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Surviving it

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Hello Blog.  I've missed you lately.  So much has gone on the last couple weeks, so very much I'd love to use this wonderful outlet to consider, examinate, share, gain advice and insight.  But so much has gone on that I've had no time.  Now so much has gone on I have no idea where to start!

My morning last Friday (?) was caught up thinking about an article I read in the news about a 12 yo boy who committed suicide after suffering long-term bullying at his middle/junior high school.  I thought about Youngest, who I am going to refer to as La from now on here.  Not her name, but close to a nickname we gave her as a toddler when she danced to every melody she heard, Lala...musical notes, geddit? ;)  La has dealt with some bullying this year, some of it so bad a teacher, guidance counselor and I had to confer about the situation.  

Wedding planning is in full swing around here now that we're very close to the 3 months away mark.  After almost a year of being bored waiting for it to be time to do things, it feels like now we have to do everything rightdamnnow!  As I have a disorder that often meddles with my ability to do everything I need and want to do in the time it needs to be done in, I've run smack into the wall of the ugly realities of what my disability will and won't let me do without paying a high pain price.  Sometimes I grit my teeth and say Damn the pain! and sometimes the pain damns me by sending me to bed incapable of doing anything for the next 12 to 36 hours.  I'm pretty sure after I collapse into bed tonight, the pain is going to be strongly damning, and that's just tough noogies for Vi, because I've got therapy and doctor's appointments early tomorrow.  Woo Hoo! 

Today is Daughter the 2nd's 29th birthday.  She's an amazing woman.  She's La's co-parent, and honestly has been since the kid was born, La's Dad not exactly pitching in much to help with day-to-day parenting.  Probably best that way.  She manages a large hobby store, gives up one of her days off every week to travel down and help out her paternal grandmother with any and every thing from cleaning house, running errands, taking her to the doctors.  She's funny, smart, caring, generous with her love, time, resources, kindness.  There really aren't enough people like her in the world:  they're the unsung heroines, the people who always work quietly behind the scenes getting stuff done while someone up front takes the assumed credit.  She's the young woman everyone always says is the backbone of every operation, the heart in the center of the family, the person in the family who knows everyone's secrets because she can always be trusted to keep them in confidence and never hold anyone's behavior against them.  She's my blessing, my best friend, my confidant.  We get along tremendously well because I like the heck out of her and love her more than I can say.  We've spent the day celebrating her, and when she gets back from wedding craft shopping we'll be celebrating her more.  Every one of us goes all out to make this day special, because she does so much for all of us.  

Yeah, I'm one proud Mom.  

Sorry for the random randomness, Hopefully I'll nail down some lucidity in some point.

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    • zee_four


      On 1/8/2019 at 8:27 PM, Lurker said:

      This is my speculation only. 

      I wonder if Jim Bob is supporting them, I don’t know Cathy’s circumstance but maybe she is helping out too.

      I could see that JimBob pays for Derrick, maybe like the old fashioned remittance man found in old novels.  JimBob pays  him to keep away from the family brand and to lay off commenting on TLC.  Derrick shuts ups and finds a new path in life.

      Another thing that may have caused JimBob to find his way to underwriting the Dillards lifestyle is the control Derrick has over Jill.  She has probably told him the entire truth about her molestations by Josh.  She was groomed by her parents to have no self autonomy,  raised without knowing that incest is not normal (remember she claimed 2/3 of their circle had similar issues), raised to be a perfect doormat aka wifey. She seems desperate to please and appease him.  So if Derrick knows the truth, not the whitewashed story, he has a way to get Jim Bobs attention, albeit with lots of conditions by JimBob see above.


      I wonder if Derrick got some money when his dad passed? Maybe something in his will split the life insurance (if he had it) or there was another sort of inheritance. My brothers finally ex girlfriend he was with for 8 years was like this. Her dad passed away when she was 17 or 18 and even though they were run of the mill middle class she was left with a ton of money. She never worked until a year AFTER college despite getting an accounting degree and getting her CPA cert. She also had my brother who didnt go to college but busted his ass with computer work pay for everything. She could have easily gotten any job. She finally lucked out her first real job was with a company with lucrative government contracts, they paid for multiple employee vacations and she started at close to 6 figures.


      GAH she was so lazy and uncommitted and expected my brother to do everything for her, thank Rufus they broke up she wanted to get married and I figured my easy going brother would go along with it but he finally stood up and said no.

      1 hour ago, Don'tlikekoolaid said:

      The day Canada switched to Celsius they made an error calculating fuel volume and this was the result.  The pilot of the plane is up there with heroes like “Sully “ who landed on the Hudson River.

        Reveal hidden contents



      Wow! My mum was in grade school in Ontario when Canada went from standard to metric so they had to relearn everything.  Shes great at converting back and forth off the top of her head though, super convenient for years of competitive trackwhere my jumps were measured in metric at big national meets and standard units in state. She'd even help all the other American parents of girls I was competing against hahaha.

    • Leftitinmysnood


      Drop-in degreed medical professional to point out that gallstones can be caused by alcoholism, although that is an awful lot of procedures for one gallbladder. Biliary drains in and out, liver biopsy and gallbladder removal? Is she counting CT scans? Did he have liver problems, too? Also, alcohol withdrawals can include depression, anxiety, and irritability (like "suicidal thoughts" or however Lisa said it). This drunk driving was is not a rare occurance of drinking. Everything she discloses says otherwise. 

      Not to defend Lisa, but one wonders how much he told her about dynamics before the wedding, and how much he just thought he needed a magic nanny/postulate/manic pixie dream girl to fix everything. After all, unless the emotion is triumph or rage, emotions are women's work there. Real men bury theirs with scotch (I'm looking at you, Doug Wilson!)

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    • Pecansforeveryone


      32 minutes ago, Audrey2 said:

      All of these questions about homeschooling are bringing a very dark question into my mind. I wonder after how many generations, the offspring of the fundies we follow will be functionally illiterate? The first generation moms had high school or even college degrees. We look at Jill Rodrigues and her homeschooling as an example of a second generation, which we can get some idea of her schooling ability by the way Nurie writes. Nurie homeschooling a large brood of her own terrifies me.

      I worry about the exact same thing with the Rodrigues children. Someone once guessed that Nurie is writing at a 4rth grade level. I find that believable which is 4 years less education than the Amish! There is no way that is a functional adult level of education, not a snowballs chance in hell. 

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    • louisa05


      @SongRed7, to quote Elaine Benes, "I don't know how you guys walk around with those things." 

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    • PennySycamore


      The formulae are:

      F = 9/5 (C) +32

      C = 5/9 (F-32)

      The doubling of the degrees Celsius to get the Fahrenheit temperature is pretty close though.