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Surviving it

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What's the Day Again?



It's Spring Break week here at the Hectic Household.  With D4's wedding only 60-some days away, it's crunch time for getting the catering, venue, DJ, etc contracts signed, we have to manage our lists to smaller calendars and start sweating the small stuff.  D4 teaches, so she shares this week off with Youngest.  Her co-maids of honor took the week off as well, making my house crowded and chaotic indeed.  I don't know about the rest of y'all, but every school vacation, I easily mix up what the actual day of the week we're on.  D2's vacation started on Sunday, so just her being home was confusing enough.  La not going to school added another layer of "Hmmm...there's a disturbance in the Force here, Vi".  D3 and D4 showing up to stay for three days clinched my loss of the plot.  I found myself wandering around all this week humming a line to a song I was paraphrasing I couldn't identify.  So FRUSTRATING!  Not only did I know what day it was, I didn't know what *song* it was either.  I finally tried my hand at Google Fu, in which I discovered I have little to none.  Only D2 saved me, finally asking why I was mangling the words to Blink 182.  


What's today again?  What's today again?!

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Blink is a great band/sound.  And I frequently ask myself the same question.  Snort...!  Sounds like you have a busy, enjoyable week :)

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I love Blink too, @MarblesMom.  I'm so glad I'm not the only one who loses track of the days!  We did have a busy, but wonderful week.  I love when all the kids are together for a while again.

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    • Lori sounds like Erika Shupe with her purpose for everything. God gave men beards to keep their faces warm. So why does Ken shave off something that God gave him for a reason. 

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    • ophelia


      14 hours ago, Howl said:

      Call me cynical, but I have to wonder if being active military would be on the minus column for potential suitors of the Phillips daughters, because it's real life and not role play. 

      I'm not sure wether the Phillips can afford to be picky about suitors anymore. Sure, they'll want someone with the more or less same believes, but beyond that Beall is probably glad when there is one less eater on her bill.

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    • CharlieInCharge


      As a daily wearer of blue eyeshadow (and blue mascara, liner and lipstick) I say F trends, wear whatever makeup, clothes, hair, etc. makes YOU feel good about yourself. 


      Disclaimer: if being On Trend is what makes you feel good, rock every trend you can find.


      Secondary disclaimer: I also have blue hair, so I’m very defensive about color-related grooming and this isn’t directed at any one poster 💙

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    • DarkAnts


      I am starting to question Dericks intentions for marring Jilly more. He seems to be saying that he “settled” for her. 

    • luv2laugh

      Posted (edited)

      OK, I found it! At 1:21:07 minutes, you will find JB & Michelle giving their talk. If you want to see David Waller have his turn alone, it's on their blog but this one of only JB & Michelle is not on there:

      JB begins by shading his dad and saying because his dad didn't have spiritual focus, they had a lot of problems in the family and financial hardship.

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