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Thoroughly pissed

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I am getting so fucking sick of the handyman we have “working” on things around the house. He makes Alf and Ralph Monroe on Green Acres look like the Scott Brothers. He has been fixing the attic store room for freaking months. He keeps disappearing, and every possible thing that can go wrong for him personally has.

ordinarily, I’d say fuck it and hire someone else, but he’s a family friend...sort of.  
added to all that, he owes us $$ he is supposed to pay us off. By finishing 3 jobs, but at this point I’ll be damned if he gets near my bathroom.

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Oh no, this sounds like trouble. Are you at least happy with how he does the work? What an annoying situation.

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Will he even stay a family friend if you're so sick him already?

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He dumped us on FB in mid August. He owes us a shit load of $. I am pissed and embarrassed because looking back, I see I was love bombed. I hate the idea, but it looks like we will have to take him to court. 

we had friends of our son finish the attic. All the books are up in the attic and mostly organized. We can get the little guy into his own room in a couple weeks. Maybe Halloween.

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