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Our first Winter 2020 snow storm




We had our first snowstorm of the season here Friday into Saturday.  There was anywhere from 4.5 inches up to a little over 9 inches of snow.  (We were in the spot that had 9 inches).  They had about 50 cars going off the road during the storm.  I went in town Friday afternoon to send in my work computer and take care of a couple other things.  Including getting dinner for Saturday in case the weather was still bad Saturday evening. 

It was pretty much over by noon on Saturday and the roads were fine later that afternoon.  I went out and got a bunch of pictures yesterday so I'd have good Christmas card photos.  I hope the snow sticks around through the end of the year.

My niece was out having a good time in the snow, rolling around and trying to eat all the snow in her parents yard.


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    • throwaway9988


      Sorry for triple-posting. At the beginning of the trailer, what was Gwen testifying under oath about in 2019 (date at the bottom of the screen)? Something related to Joe Lara’s child custody antics? And if so, how did the person questioning her get away with his seemingly-aggressive line of questioning asking if people from Remnant consider Gwen to be a prophet? Because the question relates to Gwen’s character as a witness or something, I suppose? Or maybe in whatever settings the questions were being asked, there’s not a judge present to sustain objections or whatever? Because to me, Gwen looked like she wished someone would step in and object to that question. Clearly I am not a lawyer and I have no idea what Im talking about lol. But if anyone thinks they know the answer, please teach me!

    • usmcmom


      USMCDAD and I were fully vaccinated when our grandson was born and we STILL wore masks when we held him the first day. When our son-in-law got the okay from the pediatrician, we took the masks off but the doctor said “no kissing baby’s head or face” until he had his two month vaccines. Also, our daughter asked us to get a TDAP booster, mainly for the pertussis coverage; so of course we did that. 

      Seeing Becky kissing that tiny baby really angers me. Once again, we see “pro life” idiots endangering the ones they claim to love. It really takes so little to do our part to protect these babies.  I just don’t understand these people. 

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    • throwaway9988


      On a separate note: Wow. Hype trailer! Now I know for sure that I’ve been out of RF a long time, because aside from Gwen/Joe and all the women in that old photograph used during the “stepford wives” reference, I didnt recognize anyone else! Who is this dude in the cowboy hat slinging highly-quotable soundbites left and right? I applaud his apparent media savvy, but I hope that (for his own sake) in the full documentary he doesn’t go any further than evidence and personal anecdotes can reasonably take him. 

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    • throwaway9988

      Posted (edited)

      5 hours ago, RFfamANON said:

      This is a really flattering image of Gwen. I saw her a few months before the plane crash and she did NOT look this good.

      You’re right, and I’d bet $1000 that if the overlying mosaic of photos was removed, what is underneath is actually a digital artist’s rendition of Gwen (or at the very worst a heavily photoshopped photo) rather than an actual photo. The eyes are larger and brighter than life, almost to the point of being anime-adjacent. The bone structure of her face is somewhat different than it was in real life, with larger cheekbones and an ultra-feminine jawline, and in general the bone structure looks like a hybrid between Gwen and a Barbie doll. The lips and perioral region are about as plump as a 20- or 30-year-old model’s, which is far from the thin and shrunken appearance that Gwen’s had for the last two decades. The roots of the hair are just a solid dark color, and the lighter overlying hairs are so uniform that they look like they were drawn with a brush tool. Plus, there is like a gothic-style church window behind her, which cannot be found at RF or WD as far as I know, and which I suspect is just an unrelated photo of a church window that the digital artist grabbed off of Google images or Shutterstock to use as a background. Just my guess, but look closely and see if you agree. 

      Edited by throwaway9988
    • MamaJunebug


      2 hours ago, WeirdHarold said:

      I've heard of "oneness pentecostalism", but Gwen didn't teach that.  How do you define Gwen's "oneness" concept?

      Good question. I used the word incorrectly, thinking that it’s the same as “one god, not a triune god.”  Thank you!!! 

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