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Brilliant, thank you!  

(Now back to work, no more messing around please!  Workety work work work!)

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    • keen23


      On 7/27/2021 at 5:43 PM, Tdoc72 said:

      I think it’s interesting too. My father was one of 14. 7 have 2 kids. 2 have 3. 5 have none. One aunt wanted 2 but couldn’t have any. Another aunt said she never wanted to be a mother but likes being an aunt. An aunt with 2 said there was never any encouragement for schoolwork or the future b/c my grandmother didn’t have time. My father was a disinterested father and I honestly think he had 2 b/c that’s kinda what you’re supposed to do (per society—like get married and have kids.) 

      My grandfather was one of 12. Extremely dysfunctional family. He was the oldest. He had two bio children and raised a third. His youngest brother (younger than him by 22 years) had six children. None of the other 10 in between had any children. Many did not marry. We lived near two of my Dad's aunts (as in walking distance) and I never saw them or even knew they were related to us until one of them died and the other called my Dad for help.

    • finacial ice


      16 hours ago, My Fam in RF said:

      Yes, maybe its just me but I feel like Gwen was getting tired. And Elizabeth is full of zeal. And them talking about how special they are was rough. And she severely took the book of Haggai out of context. All they do is "pray and flop" the bible and literally if they would just read it for themselves they would know they are being lied to about what the original authors meant.

      yes, but Elizabeth does not like public settings. So the phone calls are going to be a common thing I'm sure.  I highly doubt the church will be allowed to fail, too many businesses are tied into the church. Members would not have the income or wealth that their business brings in, if it wasn't for the congregation.  It would be a travesty if the church went under, lifestyles would change dramatically!

    • AprilQuilt


      26 minutes ago, Jackie3 said:

      That's another thing. Brenda knew that her daughter was being sexually assaulted. So far as we know, Anna knows that Josh watched CSA, and there's no evidence of anything else.

      So Brenda ignored her 9-year's statement that she was being raped. Anna is ignoring the feds statement that her husband watched CSA.

      Brenda's denial is far worse than Anna's, imo. But Anna is thought to be foolish for remaining with her husband.

      Even the post title ("Oh, honey, it's . . . ") implies that the situation is so terrible that divorce is the best option. If watching CSA is a reason to go (and it certainly is!), then a little girl being assaulted should also be one.

      Both women had the same serious issues (lack of money, skills, childcare) that made leaving very difficult. I'm not sure why they should be held to a different standard.

      Most of all, though, I feel  sorry for Jessica Willis. It must be hard to be close to her mother. If the police hadn't become involved (thanks to Jessica), Toby would be assaulting the youngest Willis girls right now.  Brenda showed no signs of doing anything to protect them.


      this is the thing, I'm repelled by Brenda's decision. Jessica tried to tell her when she was 9 years old, but apparently was unable to articulate exactly what her father was doing to her (and surely this is the perfect example of why children need to be given the vocabulary to talk about their own bodies, and not be ashamed to do so). The children it was happening to weren't even able to fully discuss it among themselves because they didn't have the words or reference points to do so. They were ignorant and scared, and he was slick like a lot of abusers are. But if I were Brenda and I had even an inkling that something was 'off', I wouldn't stop til I'd got to the bottom of it. I would not let him smooth it over, as she did. I definitely wouldn't have a load more children with him.

      But I know she isn't the only woman to do this. I feel fortunate that I can't understand it, because to walk in those shoes either means you are in a truly desperate position in which your children being sexually abused is a best case scenario, OR you are pretty evil yourself. I can't discount the possibility that Brenda was terrified, helpless, brainwashed etc etc etc. That doesn't mean I am not disgusted and horrified by it. She knew and she let it happen.

    • Banyan


      16 minutes ago, AnnaSofia said:

      Yeah, either the abuse happened, in which case Lisa is vile for putting it out there like that (potentially endangering lives, not to mention violating trust/privacy), or Lisa fabricated this for attention, in which case Lisa is just fucking vile.

      It wasn't hard for me to find the social media accounts for Dr. David Ringel, his wife and her son's accounts, as well as Dr. Ringel's medical practice Facebook (which his wife is a very supportive participant in). There's not the slightest hint from wife or her son (who lists Dr. Ringel as his father, even though he'd be step-father) that David Ringel ever, let alone recently, physically abused his wife, let alone put her in the hospital. From all appearances everything in the Ringel family is AOK. Not saying it didn't happen though. Just that there's no indication it did.

      I have to question if Lisa fabricated this whole thing (we do know she has some history with that). But at the very least Lisa had no right to go public with a private family matter.

      In keeping with that I'll respect the Ringel family's privacy and not mention here the names of Mrs. Ringel and her son.

      Yes, Lisa is absolutely vile.

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    • finacial ice


      On 7/8/2021 at 12:17 PM, FleeJanaFree said:

      So did they explain why the crash victims got church memorial services? I thought they didn’t believe in that. 

      it was mainly for out of town members to have some kind of closer. 

      On 7/20/2021 at 8:46 AM, Blue said:

      What did you notice? 

      I believe her ex husband has a degree in theology......

      28 minutes ago, finacial ice said:

      oh i caught on eventually. then i started sitting back and watching them do it to other people. it was hilarious but kinda sick too 

       All members believed she was a true prophet, including herself.


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