunch time for getting the catering, venue, DJ, etc contracts signed, we have to manage our lists to smaller calendars and start sweating the small stuff.  D4 teaches, so she shares this week off with Youngest.  Her co-maids of honor took the week off as well, making my house crowded and chaotic indeed.  I don't know about the rest of y'all, but every school vacation, I easily mix up what the actual day of the week we're on.  D2's vacation started on Sunday, so just her being home was confusing enough.  La not going to school added another layer of "Hmmm...there's a disturbance in the Force here, Vi".  D3 and D4 showing up to stay for three days clinched my loss of the plot.  I found myself wandering around all this week humming a line to a song I was paraphrasing I couldn't identify.  So FRUSTRATING!  Not only did I know what day it was, I didn't know what *song* it was either.  I finally tried my hand at Google Fu, in which I discovered I have little to none.  Only D2 saved me, finally asking why I was mangling the words to Blink 182.  


What's today again?  What's today again?!

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Blink is a great band/sound.  And I frequently ask myself the same question.  Snort...!  Sounds like you have a busy, enjoyable week :)

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I love Blink too, @MarblesMom.  I'm so glad I'm not the only one who loses track of the days!  We did have a busy, but wonderful week.  I love when all the kids are together for a while again.

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    • JordynDarby5


      On ‎5‎/‎21‎/‎2019 at 3:36 PM, Palimpsest said:


      To me a "red shirt" is a Star Trek character who is killed <2 minutes into an episode.

      I remember when I realized Juliet was wearing a red shirt on LOST, and yes she was killed off. 

    • Italiangirl


      2 hours ago, Smee said:

      The cynic in me says it was to do with the timing of the show (didn’t she release the news just before the season started?) but jm2c’s reason is nicer.

      If are referring to Jessa then no  she announce in January just before the season end. Lauren and Jessa was due at the same time, but then Lauren miscarried and Jessa waited a little but more to announce 

    • Triplet3


      My sisters and I were a surprise when we popped up on the ultrasound because there was no known history of multiple births on either side of the family, other than I think a great-aunt may have had a twin who was stillborn. Meanwhile, my husband’s dad and grandma are/were both fraternal twins, but that won’t affect whether or not I have twins (if I ever manage to get pregnant...) Only the fact that I’m a triplet will, I assume, affect my chances. My sisters and I are two identical, one fraternal.

    • hollyfeller


      9 hours ago, wallysmommy said:

      Here it is.


      Thank goodness I was a career woman because it enabled me to escape my abusive marriage.  If I hadn't been earning a good paycheck on my own I would have been stuck in a miserable situation. So, Flicka, I am damn happy that I could take care of MYSELF when I hit one of those "deep pits in the road."  I am so tired of the judgmental crap.

    • JordynDarby5

      Posted (edited)

      On ‎5‎/‎21‎/‎2019 at 1:35 PM, tabitha2 said:

      I want one of them to use the name Mara because it’s just pretty and then be informed that’s a Demon in Buddhist Lore as well as a Hindu Goddess of Death. I wonder if they would change it.

      I didn't know that. That's really cool! Mara was also the name of Luke Skywalker's wife before Disney bought the franchise. 

      Edited by JordynDarby5