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Gobbles Musings

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Visiting Kiki - January 2020 - Day 2

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Here is the post about our second and last day with Kiki. We picked her up at around 10am, the Grandma gave her to us, because her foster mama was at work. We decided to drive into the little town first and go to our apartment after.

We walked around the pedestrian zone, went into the tourism office, a few stores and whatnot. She was the star once again. First a mail lady stopped and talked to us and her, then another older couple. The wife was afraid of dogs, but she was okay with Kiki.

Kiki showed her cheeky personality too. Her foster mum does not allow her to jump up and down the stairs, but on our way back to the car she literally jumped on every little step (not really stairs, just a small step in front of stores due to the old buildings) and she was so happy doing that. We noticed that a few hours later. Haha! Good thing we only have her for a few days and are allowed to be a bit more relaxed about rules and treats.

We went to the apartment to have tea and coffee and rested for a bit on our bed afterwards. She was allowed to join us (big sister is also allowed to join us in the bed here at home) and she had the best time. She rolled on her back and snuggled with us.

We decided to go out once again and so we drove to a pet store and a hardware store. She was perfect again in both stores. Especially seeing her walking around the big hardware store was amazing. She acted like she lives there. Really confident in herself. The automatic doors were also no problem. In the pet store we put her in a dog bag and a dog stroller to test how she would look like in them and she let us do it with her.

And that was the last day. We don't know yet when we will be able to visit her again. Maybe in April/May? We are already planing what we are going to do with her.😊


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She is so precious. I love reading these posts. Your enthusiasm is very contagious!

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18 hours ago, AliceInFundyland said:

She is so precious. I love reading these posts. Your enthusiasm is very contagious!

I'll continue doing these when she is here. It is fun for me too. And a good memory, I'm working on a photo book and I have to come back to my posts here to see what we did when we visited her for the first time and all that. 

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Please do keep on posting about Kiki.  I love Kiki updates. :)

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    • Shaquillle Oatmeal


      On 6/4/2020 at 3:15 PM, formergothardite said:

      How worried can you be about your name being slandered/libeled if you don't actually want to clarify when asked? The about me on back of your book very easily can be read by people who don't know a lot about social services as you being a social worker. Honestly, that is what I would assume just reading the back. It says you are a Youth specialist 2 for the department of social services. Plenty of people would take that as the same as a social worker. 

      When it comes to spanking, it does seem like even in your answer here you might be okay with spanking, depending on what you meant by it being okay 30 years ago.

      Doesn't it make more sense to clarify so people are aware instead of just screaming threats? If you truly want your name to not be defamed. 

      She was fired from her job (with the state of Missouri) as a youth specialist for threatening to have her husband beat the shit out of a youth she was supposed to be providing care for. There was a great deal of time where it was unclear whether or not that incident would cause Lucinda Pennington to be placed on the Missouri child abuse registry. Eventually it was decided she would not be placed on the registry. Because Missouri is backwards as fuck when it comes to chold welfare. Lucinda posted how excited she was to be allowed to "work with teens" again and wouldn't have to continue working "on her feet" at Steak & Shake. But to my knowledge, no group home will hire her (because of previously-mentioned incident and her other psychological problems which she refuses to address) and that's why Lucinda is seeking funding & grant money to open her own group homes.

    • Snarkasarus Rex

      Posted (edited)

      1 hour ago, lezajenda said:

      So I’m not on twitter and found it surprising to see his insta described as “more active.”  Ive been following his opponent for months now and  was just thinking what a lazy bum he’s been.  His last post is like, “its Mother’s Day, here’s a pic of me & my famous mom”

      Nothing about current events...nothing about policy...issues unique to his disctrict...nothing implying he even has a clue as to the description of the job he’s running for.

      I really think he thinks he can just type out a few conservative catch phrases like “religious liberty” and “second amendment” and add that to his d-list celebrity family name and  coast into an easy win.  And what’s really ridiculous is he might even be right!

      You're right, it's 'relatively' more active...lol.  Most of his activity on Twitter is just retweeting...he at least posts...something...on IG.  

      But yeah, you wouldn't automatically know he is running for elected office by his SM.  I do worry that he will win by doing nothing, which will make him even more entitled.  

      I guess the good news is his family doesn't live in the district he's running in?  So he doesn't get 30 votes automatically.

      Edited by Snarkasarus Rex
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    • larrysmom


      On 6/2/2020 at 10:00 PM, thoughtful said:

      Sundown Towns, also by Loewen, is another book that chronicles how different life has been for people in the US, based on race. It's about the efforts of places to stay all-white, some even having signs telling black people " (expletive), don't let the sun set on you in _____," and the more insidious versions of that crap still going on.

      I recommend this book as well. Loewen also has a website about Sundown Towns.

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    • Destiny

      Posted (edited)

      19 minutes ago, formergothardite said:
      I guess some people don't view the food in the house as family food and it is just the food that belongs to the parents? That is weird to me. 

      Pretty much that. I once heard a long speech about how it was MY food from one of my parents before a literal padlock was placed on the fridge to keep us from getting into it. I can’t remember what I ate anymore that caused it, but I definitely remember the speech and the lock. There’s some really weird relationships with food that go along with fundie-dom sometimes.

      Edited by Destiny
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    • Curious


      6 minutes ago, formergothardite said:

      Exactly. If my husband goes out to lunch one day at an expensive meal and decided that he needed to bring lunch from home for the rest of the week he would hardly have to start paying the family for the food in the fridge. I think spending all the lunch money and having to bring food from home is a very good natural consequence. I guess some people don't view the food in the house as family food and it is just the food that belongs to the parents? That is weird to me. 

      Considering that most fundies think their actual living breathing human children are property, I suppose it makes sense that all the resources are the parents.  Why would property have claim over other property?

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