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Yeah It's Snowing




It was snowing most of the night so the ground was covered this morning.


The local NBC station is saying probably 1 to 3 inches throughout Minnesota with about two inches in the Twin Cities.


MINNESOTA, USA — A persistent light snow is in the forecast starting Monday morning, and stretching through the middle of the week. Plan on encountering at least a couple snowy commutes.

Because of the potential impacts of our first widespread snowfall of the season, we have deemed Monday a Weather Warn Day. While snow totals may not be impressive, the impact to travel could be significant, especially for the evening commute.

Snow showers move into the area near daybreak Monday, and it will linger much of the day.

Snowfall totals will be fairly light adding up to 1-2", with pockets of 3", by the end of the day. Totals should be consistent across much of Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

It's not going to be especially heavy but then you got all those idiots out there who forgot how to drive in winter weather.

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