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Warm Up Coming



It's cold and blustery out today.  The temperature is about 35° but it feels like it's half that right now.  Trucks on I-35 are having some issues because of the wind out in the open country. 

In the coming days it's supposed to be a different story in both the Twin Cities and Dubuque.  Sunday it's supposed to be 63° in Minneapolis and 70° down in Dubuque.  Might get up into the 80s down in Dubuque next week and someone at work was saying she heard the Twin Cities might also hit the 80s next week.

That'll help get rid of any snow still laying on the ground with the exception of human made snow piles like Mount Eden Prairie and also cause surface ice on the lakes to melt.

Looking forward to getting out riding in the warmer weather next week and either not having to layer up at all or just wearing a light jacket.    

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