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Crazy cat lady or the feline Mrs. Duggar?



So I had this dream last night - more like an emotional nightmare - where we adopted 50+ cats all at once.  The cuteness was overwhelming, but everyone someone in my family came home they can't with boxes of cats...carrying cats, cats poking heads out of backpacks and hoodies...until there were hundreds of cats from very elderly to brand new kittens.  Every size, color, type...you name it and they were everywhere.


Not neatly packed in a labeled box like this.  

Anyway I had a full on breakdown - fell to the floor in the living room wracked with sobs because I loved them all so much but there were too many and I couldn't remember even how many we have much less their names....there was no way to get to know them or their personalities and I was sick I couldn't keep track of the ones who had special medical or dietary needs because I was completely overwhelmed.  And my actual real life cats were looking at me like this...

 famous-internet-cats-69.thumb.jpg.8cf5b0 20-Funny-Shocked-Cat-Memes-4.thumb.jpg.1 tumblr_n2lho8aJgQ1s8mgkyo6_500.thumb.jpgcat_face.thumb.jpg.6e1b4e0f605f6954182decat-penis.thumb.jpg.ea8707613240b5bd2275 large.thumb.jpg.36943dc5b6f47f440f6f932bo-SURPRISED-CATS-facebook.thumb.jpg.e25e

You know - shocked at the intrusion...some excitement, the outrage came later.*

I woke up in a panic and my first words this morning to my husband were "I'm the Michelle Duggar of cats!" and I actually woke up crying I was so upset at having to many to care for properly.

Then I was landed on by a couple of real life feline headships whose faces seemed to say...


*None of these are my cats...they call come from my buddy Google.  They are just stand-ins for my litter and don't represent them in looks or number...I just can't resist a surprised kitty pic.




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I do actually have a friend with as many cats as are in the "crazy cat lady starter kit" box.... *recounts*  no, no one less, actually. But 7/8 ain't bad.

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