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Week 7 March 16-22, 2013 Sincerity Winner ~ Dinaberries




Congratulations Dinaberries

dinaberries's post nominated by B5SnowDog, Gertie and GiggleofGirls

Doggie said:

I am saying I doubt they will repeat it as it did not get them off. they did it for the lark of it not because they wanted an orgasm. I am not condoning what they did was ok I am saying that I doubt they will repeat it as it was more of a thrill then a sexual satisfaction thing.

Dinaberries said:

Doggie, you are a fucking idiot and I am going to venture to call you a rape apologist. I'm not surprised after spending years reading your sexist posts, not saying anything because I was afraid to since you generally are let off easy here. But I don't care anymore. Even if people swoop in to defend you and I get my hand slapped, I don't care. I need to say this.

People like you are the problem, the reason why we live in a rape culture. I get that you're a product of it too, but you obviously don't care to change. A young girl was violated and had her life forever changed. She will bear the burden of living with her trauma for the rest of her life. She was violated, urinated on, mocked, treated as if she had no worth, has received death threats, had her character dragged through the mud by adults and former friends, had her name released by the media, and has had to put up with journalists and regular people like you downplaying what happened to her and openly expressing pity for HER RAPISTS. And you say that they "just" put their fingers in her, like it ain't no thang. She may never be able to trust another human being again or be able to function. Whatever her dreams were, she may never be able to achieve them because if what happened to her that night, and what she has had to go through in the aftermath.

I believe wholeheartedly that these boys will offend again. I hope that they don't, but I believe they will. When you get to the age of 16 and you have so little empathy that you will treat another being, especially one in a vulnerable state, in such a way, I believe there is no hope for you to change. I think they are sociopaths. They have absolutely no remorse for what they did to this girl. All of their tears are for themselves. Even the apology wasn't saying sorry for raping her, but for posting evidence of it online. They are only sorry they got caught. They will do it again if they can get away with it. And sadly, I fear they will be able to get away with it next time. All they learned from this is how to avoid getting caught.

I find it extremely disturbing that you think that since they didn't "get off" (and believe me, they got off in a power trip sort of way), that you doubt they will offend again, as if rape is about sexual satisfaction and not about the feeling of power a rapist gets when they violate someone who is more vulnerable than they are. This wasn't about sex. This was about degrading this young woman. Again, if you (general you) are the kind of person who thinks its fun on a "lark" and gets a "thrill" out of violating another living being in that way, and then feel no guilt and go on to mock your victim publicly, you're probably a sociopath who will strike again. Why do I have to explain all of this to a middle aged man who is the father of a young girl?  Oh right, because we live in a patriarchal rape culture where men have the privilege of not having to think about these things. It's a shame that somewhere between posting links to articles about "slutty" 16 year old girls and making sexual comments to female posters, that you haven't been able to soak up any of the feminist thought.

Oh, and rape isn't sex. Rape is rape.


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