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    • HermioneSparrow


      14 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      Fully admit Cleve is by far the best looking Morton. Like he blows everyone else out of the water. Yes, even John. Who obviously thinks highly of himself 🙄

      Totally shallow and subjective opinion: I don't find any of the Mortons to be good looking, to say the least, men or women, however I do agree that Cleve is definitely the only one I think it's pretty good looking.

    • JermajestyDuggar


      17 hours ago, waltraute said:

      I relied on recaps from @QuiverFullofBooks last season and maybe saw 2 episodes. I just watched the first episode of this season and holy cow, what the hell. I always thought of Lydia as somewhat genuine, but her acting in the first Cairo scene is obvious, and bad. The setup is the juxtaposition of Lydia singing a religious song in her room with Kim dancing in a mini skirt and high heels to rap music in the room below. The whole thing is weirdly edited and terribly acted. Lydia is seconds away from laughing throughout and I cannot get a read on what is happening with Kim. The little girls are painfully aware that they are being filmed.

      So, I know this is scripted and they are acting accordingly for ratings, but there were times throughout the past seasons that I thought at least Lydia was genuinely devout and going through a crisis of faith. Now I'm seriously doubting that perception.

      AND WHAT IS GOING ON WITH KIM. She is dressing more like Moriah. Even if the changes in her are scripted, her willingness to play act this for the camera is jarring. I really want to know what her Fundamentalist eldest daughter is thinking right now.

      I predict the network will keep pushing this plotline to the extreme. Maybe next season Kim will 'toy' with the idea of being a lesbian.

      Now I remember why I can't stomach watching any of this.


      This is one of the many reasons why I never watch “reality” tv. Because it’s very far from reality. Much of it is scripted and set up. But these people aren’t natural actors. So it’s awful. Kim just wants to be special and famous. She will do anything to achieve that. 

    • Jana814


      1 hour ago, Jrodseyeliner said:

      I am going to say that Brenda was also probably a victim of Toby and DV as well… 

      I think she was. I think I heard that somewhere. 

    • Jrodseyeliner


      3 hours ago, Jackie3 said:

      The Willis family is not a good example. Brenda had known for over a decade that Toby was raping their daughters (a daughter told her). She chose to look the other way. Then when he was arrested, she suddenly decided to denounce him.

      Brenda Willis handled things a lot like Anna is handling them--by being in denial. And sacrificing your children to maintain that denial. Brenda denounced her husband AFTER he was arrested--when she had no other choice.

      In a way, Brenda is much worse than Anna, since we have no evidence the M children have been harmed. The Willis girls were repeatedly raped over a period of many years. 

      I am going to say that Brenda was also probably a victim of Toby and DV as well… 

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    • Bluebirdbluebell


      13 hours ago, Shannonsnarks said:

      I bet they know about it because I bet David has been urging the congregation regularly to pray for Anna and Josh, and for The judge to give a light sentence/dismiss the charges 

      I would too though sadly if they go to a church where Waller is the pastor odds are they agree with him 

      Not necessarily, I don't know how much David has told them and I wouldn't necessarily think these people agree with David. They don't really know Josh. 

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