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Worldly Distractions: The Big Bang Theory 8.12 - The Leftover Thermalization





So while the rest of you were binge watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I took a break and caught up with this week's Big Bang. Was it worth it? Well, nothing's worth missing Ellie Kemper in light-up shoes, but it's close.

Sheldon recites Pi to 1,000 places, which Amy pretends to enjoy. Leonard and Sheldon's paper has been covered in a magazine. The article doesn't mention Leonard at all, making it seem as if Leonard had no part in it. Sheldon claims he didn't intend this. Amy feels bad for him. Sheldon doesn't understand why - after all, he did nothing wrong. Finally, he figures it out. He decides to try to make Leonard feel better. Be very afraid. Opening credits.

Howard, Raj and Bernadette sort through Debbie Wolowitz's things. Howard thanks his friend for providing moral support. Sheldon tries to broach the magazine story tactfully, which does not go well. However, I will give it to him that he tries his best. He even gives Lenny a shoulder massage. Leonard tries to put it nicely, saying that the theory is all that matters. Sheldon ruins the moment by comparing himself to the massively wealthy and famous Stan Lee.

Meanwhile, everyone arrives at Debbie's, where Stuart is still living. They discover that the power's been out for hours. Howard freaks out because the food in the fridge is melting - the last food his mother ever made. Bernadette suggests putting it in their own freezer. Howarrd rejects this idea, declaring that they will instead eat it on the spot. They'll make it into a group dinner and invite all their friends. It'll be Mrs. Wolowitz's last hurrah.

Penny tries to comfort Leonard about the article, but since she knows nothing about science, her words don't mean much. Instead, she decides to take him shopping. Sheldon even tries to correct things with the magazine's editor. However, the journalists are seriously into Sheldon's work and are perfectly happy ignoring his collaborator.

On their way to Wolowitz's, Amy and Sheldon argue about whether Leonard should be credited or not. Penny and Leonard, in another car, have the same conversation. Still without power, Raj and Howard and Bernadette clean out the freezer, which includes cake from Howard's bar mitzvah (shudder). He remarks that his mother thought she could cure anything with cooking, including food poisoning from said cooking. Bernadette embraces him, and they promise to keep it together. Everyone arrives for a candlelit dinner. Sheldon and Leonard are still very much on the outs. Howard assures his friend that despite the circumstances, it's not a sad occasion. Penny urges the guys to behave, since Howard is the important one in this scenario. Stuart innocently asks how their paper is going.

The dinner turns out to be delicious, and no one has died yet. Sheldon compares it to a salon. Raj introduces a "salon topic", which involves gender equality in popular franchises. Penny is not into it, and soon makes fun of the topic. Leonard introduces a new topic about ideas vs execution, which is very clearly about the article. Soon enough, the men start to argue. Everyone else urges them to shut up. Soon enough, though, the two are scrapping like it's The View. Finally, Bernadette gets sick of it and drags the two into the living room. Sounding exactly like Mrs. Wolowitz, she completely chews them out and threatens to take away their dessert.

After the meal, they're so overstuffed that they can't get off the couch. Sheldon finds an article that mentions the paper and gives Leonard his due. However, everyone is much more interested in Bernadette bringing Tums. Ah well, you can't win 'em all.

And really, that's what I have to say about this week. It rehashed endless elements of the show (Leonard vs Sheldon, Penny being not-so-bright) without adding much that was new. The only highlight was Howard's poignant goodbye to his mother, acted beautifully by Simon Helberg. So it wasn't the greatest episode. But well, there's always next time.


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    • GoddessOfVictory


      You can consume hundreds of raw eggs, Allison, but all of those “safe” ones have no bearing on whether the next one is safe or not. It only takes one bad one for you and your unborn child to be SOL.
      Same is true for all the other potentially dangerous things she consumes. Personally, I consider nine months of missing out on certain foods a small price to pay for peace of mind and a healthy child.

    • JermajestyDuggar


      My stepmom helped raise me. So she’s my stepmom. 

      I don’t think my mom will marry her boyfriend. At least I hope not. And it’s not because I dislike him. I’ve known him since I was like 7 years old. He’s an old family friend. But my mom is not the marrying type. She’s just too independent. It’s better that they not marry and always live separately. But if they did marry, I would just refer to him by name. I probably wouldn’t call him my mom’s husband though. And it wouldn’t bother me if my kids called him grandpa. Currently they call him by his first name. 

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    • PopRox


      I also do the "my Mom and her husband" thing, because her husband is a scoundrel who doesn't deserve the dignity of a name. My aunts refer to him as "it."

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    • Giraffe


      51 minutes ago, Father Son Holy Goat said:

      We believe in Texas with the Wallers. 

      Oh! I didn't realize they'd actually moved. I assumed they were still going back and forth from the Duggar compound. How sad. I hope Mac's still in regular contact with whichever aunt she was closest to. 

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      2 hours ago, Red Hair, Black Dress said:

      Much of Kendra's uber strict uber trad Catholicism is exactly the same as the fundies we follow.

      Kendra definitely believes she holier than the pope. Her hubris about this knows no bounds.

      She absolutely adored Pope Benedict (Best. Pope. Evah.).

      She seriously dislikes Pope Francis.  As I mentioned above, several years ago she wrote Pope Francis (and encouraged her readers to do the same,) because she said he was doing something/ said something wrong.

      She wanted him to know it was wrong and to stop it. Because she disagreed with him. She posted the letter in her blog for her readers to use as a template.



      Just imagine being Catholic and thinking you are a better Catholic than the pope. 

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